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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[53/93] tg3: Add New 5719 Read DMA workaround 2013-06-18 Luis Henriques New
[53/93] pidns: Fix hang in zap_pid_ns_processes by sending a potentially extra wakeup 2013-09-20 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/93] drm/radeon: fix cursor corruption on DCE6 and newer 2013-02-05 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[53/88] md: raid0: fix error return from create_stripe_zones. 2013-03-14 Luis Henriques New
[53/84] ARM: 7747/1: pcpu: ensure __my_cpu_offset cannot be re-ordered across barrier() 2013-06-17 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/81] r8169: remove the obsolete and incorrect AMD workaround 2013-02-19 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[53/78] btrfs: don't stop searching after encountering the wrong item 2013-05-28 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/75] virtio: console: fix race in port_fops_open() and port unplug 2013-08-14 Luis Henriques New
[53/75] neighbour: fix a race in neigh_destroy() 2013-07-30 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/75] drivers/leds/leds-ot200.c: fix error caused by shifted mask 2013-06-04 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/74] mm: compaction: fix echo 1 > compact_memory return error issue 2013-01-24 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[53/72] libsas: fix handling vacant phy in sas_set_ex_phy() 2013-04-18 Luis Henriques New
[53/70] drm/radeon: fix typo in cu_per_sh on verde 2013-06-04 Luis Henriques New
[53/58] of: fdt: fix memory initialization for expanded DT 2013-09-03 Kamal Mostafa New
[53/58] jfs: fix readdir cookie incompatibility with NFSv4 2013-09-02 Luis Henriques New
[52/98,SCSI] zfcp: fix adapter (re)open recovery while link to SAN is down 2013-07-11 Luis Henriques New
[52/93] radeon kms: fix uninitialised hotplug work usage in r100_irq_process() 2013-09-20 Kamal Mostafa New
[52/93] USB: ftdi_sio: Quiet sparse noise about using plain integer was NULL pointer 2013-06-18 Luis Henriques New
[52/93] ALSA: hda - Add a fixup for Packard-Bell desktop with ALC880 2013-02-05 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[52/88] md: fix two bugs when attempting to resize RAID0 array. 2013-03-14 Luis Henriques New
[52/84] ARM: 7743/1: compressed/head.S: work around new binutils warning 2013-06-17 Kamal Mostafa New
[52/81] netxen: fix off by one bug in netxen_release_tx_buffer() 2013-02-19 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[52/78] ipmi: ipmi_devintf: compat_ioctl method fails to take ipmi_mutex 2013-05-28 Kamal Mostafa New
[52/75] virtio: console: fix race with port unplug and open/close 2013-08-14 Luis Henriques New
[52/75] sh_eth: fix unhandled RFE interrupt 2013-07-30 Kamal Mostafa New
[52/75] mm/THP: use pmd_populate() to update the pmd with pgtable_t pointer 2013-06-04 Kamal Mostafa New
[52/74] USB: hub: handle claim of enabled remote wakeup after reset 2013-01-24 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[52/72] GFS2: Fix unlock of fcntl locks during withdrawn state 2013-04-18 Luis Henriques New
[52/70] ASoC: cs42l52: fix default value for MASTERA_VOL. 2013-06-04 Luis Henriques New
[52/58] x86/xen: do not identity map UNUSABLE regions in the machine E820 2013-09-02 Luis Henriques New
[52/58,SCSI] sg: Fix user memory corruption when SG_IO is interrupted by a signal 2013-09-03 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/98] ipvs: SCTP ports should be writable in ICMP packets 2013-07-11 Luis Henriques New
[51/93] drm/radeon: fix handling of variable sized arrays for router objects 2013-09-20 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/93] drm/i915: dump UTS_RELEASE into the error_state 2013-02-05 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[51/93] drm/gma500: Increase max resolution for mode setting 2013-06-18 Luis Henriques New
[51/88] md: protect against crash upon fsync on ro array 2013-03-14 Luis Henriques New
[51/84] ARM: 7742/1: topology: export cpu_topology 2013-06-17 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/81] isdn/gigaset: fix zero size border case in debug dump 2013-02-19 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[51/78] drivers/char/ipmi: memcpy, need additional 2 bytes to avoid memory overflow 2013-05-28 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/75] mm/rmap: rename anon_vma_unlock() => anon_vma_unlock_write() 2013-06-04 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/75] ext4: make sure group number is bumped after a inode allocation race 2013-08-14 Luis Henriques New
[51/75] af_key: fix info leaks in notify messages 2013-07-30 Kamal Mostafa New
[51/74] USB: cdc-acm: Add support for "PSC Scanning, Magellan 800i" 2013-01-24 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[51/72] drm/i915: Use the correct size of the GTT for placing the per-process entries 2013-04-18 Luis Henriques New
[51/70] cifs: fix potential buffer overrun when composing a new options string 2013-06-04 Luis Henriques New
[51/58] workqueue: fix possible stall on try_to_grab_pending() of a delayed work item 2013-09-02 Luis Henriques New
[51/58] block: Add bio_for_each_segment_all() 2013-09-03 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/98] netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Fix IPv6 default MSS too 2013-07-11 Luis Henriques New
[50/93] powerpc/eeh: Don't check RTAS token to get PE addr 2013-06-18 Luis Henriques New
[50/93] iommu/intel: disable DMAR for g4x integrated gfx 2013-02-05 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[50/93] drm/radeon: fix resume on some rs4xx boards (v2) 2013-09-20 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/88] zram: Fix deadlock bug in partial read/write 2013-03-14 Luis Henriques New
[50/84] acpi-cpufreq: set current frequency based on target P-State 2013-06-17 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/81] net/mlx4_core: Set number of msix vectors under SRIOV mode to firmware defaults 2013-02-19 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[50/78] usermodehelper: check subprocess_info->path != NULL 2013-05-28 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/75] perf tools: Add anonymous huge page recognition 2013-08-14 Luis Henriques New
[50/75] mm compaction: fix of improper cache flush in migration code 2013-06-04 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/75] ipv6: ip6_sk_dst_check() must not assume ipv6 dst 2013-07-30 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/74] Add CDC-ACM support for the CX93010-2x UCMxx USB Modem 2013-01-24 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[50/72] ASoC: wm8903: Fix the bypass to HP/LINEOUT when no DAC or ADC is running 2013-04-18 Luis Henriques New
[50/70] jfs: fix a couple races 2013-06-04 Luis Henriques New
[50/58] xen/events: mask events when changing their VCPU binding 2013-09-03 Kamal Mostafa New
[50/58] efivars: explicitly calculate length of VariableName 2013-09-02 Luis Henriques New
[50/50] perf: Fix mmap() accounting hole 2013-07-02 Luis Henriques New
[5/9] UBUNTU: [Config] disable CONFIG_DRM_NOUVEAU_DEBUG as policy expects 2012-07-11 Bryan Wu New
[5/9] ARM: 7201/1: add EDAC atomic_scrub function 2012-06-27 Ike Panhc New
[5/8] Yama: higher restrictions should block PTRACE_TRACEME 2014-02-07 Tyler Hicks New
[5/8] UBUNTU: [Config] FTBFS arm[hf|el]/omap: disable SND_OMAP_SOC_ZOOM2 2012-10-18 Paolo Pisati New
[5/7] drm/radeon/kms: check for DP MST mode in a few more places (v2) 2011-12-19 Jesse Sung New
[5/7] bcmdhd: Enable Ad-Hoc (IBSS) mode 2013-07-19 Ricardo Salveti de Araujo New
[5/7] UBUNTU: [Config] disable STMicroelectronics STiH41x SOCs (ARCH_STI) 2013-08-03 Paolo Pisati New
[5/7] UBUNTU: [Config] Sync sensors wrt master 2012-04-02 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] usb/uas: use scsi_host_find_tag() to find command from a tag 2012-04-27 Ming Lei New
[5/6] netfilter: arp_tables: fix infoleak to userspace CVE-2011-1170 2011-07-04 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] netfilter: arp_tables: fix infoleak to userspace CVE-2011-1170 2011-07-04 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] netfilter: arp_tables: fix infoleak to userspace CVE-2011-1170 2011-07-04 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] intel_pstate: Add support for Baytrail turbo P states 2014-03-04 Colin King New
[5/6] epoll: fix nested calls support 2011-10-26 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] Yama: fix default relationship to check thread group 2011-11-24 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] UBUNTU: build: Add a command that allows overriding vars by flavours 2012-06-10 Benjamin Collins New
[5/6] UBUNTU: [Config] SENSORS_MCP3021=m 2012-06-07 Paolo Pisati New
[5/6] UBUNTU: SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: fix net timeout recovery 2012-05-31 Ike Panhc New
[5/6] UBUNTU: Add initial 2011-03-16 Loïc Minier New
[5/5] userns: Changing any namespace id mappings should require privileges (CVE-2013-1979) 2013-04-30 John Johansen New
[5/5] tg3: Fix data corruption on 5725 with TSO 2013-07-03 Stefan Bader New
[5/5] net: calxedaxgmac: fix rx ring handling when OOM 2013-03-27 Paolo Pisati New
[5/5] drm/i915: PIPE_CONTROL TLB invalidate requires CS stall 2013-04-09 Luis Henriques New
[5/5] drm/i915: PIPE_CONTROL TLB invalidate requires CS stall 2013-04-09 Luis Henriques New
[5/5] UBUNTU: [upstream] apparmor: fix long path failure due to disconnected path 2012-05-22 John Johansen New
[5/5] UBUNTU: [Config] Enable Stacked Yama 2014-02-05 Tyler Hicks New
[5/5] UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_POWER_RESET_SYSCON=y only for arm64 2014-02-25 Ike Panhc New
[5/5] UBUNTU: SAUCE: ata_piix: add a disable_driver option 2012-12-05 Andy Whitcroft New
[5/5] UBUNTU: SAUCE: ahci_platform: add custom hard reset for Calxeda ahci ctrlr 2012-08-07 Ike Panhc New
[5/5] UBUNTU: SAUCE: Enable earlyprintk via the PL011. 2013-11-06 Paolo Pisati New
[5/5] OMAP3: beagle: add support for beagleboard xM revision C 2012-01-09 Paolo Pisati New
[5/5] ALSA: hda - Handle Headphone Mic jack more generic 2013-11-21 David Henningsson New
[5/5] (pre-stable) USB: serial: pl2303: rm duplicate id 2011-12-03 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski New
[5/5,Precise] UBUNTU: SAUCE: (drop after 3.3) toshiba_acpi: Refuse to load on machines with buggy INFO implementations 2012-03-29 Seth Forshee New
[49/98] netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Fix missing fragmentation handling 2013-07-11 Luis Henriques New
[49/93] hpfs: fix warnings when the filesystem fills up 2013-06-18 Luis Henriques New