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[ovs-dev,v3,0/2] Add a way to delete QoS directly

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taoyunxiang Dec. 23, 2019, 2:46 a.m. UTC
Currently, qos can only be deleted by indirect way which must designate
switch or more parameters. The first patch add "name" column to QoS table, 
and make QoS table could be listed by "name" witch comand 
"ovn-nbctl list qos "name"".

The second patch change the original "qos-del" to "ls-qos-del",  add 
a new "qos-del" command. By the new command, you can delete qos
by uuid or name of the qos. It is useful. For example, we can associate
the qos table in neutron and OVN by "name" of qos in OVN, so neutron
could find and easily delete the corresponding qos in OVN.