thunderx nic driver fixes & performance improvements

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git://kernel.ubuntu.com/dannf/ubuntu-xenial.git thunderx-nic


dann frazier April 6, 2016, 9:48 p.m. UTC
These cherry picks fix a number of issues in multiqueue mode (LP:
#1567091) and also a couple of patches that improve performance (LP:

The following changes since commit 5cf9ebd1af686b4fcd5d20d2dc0d8a2be1e2ae3d:

  UBUNTU: Ubuntu-4.4.0-18.34 (2016-04-06 14:48:53 +0100)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://kernel.ubuntu.com/dannf/ubuntu-xenial.git thunderx-nic

for you to fetch changes up to 2d4eb9af74a09036127950f4a5b7ee5230e050e6:

  net: thunderx: Adjust nicvf structure to reduce cache misses
(2016-04-06 15:40:38 -0600)

Sunil Goutham (5):
      net: thunderx: Fix for multiqset not configured upon interface toggle
      net: thunderx: Fix for HW TSO not enabled for secondary qsets
      net: thunderx: Fix receive packet stats
      net: thunderx: Set recevie buffer page usage count in bulk
      net: thunderx: Adjust nicvf structure to reduce cache misses

 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nic.h          | 51
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_main.c   | 18 +++++++++---------
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_queues.c | 39
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_queues.h |  3 +--
 4 files changed, 65 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)


Tim Gardner April 7, 2016, 6:38 a.m. UTC | #1