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[net-next] net: l3mdev: Fix kerneldoc warning

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Commit Message

Andrew Lunn Oct. 28, 2020, 12:50 a.m. UTC
net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c:249: warning: Function parameter or member 'arg' not described in 'l3mdev_fib_rule_match'

Signed-off-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew@lunn.ch>
 net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
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diff --git a/net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c b/net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c
index 864326f150e2..e07292a4779e 100644
--- a/net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c
+++ b/net/l3mdev/l3mdev.c
@@ -241,6 +241,7 @@  EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(l3mdev_link_scope_lookup);
  *				L3 master device
  *	@net: network namespace for device index lookup
  *	@fl:  flow struct
+ *	@arg: store the table the rule matched with here.
 int l3mdev_fib_rule_match(struct net *net, struct flowi *fl,