diff mbox SATA link detect failed, works fine

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fengxiangjun Dec. 24, 2009, 1:21 a.m. UTC
Hi, it's timing related.

I just tried booting with an initrd, and i want to capture the full error 
message, but with initrd, the problem went away.

The only difference between the two config is:

Right now, I can reproduce this problem only when I
running with a specific kernel config.

If I attach a serial console or use initrd to capture
the fail boot log, the problem disapeared. Even running with the exactly same config, no problem. 

So I will say that it's very hard to reproduce this, it's very
subtly timing related. 

I remember when running 2.6.32-rc8 and 2.6.32, the same
problem happened twice, I just can't reproduce it.
And with 2.6.31.x, never running into this.

Oh well. 

On Wed, 23 Dec 2009, Bjarke Istrup Pedersen wrote:

> Hey,
> Could it be an idea to do a bisect for the patch that makes it break? :)
> /Bjarke
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diff mbox


--- .config.old	2009-12-24 09:16:31.000000000 +0800
+++ .config	2009-12-23 19:05:17.000000000 +0800
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ 
 # Automatically generated make config: don't edit
 # Linux kernel version:
-# Mon Dec 21 18:42:50 2009
+# Wed Dec 23 19:05:17 2009
 # CONFIG_X86_32 is not set
@@ -100,7 +100,11 @@ 
 # CONFIG_USER_NS is not set
 # CONFIG_PID_NS is not set
 # CONFIG_NET_NS is not set
@@ -1710,8 +1714,11 @@ 
 # CONFIG_CRC7 is not set
 # CONFIG_LIBCRC32C is not set