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Samuel Martin March 20, 2012, 11:10 p.m. UTC
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 Contibuting to Buildroot
+If you want to contribute to Buildroot, you will need a git view of
+the project. Refer to xref:getting-buildroot[] to get it.
+Currently, the mailing list is the central place for contribution.
+If you have not already subscribe to it, then refer to
+Submiting patches
+When your changes are done, and commited in your local git view,
+_rebase_ your development branch on top of the upstream tree before
+generating the patch set. To do so, run:
+ $ git fetch --all --tags
+ $ git rebase origin/master
+Here, your are ready to generate then submit your patch set.
+To generate it, run:
+ $ git format-patch -M -n -s -o outgoing origin/master
+This will generate patch files in the +outgoing+ subdirectory,
+automatically adding the +signed-of-by+ line.
+If you want to present the whole patch set in a separate mail, add
++--cover-letter --summary+ to the previous command line (+man
+git-format-patch+ for further information).
+Once patch files are generated, you can review/edit the commit message
+before submitting them using your favourite text editor.
+Lastly, send/submit your patch set to the Buildroot mailing list:
+ $ git send-email --to buildroot@busybox.net outgoing/*
+Note that +git+ should be configured to use your mail account.
+To configure +git+, see +man git-send-email+ or google it.
+Reviewing/Testing patches
+In the review process, do not hesitate to respond to patch submissions
+for remarks, suggestions or anything that will help everyone to
+understand the patches and make them better.
+Some tags are used to help following the state of any patch posted on
+the mailing-list:
+Acked-by:: Indicates that the patch can be committed.
+Tested-by:: Indicates that the patch has been tested. It is useful
+  but not necessary to add a comment about what has been tested.
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 Getting Buildroot
 Buildroot releases are made approximately every 3 months. Direct Git
 access and daily snapshots are also available, if you want more