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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[RESEND] Free allocated and pre-allocated blocks when check_eofblocks_fl fails 2011-06-22 Jiaying Zhang Accepted
[5/5] ext4: Change the wrong param comment for ext4_trim_all_free. 2011-07-01 Tao Ma Accepted
[v3] ext4: avoid eh_entries overflow before insert extent_idx 2011-06-27 Robin Dong Accepted
[1/2] ext4: Fix max file size and logical block counting of extent format file 2011-06-03 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[2/2] ext4: in fiemap use FIEMAP_EXTENT_LAST flag for last extent 2011-06-03 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[v2] jbd2: Fix oops in jbd2_journal_remove_journal_head() 2011-06-13 Jan Kara Accepted
[v2] ext4: quiet 'unused variables' compiling warnings 2011-06-28 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
[2/3] ext4: move common truncate functions to header file 2011-06-27 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
mke2fs: Document stripe_width, not stripe-width 2011-06-29 Andreas Dilger Accepted
ext4: remove loop around bio_alloc() 2011-06-30 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[1/2] ext4: remove redundant goto tag "repeat" 2011-06-30 Robin Dong Accepted
e2fsck: don't check/clone duplicate xattr blocks in fs without xattr feature 2011-02-09 Eric Sandeen Accepted
misc: use EXT2_I_SIZE() consistently to get size 2011-07-08 Andreas Dilger Accepted
jbd2: remove jbd2_dev_to_name() from jbd2 tracepoints 2011-07-11 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
ext4: add tracepoint for ext4_journal_start 2011-07-11 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[2/2] ext4: avoid finding next leaf if newext->ee_block smaller than fex->ee_block 2011-07-11 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[v2,2/2] ext4: Ignore a stripe width of 1 2011-07-15 Dan Ehrenberg Accepted
ext4: Don't increase s_mb_buddies_generated in ext4_mb_release. 2011-07-17 Tao Ma Accepted
[1/2] EXT4: Punch Hole Optimizations: Skip un-needed extent lookup 2011-06-27 Allison Henderson Accepted
[v3] ext4: avoid wasted extent cache lookup if !PUNCH_OUT_EXT 2011-06-29 Robin Dong Accepted
ext4: Avoid stamping on other memories in ext4_ext_insert_index. 2011-09-30 Tao Ma Accepted
[v2,08/11] ext4: simplify journal handling in setup_new_group_blocks() 2011-07-19 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
[v2,11/11] ext4: simplify parameters of reserve_backup_gdb() 2011-07-19 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
ext4: make quota as first class supported feature 2011-07-20 Aditya Kali Accepted
ext4: let ext4_init_inode_table() handle errors right 2011-07-21 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
ext4: Fix data corruption in inodes with journalled data 2011-07-23 Jan Kara Accepted
[v2,02/11] ext4: prevent a fs with errors from being resized 2011-07-19 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
ext4: add action of moving index in ext4_ext_rm_idx for Punch Hole 2011-07-26 Robin Dong Accepted
[v2,05/11] ext4: let ext4_group_add_blocks() handle 0 blocks quickly 2011-07-19 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
[v2,09/11] ext4: remove lock_buffer in bclean() and setup_new_group_blocks() 2011-07-19 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
ext4: let setup_new_group_blocks() set multiple bits at a time 2011-07-27 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[-v3] ext4: simplify parameters of add_new_gdb() 2011-07-28 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[4/5] ext4: use EXT4_BAD_INO for buddy cache to avoid colliding with valid inode # 2011-08-01 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
ext4: Free resources in the error path of ext4_mb_init. 2011-08-19 Tao Ma Accepted
[1/5] ext4: introduce ext4_kvmalloc(), ext4_kzalloc(), and ext4_kvfree() 2011-08-01 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[3/5] ext4: use ext4_msg() instead of printk in mballoc 2011-08-01 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
libext2fs: copy cluster_bits in ext2fs_copy_generic_bmap 2011-08-10 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[2/5,v2] e2fsprogs: Use punch hole as "discard" on regular files 2011-08-12 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[3/5,v2] add check for linux/falloc.h header 2011-08-12 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[5/5,v2] tests: Print out list of failed tests 2011-08-12 Lukas Czerner Accepted
ext4: don't give the "disabling delalloc" if not explicitly specified 2011-08-14 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
ext4_rename should dirty dir_bh with the correct directory 2011-08-17 Darrick J. Wong Accepted
ext4: Free resources in some error path in ext4_fill_super. 2011-08-19 Tao Ma Accepted
[V2] mke2fs: Inform user of ongoing discard 2011-01-24 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[-v3] jbd2: add debugging information to jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata() 2011-08-26 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[2/3] tune2fs: preserve old limits when turn on quota feature 2011-11-06 Niu Accepted
[1/3] libquota: cleanup libquota code 2011-11-04 Aditya Kali Accepted
ext4: use kzalloc in ext4_kzalloc() 2011-08-02 Mathias Krause Accepted
[3/6,v7] ext4: fix 2nd xfstests 127 punch hole failure 2011-08-31 Allison Henderson Accepted
ext4: remove i_mutex lock in ext4_evict_inode to fix lockdep complaining 2011-08-31 Jiaying Zhang Accepted
e2undo: cast dptr to blk64_t to retrieve block number 2011-11-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[2/2] debugfs: fix gcc -Wall complaints 2011-11-17 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
libquota: log an error message if ext2fs_file_open() fails 2011-11-15 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[2/2] debugfs: add the freefrag command 2011-11-15 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
Make quota support disabled by support 2011-11-14 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[1/2] debugfs: build read-only variant of debugfs 2011-11-15 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
e2fsck: return more status if fsck aborts 2011-11-01 Eric Sandeen Accepted
libext2: advance group in ext2fs_open2 during swapping 2011-11-08 Eric Sandeen Accepted
e2fsprogs: Unify the upper limit of reserved blocks count 2011-04-19 Kazuya Mio Accepted
e2fsprogs: use ALL_CFLAGS to build gen_crc32ctable 2011-10-04 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[1/6,v7] ext4: Add new ext4_discard_partial_page_buffers routines 2011-08-31 Allison Henderson Accepted
[2/6,v7] ext4: fix xfstests 75, 112, 127 punch hole failure 2011-08-31 Allison Henderson Accepted
[5/6,v7] ext4: fix fsx truncate failure 2011-08-31 Allison Henderson Accepted
[6/6,v7] ext4: fix partial page writes 2011-08-31 Allison Henderson Accepted
mke2fs: Use ext2fs_flush() only once 2011-07-29 Lukas Czerner Accepted
libquota: fix "make install" so it works in with a VPATH build directory 2011-09-14 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
e2image: fix invalid lseek error detection 2011-08-24 Lukas Czerner Accepted
mke2fs.static: change library ordering to avoid a link error 2011-09-14 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
libext2fs: add new test: tst_inode_size 2011-09-14 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[v2] e2fsprogs: add 64bit-online-resize support 2011-08-30 Yongqiang Yang Accepted
[1/1,v2,RESEND] mke2fs: check that auto-detected blocksize <= sys_page_size 2011-08-10 Yury V. Zaytsev Accepted
[4/4] ext4: fix a wrong comment in __mb_check_buddy 2011-09-15 Robin Dong Accepted
[1/2] libext2fs: add metadata checksum and snapshot feature flags 2011-09-15 Theodore Ts'o Accepted
[05/37] libext2fs: Implement a crc32c self-test 2011-09-01 Darrick J. Wong Accepted
[04/37] libext2fs: Add crc32c implementation for metadata checksumming 2011-09-01 Darrick J. Wong Accepted
[1/5,v2] e2fsprogs: create open() and stat() helpers 2011-08-12 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[4/5,v2] e2fsck: do not attempt to discard if -n was specified 2011-08-12 Lukas Czerner Accepted
[V3] e2fsprogs: add ext2fs_group_blocks_count helper 2011-07-21 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[V2] e2fsck: fix error in computing blocks of the ending group 2011-07-22 Eric Sandeen Accepted
e2fsprogs: remove redundant last-group check after ext2fs_group_last_block2 2011-07-20 Eric Sandeen Accepted
debugfs: Fix sprintf stack overflow 2011-10-12 Darrick J. Wong Accepted
[15/25] filefrag: Fix uninitialized "expected" value 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[13/25] e2fsprogs: Fix some error cleanup path bugs 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[02/25] e2fsprogs: Remove impossible name_len tests. 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[24/25] e4defrag: Check error return of sysconf() 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[23/25] e2fsprogs: Don't try to close an fd which is negative 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[18/25] e2initrd_helper: Fix memory leak on error 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[16/25] e2fsck: remove extraneous memset 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[11/25] libe2p: reach unreachable code 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[21/25] e2fsck: Fix leaks in error paths 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[08/25] e2fsprogs: annotate intentional fallthroughs in case statements 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[06/25] libext2fs: Potential null ptr deref in undo_err_handler_init 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[07/25] e2fsck: handle null fs in print_pathname() 2011-09-16 Eric Sandeen Accepted
[2/3] ext4: fix quota accounting during migration 2011-09-17 Dmitri Monakho Accepted
ext4: unneeded variable in ext4_try_add_inline_entry() 2012-12-05 Dan Carpenter Accepted
[e2fsprogs] Add flag to ext2fs_flush and ext2fs_close to avoid fsync. 2011-09-23 Richard W.M. Jones Accepted
ext4/ioctl.c: copy_{from,to}_user expect __user pointers 2011-09-23 hartleys Accepted
ext4/extents.c: quiet sparse noise about plain integer as NULL pointer 2011-09-23 hartleys Accepted
[1/4] misc: quiet minor compiler errors 2011-09-23 Andreas Dilger Accepted
[3/4] ext2fs: add multi-mount protection (INCOMPAT_MMP) 2011-09-23 Andreas Dilger Accepted