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[00/57] Enforce DM_MMC migration and remove platforms

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Tom Rini Feb. 21, 2021, 1:05 a.m. UTC
Hey all,

First, the main point of this series is that after v2021.04 is release I
intend to make something like this be merged, along with the series I
posted earlier about other block drivers.  There's some platforms that
I've omitted here as people have said they will update them ASAP and I'm
going to pick up those patches before this gets merged.  And it's soon
enough in the future that I expect the people that haven't posted them
yet will be able to in time.

Next, I'm going to do another series on top of this to pick another
migration that's due by v2019.07, and I'm likely to do DM_PCI to see
where that is with these removals taken care of.

Finally, I am quite happy to have any of these platforms remain in tree,
so long as someone is willing to maintain them.  A few of the patches in
here are re-posts, and I'll sort that out when applying the other