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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,v3] omap3_beagle: enable the use of a plain text file named uEnv.txt instead of boot.scr 2011-03-02 Jason Kridner spaulraj Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] patman: Do not Cc addresses included in To list 2012-08-18 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] patman: Handle creation of patman config 2012-05-01 Vikram Narayanan wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: Add P1023RDB board support 2013-06-13 Chunhe Lan afleming Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: Fix compile errors if CONFIG_SYS_DPAA_QBMAN isn't set 2011-05-23 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: Introduce CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_ENV_RELOC 2010-11-29 Kumar Gala wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: Move RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS into config.h 2011-01-17 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: enable USB2 gadget mode for corenet ds board 2011-07-28 shaohui xie Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: fix compatible property for the L2 cache node 2011-04-29 Timur Tabi Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: introduce 'fdt verify' command 2010-11-17 Timur Tabi galak Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: wait for alignment before resetting SERDES RX lanes (SERDES9) 2011-10-18 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/8xxx: Add new hwconfig APIs to address early parsing used by DDR init 2011-01-18 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/8xxx: Fix LAW init to respect pre-initialized entries 2011-02-04 Kumar Gala galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/8xxx:Add MPH controller support in USB device-tree fixup 2012-02-10 ramneek mehresh afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/c29xpcie: Getting DDR SPD image from 16-bit sub-address EEPROM 2013-11-26 Po Liu yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/eeprom: cleanup mac command 2011-08-11 York Sun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx/p2020rdb-pca: Use L2 SRAM for SPL boot 2012-11-13 Scott Wood scottwood Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: Add support for single source clocking 2013-12-12 Priyanka Jain yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: Add workaround for erratum A006379 2013-09-16 York Sun yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: Revise workaround for DDR-A003 2014-01-08 York Sun yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: SECURE BOOT- Add secure boot target for B4860QDS 2014-02-03 Aneesh Bansal yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: modify the function clear_bss and the end address of the BSS 2013-05-15 afleming Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/mpc85xx: set clock-frequency for T4/B4 clockgen node 2013-04-16 tang yuantian afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/p1010rdb: update readme for p1010rdb-pb board 2013-09-09 Shengzhou Liu yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/t1040qds: Update DDR initialization related settings 2014-01-03 Priyanka Jain yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/t2080rdb: Add T2080PCIe-RDB board support 2014-03-05 Shengzhou Liu yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/t2081qds: Add T2081 QDS board support 2014-02-21 Shengzhou Liu yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/usb: Fix usb device-tree fix-up 2013-02-18 ramneek mehresh marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/usb: fix bug of CPU hang when missing USB PHY clock 2012-10-22 Shengzhou Liu marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc: Fix CamelCase warnings in DDR related code 2013-09-25 Priyanka Jain yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc: clean up DIU macro definitions for the MPC8610HPCD and MPC5121ADS 2011-02-15 Timur Tabi Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc: mmc: Add corenet devices support in esdhc spl 2013-11-28 Priyanka Jain panto Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc: mpc5xxx: remove redundant CONFIG_MPC5xxx definition 2014-01-16 Masahiro Yamada trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc: spiflash:Add corenet devices support in eSPI SPL 2013-11-28 Priyanka Jain yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ppc, 8xx: remove obsolete km8xx boards from keymile 2011-01-18 Holger Brunck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ppc4xx: Add DLVision-10G board support 2011-01-19 Dirk Eibach Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] ppc4xx: Add Io64 board support 2011-10-13 Dirk Eibach Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] rtc: imxdi: Initial support 2012-08-08 Benoît Thébaudeau Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] sandbox: fix compiler warning 2013-01-22 Allen Martin sjg Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] scb9328: Add ARM relocation support 2011-07-09 Torsten Koschorrek Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] scsi/ahci: add support for non-PCI controllers 2011-07-07 Rob Herring Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] sf: Minor cleanups 2013-10-07 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] sf: Update bank configuration 2014-01-20 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] sf: ops: Squash the malloc+memset combo 2014-01-20 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] socfpga/dwmmc: Adding DesignWare MMC driver support for SOCFPGA 2013-12-31 Chin Liang See panto Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] socfpga: Add a signer that is integrated into mkimage 2014-02-23 Charles Manning wd Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] socfpga: Adding Clock Manager driver 2014-03-05 Chin Liang See aaribaud Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] socfpga: Adding Freeze Controller driver 2013-09-20 Chin Liang See aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] socfpga: Adding Scan Manager driver 2014-02-21 Chin Liang See marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] spi/arm-pl022: Add support for ARM PL022 spi controller 2012-12-13 Vipin Kumar jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] spi/cadence: Adding Cadence SPI driver support for SOCFPGA 2014-01-10 Chin Liang See jagan Under Review
[U-Boot,v3] spi: add new driver for OpenCores tiny_spi 2011-01-18 Thomas Chou Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] spi: add support SuperH SPI module 2011-01-28 Yoshihiro Shimoda Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] spi: mxc_spi: Fix double incrementing read pointer for unaligned buffers 2013-10-15 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] t2080qds/ddr: update ddr parameters 2013-12-12 Shengzhou Liu yorksun Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] t2080qds/ddr: update ddr parameters 2014-01-13 Shengzhou Liu yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] tegra: add Colibri T20 board support 2012-10-07 Lucas Stach tomcwarren Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] tools/env: add posibility to inject configuration 2011-10-18 Andreas Bießmann Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] tools/setlocalversion: Update from the Linux Kernel 2011-12-16 Kyle Moffett Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] tpm: Add TPM command library 2013-02-28 Che-liang Chiou trini New
[U-Boot,v3] tx25: Use generic gpio_* calls 2012-06-15 Vikram Narayanan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] ulpi: add generic ULPI functionality 2011-11-24 Jana Rapava rbohmer Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] ulpi: add generic ULPI support header file 2011-11-12 Jana Rapava marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] usb: Use well-known descriptor sizes when parsing configuration 2013-07-19 Julius Werner marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] usb: do explicit unaligned accesses 2012-09-06 Lucas Stach marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] usb: ehci: don't print debug output 2012-09-27 Lucas Stach marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] usb: gadget: Fix data aborts during USB ethernet boot 2013-09-04 Joel Fernandes marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] usb: new board-specific USB init interface 2013-09-03 Mateusz Zalega marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] usb: omap: ulpi: fix ulpi transceiver access 2013-06-06 Michael Trimarchi marex Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] usbh/ehci: Increase timeout for enumeration 2012-12-13 Vipin Kumar marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] video: atmel/lcd: add LCD driver for new Atmel SoC 2012-05-25 Anatolij Gustschin ag Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] video: cfb_console: Make the software cursor non-destructive 2011-11-30 Anatolij Gustschin ag Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] x86: Don't relocate symbols which point to things that aren't relocated 2011-11-08 Gabe Black gruss Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] x86: Fix how the location of the realmode and bios blobs are calculated 2011-11-13 Gabe Black gruss Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] x86: Import the glibc memset implementation 2011-11-13 Gabe Black gruss Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] x86: Wrap small helper functions from libgcc to avoid an ABI mismatch 2011-11-17 Gabe Black gruss Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] zmx25: Fix build warning due to 'get_reset_cause' defined but not used 2011-09-23 Fabio Estevam sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,0/1] nitrogen6x: Move setup_sata to common part 2013-11-28 Giuseppe Pagano sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v4,0/8] am335x: NOR support 2013-08-13 Mark Jackson trini Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v4,01/10] ARM: dove: add support for Marvell Dove SoC 2013-05-26 Sascha Silbe Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/10] i2c: add i2c_core and prepare for new multibus support 2013-05-18 Heiko Schocher hs Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/10] imx: Homogenize and fix fuse register definitions 2013-04-23 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v4,01/10] mxs: Rename CONFIG_SPL_MX28_PSWITCH_WAIT to CONFIG_SPL_MXS_PSWITCH_WAIT 2013-02-18 Otavio Salvador sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/11] Add configuration option to select printf() inclusion on SPL 2012-09-19 José Miguel Gonçalves trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/11] blackfin: bf60x: new processor header files 2013-02-21 Sonic Zhang sonicz Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/11] powerpc: cast bi_memsize to ulong for %ld usage 2013-10-18 Valentin Longchamp yorksun Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/11] usb, davinci: add enable_vbus() weak function 2011-10-24 Heiko Schocher rbohmer Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/12] omap4: utility function to identify the context of hw init 2011-07-18 Aneesh V Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/12] omap4: utility function to identify the context of hw init 2011-07-21 Aneesh V Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/12] s5p: gpio: change gpio coding method for s5p gpio. 2014-01-09 Przemyslaw Marczak prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] Add generic, reusable menu code 2011-08-23 Jason Hobbs Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] Define CONFIG_SYS_SKIP_RELOC for all archs 2012-02-21 Simon Glass vapier Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] linux/usb/ch9.h: update with the version from Linux tree 2012-11-03 Ilya Yanok Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] linux/usb/ch9.h: update with the version from Linux tree 2012-11-03 Ilya Yanok Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] mmc: mmc header fix 2014-04-15 Mateusz Zalega trini New
[U-Boot,v4,01/13] tegra20: rename tegra2 -> tegra20 2012-06-22 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/14] omap3: mem: Comment enable_gpmc_cs_config more 2011-11-18 Tom Rini spaulraj Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,01/14] sf: Add bank address register writing support 2013-06-13 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/16] sandbox: Make map_to_sysmem() use a constant pointer 2013-10-18 Simon Glass trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v4,01/20] Make linux kernel string funcs available to tools 2012-12-05 Joe Hershberger trini Superseded