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[07/15] um: remove a dangling extern of syscall_trace()

Message ID 20210920213301.1424730-7-viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk
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Series [01/15] uml: trim unused junk from arch/x86/um/sys_call_table_*.c | expand

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Al Viro Sept. 20, 2021, 9:32 p.m. UTC
the function had been gone since 2012...

Signed-off-by: Al Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
 arch/um/include/shared/kern_util.h | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)
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diff --git a/arch/um/include/shared/kern_util.h b/arch/um/include/shared/kern_util.h
index fbfff76065c5b..d8b8b4f07e429 100644
--- a/arch/um/include/shared/kern_util.h
+++ b/arch/um/include/shared/kern_util.h
@@ -58,7 +58,6 @@  extern char *uml_strdup(const char *string);
 extern unsigned long to_irq_stack(unsigned long *mask_out);
 extern unsigned long from_irq_stack(int nested);
-extern void syscall_trace(struct uml_pt_regs *regs, int entryexit);
 extern int singlestepping(void *t);
 extern void segv_handler(int sig, struct siginfo *unused_si, struct uml_pt_regs *regs);