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[U-Boot] xilinx_ppc_boards: Change address of RESET_VECTOR

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Ricardo Ribalda Delgado Jan. 12, 2011, 9:14 a.m. UTC
Old address of RESET_VECTOR were overwritten by the bss sector, making
impossible its run from xmd.

Signed-off-by: Ricardo Ribalda Delgado <ricardo.ribalda@gmail.com>
 boards.cfg |   10 +++++-----
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)


Wolfgang Denk Jan. 19, 2011, 7:18 a.m. UTC | #1
Dear Ricardo Ribalda Delgado,

In message <1294823682-12502-1-git-send-email-ricardo.ribalda@gmail.com> you wrote:
> Old address of RESET_VECTOR were overwritten by the bss sector, making
> impossible its run from xmd.
> Signed-off-by: Ricardo Ribalda Delgado <ricardo.ribalda@gmail.com>

I would like to minimize the configuration information present in
boards.cfg; the current state resulted just from the attempt to
minimize changes when converting to from Makefile to boards.cfg, but
that should not be the final state.

When you touch all of this anyway (and re-test it, obviously), can you
then please take the chance and move all tis stuff from boards.cfg
into your respective board config files, where it aktucally belongs?


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk
Stefan Roese April 21, 2011, 9:26 a.m. UTC | #2
On Wednesday 12 January 2011 10:14:42 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado wrote:
> Old address of RESET_VECTOR were overwritten by the bss sector, making
> impossible its run from xmd.

Applied to u-boot-ppc4xx/master. Thanks.

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diff --git a/boards.cfg b/boards.cfg
index 94b8745..2ba603d 100644
--- a/boards.cfg
+++ b/boards.cfg
@@ -675,9 +675,9 @@  yellowstone                  powerpc     ppc4xx      yosemite            amcc
 yosemite                     powerpc     ppc4xx      yosemite            amcc           -           yosemite:YOSEMITE
 yucca                        powerpc     ppc4xx      -                   amcc
 AP1000                       powerpc     ppc4xx      ap1000              amirix
-fx12mm                       powerpc     ppc4xx      fx12mm              avnet          -           fx12mm:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x03FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc405-generic/init.o
+fx12mm                       powerpc     ppc4xx      fx12mm              avnet          -           fx12mm:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc405-generic/init.o
 fx12mm_flash                 powerpc     ppc4xx      fx12mm              avnet          -           fx12mm:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc405-generic/init.o
-v5fx30teval                  powerpc     ppc4xx      v5fx30teval         avnet          -           v5fx30teval:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x03FFFFFC,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
+v5fx30teval                  powerpc     ppc4xx      v5fx30teval         avnet          -           v5fx30teval:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
 v5fx30teval_flash            powerpc     ppc4xx      v5fx30teval         avnet          -           v5fx30teval:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
 CRAYL1                       powerpc     ppc4xx      L1                  cray
 CATcenter                    powerpc     ppc4xx      PPChameleonEVB      dave           -           CATcenter:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1
@@ -736,11 +736,11 @@  p3p440                       powerpc     ppc4xx      -                   prodriv
 KAREF                        powerpc     ppc4xx      karef               sandburst
 METROBOX                     powerpc     ppc4xx      metrobox            sandburst
 xpedite1000                  powerpc     ppc4xx      -                   xes
-ml507                        powerpc     ppc4xx      ml507               xilinx         -           ml507:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x03FFFFFC,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
+ml507                        powerpc     ppc4xx      ml507               xilinx         -           ml507:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
 ml507_flash                  powerpc     ppc4xx      ml507               xilinx         -           ml507:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
-xilinx-ppc405-generic        powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc405-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc405-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x03FFFFFC
+xilinx-ppc405-generic        powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc405-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc405-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000
 xilinx-ppc405-generic_flash  powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc405-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc405-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC
-xilinx-ppc440-generic        powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc440-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc440-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x03FFFFFC,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1
+xilinx-ppc440-generic        powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc440-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc440-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1
 xilinx-ppc440-generic_flash  powerpc     ppc4xx      ppc440-generic      xilinx         -           xilinx-ppc440-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC
 rsk7203                      sh          sh2         rsk7203             renesas        -
 mpr2                         sh          sh3         mpr2                -              -