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[0/9,v3] e2fsprogs: Support for orphan file feature

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Jan Kara June 16, 2021, 10:57 a.m. UTC

  reviving this series after 6 years. This is the third version of support for
orphan file feature in e2fsprogs. The first patch removes feature bit for a
feature which never happened and probably isn't living anywhere (if it still
lives I can allocate a different bit...). Other two patches are fixes I've
spotted while debugging this series. I'm not aware of any outstanding issue
with the series, xfstests pass fine with it.

Changes since v2:
* rebased onto current master branch
* fixed various bugs I've spotted during testing
* added support for debugfs, dumpe2fs, e2image
* changed code to use dynamically allocated inode number instead of fixed one