[U-Boot,0/2] rockchip: tpl.c #ifdef fixes
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  • rockchip: tpl.c #ifdef fixes
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Chris Webb July 19, 2019, 1:22 p.m. UTC
These are two trivial patches which fix up the #ifdef conditionals in
mach-rockchip/tpl.c to do the right thing in two configuration scenarios:

1. Debug UART enabled (for SPL and main U-Boot) but serial support disabled
for the TPL stage.

2. TPL banner disabled by unsetting CONFIG_TPL_BANNER_PRINT.

I stumbled over these edge cases while trying various permitted config
permutations, trying to make U-Boot less noisy without killing useful error

The diffs are against u-boot-rockchip.git: this already has changes that
haven't yet reached mainline u-boot yet, moving the relevant code from board
specific source files into the shared mach-rockchip/tpl.c.