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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,v3] at91sam9x5ek:Pass serial and revision tags to Linux 2013-05-09 Julius Hemanth P Deferred
[U-Boot,v3] autostart: unify duplicated logic into the bootm code 2011-06-05 Mike Frysinger wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] blackfin: Move blackfin watchdog driver out of the blackfin arch folder. 2013-04-11 Sonic Zhang sonicz Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] board/t104xrdb: Add support of CPLD 2014-02-28 Prabhakar Kushwaha yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] board: Add support for B&R T-Series Motherboard 2014-02-07 Hannes Petermaier trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] board_r - fixup functions table after relocation 2014-01-20 Alexey Brodkin trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] bootm: Avoid 256-byte overflow in fixup_silent_linux() 2012-01-17 Doug Anderson Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] bootm: Handle errors consistently 2013-07-10 Tom Rini trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cmd/gpt: Support gpt command for all devices 2013-10-04 trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cmd_bootm: Add command line arguments to Plan 9 2013-06-10 Steven Stallion trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cmd_fat: add FAT write command 2011-12-21 Donggeun Kim Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] cmd_mem.c: Fix some typoes, no functional changes 2013-02-03 Robert P. J. Day trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cmd_nvedit.c: clean up with checkpatch 2011-04-27 Macpaul Lin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] command/cache: Add flush command 2013-04-05 York Sun trini New
[U-Boot,v3] common/Makefile: Add new symbol CONFIG_SPL_ENV_SUPPORT for environment in SPL 2013-05-15 trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] common/image.c: align usage of fdt_high with initrd_high 2012-01-10 Shawn Guo sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] common: Remove invalid endianess conversion 2014-02-08 Christian Eggers trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] common: add a grepenv command 2011-04-04 Kim Phillips Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] common: fix missing function pointer relocation in fixup_cmdtable() 2011-10-18 Daniel Schwierzeck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] fix -fstack-usage support test 2013-10-15 Masahiro Yamada trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] use memoization in cc-option macro to speed up compilation 2011-11-07 Daniel Schwierzeck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cosmetic: arm: fix comments in arch/arm/lib/crt0.S 2013-05-15 Masahiro Yamada aaribaud Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] cosmetic: cmd_bdinfo.c: clean up by using 2011-04-28 Macpaul Lin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] designware_i2c: Enhance DesignWare I2C driver address support 2014-02-04 Chin Liang See hs Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] dfu, nand, ubi: add partubi alt settings for updating ubi partition 2013-07-18 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] dfu, nand: before write a buffer to nand, erase the nand sectors 2013-06-21 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] doc: README.mx28_common: Add missing entry into Contents 2012-06-18 Fabio Estevam Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] doc: README.mxs: Add instruction to install 'libssl-dev' 2013-09-16 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] drivers/rtc: add Marvell Integrated RTC. 2011-08-01 Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] drivers:power:max77686: add function to set voltage and mode 2013-06-25 Piotr Wilczek prom Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] env: Allow accessing non-mtd devices 2013-02-08 Lubomir Rintel trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] fs/ext4: Support device block sizes != 512 bytes 2013-05-01 trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] fs/fs.c: do_fsload: measure throughput 2012-10-30 Andreas Bießmann trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] fsl_ddr: Don't use full 64-bit divides on 32-bit PowerPC 2011-03-15 Kyle Moffett galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] fsl_esdhc: Correcting esdhc timeout counter calculation 2011-03-02 Priyanka Jain Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ftgmac100: support of gigabit eth ftgmac100 2010-12-21 Macpaul Lin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ftide020: add faraday ide ahb controller 2011-05-02 Macpaul Lin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ftsdc010: add support of ftsdc010 mmc controller 2011-07-21 Macpaul Lin afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ftsdc010: improve performance and capability 2011-11-17 Macpaul Lin afleming Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] ftwdt010_wdt: support faraday ftwdt010 watchdog 2011-01-05 Macpaul Lin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] global_data: unify global flag defines 2012-03-19 Mike Frysinger wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] gpio: Add PCA9698 40-bit I2C I/O port 2011-10-20 Dirk Eibach Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] h2200: Add support for iPAQ h2200 palmtop 2012-09-26 Łukasz Dałek Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] hwconfig: Fix dummy initialization of {board, cpu}_hwconfig 2010-11-30 Kumar Gala wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] i.MX28: extend print_cpuinfo() to use chip information 2012-07-16 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] i.mx6q: add the initial support for i.mx6q Sabre Lite board 2011-12-26 Dirk Behme Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] i2c, omap24xx: convert driver to new mutlibus/mutliadapter framework 2013-08-30 Heiko Schocher trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] i2c:gpio:s5p: I2C GPIO Software implementation (via soft_i2c) 2011-08-10 Łukasz Majewski prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] image: push default arch values to arch headers 2011-10-04 Mike Frysinger Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] imls: Add support to list images in NAND device 2012-12-13 Vipin Kumar trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] imx: Add titanium board support (i.MX6 based) 2013-04-16 Stefan Roese sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] integrator: pass a Device Tree by default 2013-03-13 Linus Walleij wd Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] kirkwood: add support for Cloud Engines Pogoplug E02 2012-03-16 David Purdy Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] kirkwood: add support for Iomega iConnect board 2012-07-22 Luka Perkov Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] kwboot: boot Marvell Kirkwood SoCs over a serial link 2012-05-21 Daniel Stodden Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] microblaze: Fix strict-aliasing rules for in_be32 2011-10-19 Michal Simek Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] miiphy: use strncpy() not sprintf() 2011-07-15 Laurence Withers Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mips32: fix wrong loop bound in flush_cache() 2011-08-10 Yao Cheng Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mkconfig: start deprecating Makefile config targets 2011-10-01 Mike Frysinger wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mkimage: add "-V" option to print version information 2011-02-11 Wolfgang Denk Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] mmc: add host_caps checking avoid switch card improperly 2011-11-28 Macpaul Lin macpaul Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3] mmc: don't support write & erase for SPL builds 2013-09-09 Paul Burton panto Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mmc: omap: timeout counter fix 2010-10-26 Nishanth Menon spaulraj Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mpc5200: Add a4m2k board port 2013-02-07 Stefan Roese wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mpq101: initial support for Mercury Computer Systems MPQ101 board 2011-01-07 Alex Dubov Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] mtd: cfi_flash: Fix CFI flash driver for 8-bit bus support 2013-03-01 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] mtd: move & update nand_ecclayout structure (plus board changes) 2013-11-21 Scott Wood scottwood Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mx25: Clean up lowlevel_init 2012-08-20 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx31ads: Use the new relocation scheme 2011-06-12 Fabio Estevam sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mx31ads: Use the new relocation scheme 2011-06-12 Fabio Estevam Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] mx31ads: Use the new relocation scheme 2011-06-02 Fabio Estevam sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] mx51evk: Update environment in order to allow booting a dt kernel 2013-04-19 Fabio Estevam sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] mx53loco: Add support for SEIKO 4.3'' WVGA panel 2013-01-09 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx5:Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro 2012-08-28 Ashok sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] mx6: Add workaround for ARM errata 2013-01-05 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx6: Disable Power Down Bit of watchdog 2013-02-07 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx6: Enable L2 cache support 2014-01-28 Fabio Estevam sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] mx6: Read silicon revision from register 2012-03-14 Fabio Estevam Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] mx6qsabrelite: Remove mx6qsabrelite code in favor of nitrogen6x 2013-07-26 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx6qsabresd: Fix booting the kernel from SDHC3 2013-01-10 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mx6slevk: Include "mx6_common.h" 2014-01-09 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3] mxs: timrot: Add support to i.MX23 2013-02-24 Fadil Berisha sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] nand/denali: Adding Denali NAND driver support 2014-02-27 Chin Liang See aaribaud Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] nds32: add header of amic multicore interrupt controller. 2011-12-14 Macpaul Lin trini Deferred
[U-Boot,v3] net, phy, cpsw: fix NULL pointer deference 2013-09-05 Heiko Schocher trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] net/designware: make driver compatible with data cache 2014-01-22 Alexey Brodkin trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] net: Allow filtering on debug traces in the net subsystem 2012-05-23 Joe Hershberger jhersh Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] net: Use ARRAY_SIZE at appropriate places 2013-07-03 Axel Lin jhersh Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] net: allow setting env enetaddr from net device setting 2012-02-01 Rob Herring Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] net: axi_ethernet: Add driver to u-boot 2011-09-15 Michal Simek Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] net: axi_ethernet: Add driver to u-boot v3 2011-03-09 Michal Simek Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3] net: ll_temac: Add LL TEMAC driver to u-boot 2011-09-01 Michal Simek Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] netbsd:fix documentation typo. 2013-12-12 Kees Jongenburger trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] netbsd:fix documentation typo. 2013-12-12 Kees Jongenburger trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] nios2: Pseudo implement dcache_status/enable/disable() 2011-10-20 Joachim Foerster Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] ns16550: change to allow 32 bit access to registers 2011-09-01 Dave Aldridge Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3] omap3_beagle: enable the use of a plain text file named uEnv.txt instead of boot.scr 2011-03-02 Jason Kridner spaulraj Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] patman: Do not Cc addresses included in To list 2012-08-18 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] patman: Handle creation of patman config 2012-05-01 Vikram Narayanan wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v3] powerpc/85xx: Add P1023RDB board support 2013-06-13 Chunhe Lan afleming Superseded