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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/3] sparc64: implement PCI and ISA irqs 2012-03-11 Blue Swirl New
[3/3] sparc64: handle asi referencing nucleus and secondary MMU contexts 2010-05-03 Igor V. Kovalenko New
[3/3] sparc-linux-user: Add some missing syscall numbers 2011-10-25 Richard Henderson New
[3/3] spapr: make irq customizable via qdev 2011-05-24 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/3] spapr vfio: supporting realmode iommu acceleration 2013-02-19 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[3/3] spapr vfio: add spapr-pci-vfio-host-bridge to support vfio 2013-04-22 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[3/3] sonic: reset all bits of in_use field when required 2011-11-06 Hervé Poussineau New
[3/3] softfloat: roundAndPackInt{32, 64}: Don't assume int32 is 32 bits 2012-01-16 Peter Maydell New
[3/3] slirp: remove unused function u_sleep 2012-10-28 Blue Swirl New
[3/3] slirp: fill mainloop timeout with more precise value 2013-08-13 pingfan liu New
[3/3] slirp: Refactor if_start 2012-02-17 Jan Kiszka New
[3/3] slirp: Only start packet expiration for delayed ones 2011-08-05 Jan Kiszka New
[3/3] slirp/misc: fix gcc __warn_memset_zero_len warnings 2012-02-24 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] simpletrace: suppress a warning from unused variable 2011-07-23 Blue Swirl New
[3/3] sheepdog: resend write requests when SD_RES_READONLY is received 2013-04-25 MORITA Kazutaka New
[3/3] sheepdog: avoid accessing a buffer of the canceled I/O request 2011-03-29 MORITA Kazutaka New
[3/3] seabios: Add DSDT entry for an emulated TPM 1.2 device 2010-08-25 Andreas Niederl New
[3/3] scsi/virtio-scsi: Prevent assertion on missed events 2014-01-14 Eric Farman New
[3/3] scsi-disk: Fix immediate failure of bdrv_aio_* 2010-10-27 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] scsi-disk: Check for supported commands 2011-07-22 Hannes Reinecke New
[3/3] scsi virtio-blk usb-msd: Clean up device init error messages 2011-12-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] scsi debug: print command name in debug 2013-12-04 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[3/3] scripts: A script to create linux container using qemu-linux-user. 2013-01-19 Laurent Vivier New
[3/3] sclp: Fix uninitialized var in handle_write_event_buf(). 2012-11-23 Jens Freimann New
[3/3] savevm: prevent snapshot overwriting and generate a default name 2010-07-28 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[3/3] savevm: prevent snapshot overwriting 2010-08-04 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[3/3] savevm: avoid leaking popen(3) file pointer 2013-05-30 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] s390: add cpu reset handler 2012-12-07 Jens Freimann New
[3/3] s390: Split dump-guest-memory memory mapping code 2013-03-28 Jens Freimann New
[3/3] s390: Fix handling of iscs. 2013-02-12 Alexander Graf New
[3/3] s390: Add new channel I/O based virtio transport. 2012-10-31 Cornelia Huck New
[3/3] s390/virtio-ccw: remove redundant call to blockdev_mark_auto_del 2013-02-22 Jens Freimann New
[3/3] s390/migration: Add code to support SCLP live migration 2012-11-21 Christian Borntraeger New
[3/3] s390-virtio: Disable new virtio-serial features for 0.12 machine type 2010-02-25 Amit Shah New
[3/3] s390-virtio-bus: sync config only when config_len is not zero 2013-04-26 Jason Wang New
[3/3] s390-sclp: SCLP Event integration 2014-01-20 Jason J. Herne New
[3/3] rtl8139: add format attribute to DPRINTF 2011-04-20 Benjamin Poirier New
[3/3] rtc: implement century byte 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/3] roms: use fw_cfg file xfer api 2009-12-16 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/3] roms: make and install sgabios binary 2013-09-19 Bruce Rogers New
[3/3] remove pointless if from vl.c 2010-07-21 New
[3/3] really fix -icount in the iothread case 2011-03-05 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/3] rdma: use RDMA_WRID_READY 2013-08-02 Isaku Yamahata New
[3/3] rdma: check if RDMAControlHeader::len match transferred byte 2013-08-07 Isaku Yamahata New
[3/3] rbd: fix leak in qemu_rbd_open failure paths 2011-09-07 Sage Weil New
[3/3] rbd: clean up, fix style 2011-08-23 Sage Weil New
[3/3] raw-posix: add discard support 2010-12-16 Christoph Hellwig New
[3/3] raw-posix: Re-open host CD-ROM after media change 2011-03-23 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qxl: reset current_async on qxl_soft_reset 2012-06-11 Alon Levy New
[3/3] qxl: fix local renderer 2013-09-10 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/3] qxl: create slots on post_load in vga state 2011-11-01 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/3] qxl-render: fix broken vnc+spice since commit f934493 2012-04-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/3] qtest: kill QEMU process on g_assert() failure 2014-02-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qtest: add migrate-test 2012-12-13 Jason Baron New
[3/3] qtest: add m48t59 tests for Sparc 2012-04-15 Blue Swirl New
[3/3] qom: add unit test for Interfaces 2012-06-13 Anthony Liguori New
[3/3] qmp-command.hx: add missing docs for migration capabilites 2013-10-25 Lei Li New
[3/3] qga: vss-win32: Fix interference with snapshot deletion by other VSS request 2014-01-13 Tomoki Sekiyama New
[3/3] qga: implement qmp_guest_set_vcpus() for Linux with sysfs 2013-03-04 Laszlo Ersek New
[3/3] qga: escape cmdline args when registering win32 service (CVE-2013-2231) 2013-07-25 Michael Roth New
[3/3] qga: add guest-set-time command 2013-01-06 Lei Li New
[3/3] qemu: kvm: Enable XSAVE live migration support 2010-06-10 Sheng Yang New
[3/3] qemu: cleanup unused macros in cirrus 2009-10-08 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[3/3] qemu-x86: Set tsc_khz in kvm when supported 2011-07-07 Joerg Roedel New
[3/3] qemu-timer: add qemu_alarm_timer->timer_modified_lock 2013-07-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qemu-nbd: Improve error reporting 2010-03-28 Ryota OZAKI New
[3/3] qemu-nbd: Improve error reporting 2010-03-20 Ryota OZAKI New
[3/3] qemu-kvm: Change the methods of get dirty pages. 2010-02-08 OHMURA Kei New
[3/3] qemu-kvm: Add svm cpuid features 2010-09-07 Joerg Roedel New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: fix 017 018 for vmdk 2013-05-07 Fam Zheng New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: add tests for runtime fd passing via SCM rights 2013-08-26 Wayne Xia New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: add backing file smaller than image test case 2012-08-29 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: add 080 NBD client disconnect tests 2014-02-25 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: add 054 block-backup test case 2013-04-23 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: Try creating huge qcow2 image 2013-05-13 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: Test a few blockdev-add error cases 2014-03-06 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: Clean up all extents for vmdk 2013-11-26 Fam Zheng New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: Additional info from qemu-img info 2013-09-05 Max Reitz New
[3/3] qemu-iotests: Add 088 new test for drive-mirror-replace. 2014-03-11 Benoît Canet New
[3/3] qemu-iotest: qcow2 image option amendment 2013-08-28 Max Reitz New
[3/3] qemu-io: add zero write detection option 2011-10-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qemu-io: Extended "--cmd" description in usage text 2014-03-16 Maria Kustova New
[3/3] qemu-io-test: Disable Quorum test when not compiled in. 2014-02-21 Benoît Canet New
[3/3] qemu-img: Fix segmentation fault 2012-05-14 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] qemu-img: Fix BRDV_O_FLAGS typo 2010-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qemu-img: Add json output option to the info command. 2012-08-15 Benoit Canet New
[3/3] qemu-img rebase 2009-12-10 Kevin Wolf New
[3/3] qemu-ga: use state dir from CONFIG_QEMUGA_STATEDIR 2012-10-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/3] qemu-ga: persist tracking of fsfreeze state via filesystem 2012-04-27 Michael Roth New
[3/3] qemu-ga: persist tracking of fsfreeze state via filesystem 2012-04-18 Michael Roth New
[3/3] qemu-ga: add guest-suspend-hybrid 2012-02-28 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/3] qemu-ga: Extend 'guest-info' command to expose flag 'success-response' 2013-10-10 Michael Roth New
[3/3] qemu-config: qemu_option_rom_opts, qemu_boot_opts: declare static 2012-05-21 Jim Meyering New
[3/3] qemu-char: correct return value from chr_read functions 2013-04-16 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/3] qemu-char: add support for U-prefixed symbols 2013-08-27 Jan Krupa New
[3/3] qed: Add support for zero clusters 2010-12-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] qdev: switch property accessors to fixed-width visitor interfaces 2012-02-22 Michael Roth New
[3/3] qdev: prepare source tree for code conversion 2012-01-26 Andreas Färber New
[3/3] qdev-properties: add PROP_TYPE_ENUM 2011-01-18 Alon Levy New
[3/3] qcow2: Support for fixing refcount inconsistencies 2012-05-11 Kevin Wolf New