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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] OMAP3: drop CONFIG_SPL_OS_BOOT_KEY and use local define 2012-11-19 Stefano Babic trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] TIZEN: create lib/tizen to common tizen library 2012-04-30 Donghwa Lee ag Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] Tegra114: fdt: Update DT files with I2C info for T114/Dalmore 2013-02-08 Tom Warren tomcwarren Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] Tegra: fdt: tamonten: Add common tamonten.dtsi file from linux 2013-02-13 Tom Warren tomcwarren Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] USB: Armada100: EHCI Driver for Armada100 SOCs 2012-02-13 Ajay Bhargav marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] VIDEO: MX5: export pix format 2011-10-05 Anatolij Gustschin ag Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] am335x_evm: Enable CMD_EXT4 and CMD_FS_GENERIC, add bootpart to env 2013-03-14 Tom Rini trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] arm, am335x: add watchdog support 2013-07-30 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] arm, davinci, da850: add uart1 tx rx pinmux config 2011-11-28 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] arm: omap: innovator: Prepare for mach-types.h changes 2011-05-04 Igor Grinberg aaribaud Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] arm:samsung: Move common code from ./s5p-common to ./samsung-common/ 2013-08-12 Lukasz Majewski prom New
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] bootm: Move silencing of linux console to deprecated config option. 2012-01-10 Doug Anderson Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] config: remove platform CONFIG_SYS_HZ definition part 1/2 2013-10-04 Rob Herring trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] dfu: ram support 2013-09-13 Afzal Mohammed marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] dts: move device tree sources to arch/$(ARCH)/dts/ 2014-02-05 Masahiro Yamada trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] exynos: update tzpc to make it common for exynos4 and exynos5 2013-04-05 Inderpal Singh prom Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] ftsmc020: un-nest the register structure in header 2011-05-02 Macpaul Lin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] i2c: mxc: move to new subsystem 2013-09-19 trem hs Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] ids8313: add related support for IDS8313 boards 2011-09-27 Sergej Stepanov kimphill Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] imximage: Add MX53 boot image support 2010-12-29 Liu Hui-R64343 sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] include/linux/fb.h: Add a missing include for 'list.h' 2013-10-03 Otavio Salvador trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] km/common: simplify default environment 2011-05-11 Holger Brunck Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] lib: uuid: add functions to generate UUID version 4 2014-03-14 Przemyslaw Marczak trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mtd: nand: omap: add CONFIG_SYS_NAND_DEVICE_WIDTH to determine NAND device bus-width 2014-04-03 pekon gupta scottwood New
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mtd: nand: omap: fix ecclayout->oobfree->offset 2014-02-17 pekon gupta Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mx23: Document the tRAS lockout setting in memory initialization 2013-01-29 Otavio Salvador Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mx28: Let dram_init be common for mx28 2011-12-15 Fabio Estevam sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mx6: Add solo-lite variant support 2013-04-10 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] mx6qsabresd: Document the mapping of USDHC[2-4] 2013-03-06 Otavio Salvador sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] net: Add link-local addressing support 2012-05-23 Joe Hershberger jhersh Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] net: bootp: add PXE/RFC 4578 DHCP options support 2011-06-29 Jason Hobbs Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] omap4: make SDRAM init work for ES1.0 silicon 2011-09-07 Aneesh V Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] spi: spi-mxc: implement clk control for ECSPI to fix SPI_MODE_3 2014-02-17 Markus Niebel jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] tegra20: add clock_set_pllout function 2012-09-26 Lucas Stach tomcwarren Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] tegra: move TEGRA_DEVICE_SETTINGS to tegra-common-post.h 2012-10-23 Allen Martin marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] usb: dfu: introduce dfuMANIFEST state 2014-03-18 Heiko Schocher marex New
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] usb: tegra: fix PHY configuration 2014-02-16 Stefan Agner tomcwarren Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] usb:gadget:composite: Support for composite at gadget.h 2012-04-17 Łukasz Majewski marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ARM: EXYNOS: Add support for Exynos5 based SoCs 2012-01-11 Chander Kashyap prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ARM: EXYNOS: add data structure for EXYNOS display driver 2012-04-02 Donghwa Lee ag Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ARM: add netspace_mini_v2 to mach-types.h 2012-09-06 Simon Guinot Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ARM: vexpress: create A5 specific board config 2013-04-09 Andre Przywara aaribaud Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ARMV7: OMAP3: Remove unused variable boot_flash_env_addr 2011-03-29 Luca Ceresoli spaulraj Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] Add definitions for OpenRD-Client and OpenRD-Ultimate 2011-04-23 Clint Adams Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] Exynos5: Add base addresses for SATA 2012-12-12 Vasanth Ananthan prom Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] MX5: Add iomux structure 2011-05-18 Fabio Estevam Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] New command bootmenu: ANSI terminal Boot Menu support 2013-02-01 Pali Rohár ag Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] SMDK6400: Fix some label undefined in build error 2011-01-13 seedshope Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] Tegra2: mmc: Support DMA restarts at buffer boundaries 2011-11-10 Anton staaf afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] USB: gadget: add atmel usba udc driver 2013-09-11 Bo Shen marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] am33xx: Enable UART{1,2,3,4,5} pin-mux 2012-10-24 Andrew Bradford trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] arm, spl: add watchdog library to SPL 2013-07-30 Heiko Schocher trini Deferred
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] arm: exynos: pinmux: add sdmmc4 gpio configratuion 2014-03-20 Beomho Seo prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] arm:vf610:Enable the DSPI for Freescale vf610 platform 2013-12-20 Chao Fu jagan Under Review
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] at91: clock: remove chip macro for plla div2. 2013-03-25 Wu, Josh abiessmann Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] build/mkconfig: Add EXTRA_OPTS argument to make to modify build 2011-06-03 Matthew McClintock Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] c6x: Add support c674x CPUs 2012-06-25 Dmitry Bondar trini Deferred
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] cm_t335: fix linker file to produce full ELF 2013-12-09 Albert ARIBAUD aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] cpu: exynos4: add ace sha base address 2014-03-20 Przemyslaw Marczak trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] da850evm, da850_am18xxevm: fix CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE semantics 2013-04-12 Albert ARIBAUD Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] dfu: NAND specific routines for DFU operation 2013-02-28 Tom Rini trini Deferred
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] ftsdmc021: add register definitions of ftsdmc021 2011-04-16 Macpaul Lin aaribaud Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] highbank: use scsi_init hook 2014-03-07 Ian Campbell trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] i2c: fti2c010: migrate to new i2c model 2013-12-02 Kuo-Jung Su hs Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] kbuild: add CONFIG_ prefix to USE_PRIVATE_LIBGCC 2014-03-05 Masahiro Yamada trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] kirkwood: implement kw_sdram_bs_set() 2012-07-20 Holger Brunck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] mmc: s5p_sdhci: fixed wrong function argument 2012-08-31 Jaehoon Chung afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] mx23evk: Enable USB support 2013-01-28 Otavio Salvador Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] nand: mxc: Add support for i.MX5 2013-02-05 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] nds32/ag102: add ag102 soc support 2012-02-28 Macpaul Lin macpaul Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] omap: enable caches at system start-up 2011-08-11 Aneesh V aaribaud Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] samsung: misc: add gpt restore option to lcd menu 2014-04-03 Przemyslaw Marczak panto New
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] serial: Add Tegra2 serial port support 2011-01-19 Tom Warren Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] sf: Add dual memories support - DUAL_STACKED 2014-01-06 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] sf: Place the sf calls in proper order 2013-06-21 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] tegra2: Add common Avionic Design Tamonten support. 2011-11-17 Thierry Reding Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] tegra2: Move board_mmc_init into board files 2011-10-06 Stephen Warren Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] tx25: copy SPL directly, not using relocate_code. 2013-05-16 Albert ARIBAUD aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] usb: ehci: rework to take advantage of new lowlevel interface 2012-09-05 Lucas Stach marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,2/4] zipitz2: enable pxa27x_mkp driver 2012-01-13 Vasily Khoruzhick Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] ARM: at91: sama5d3: remove unused definition about PMECC alpha table offset 2013-07-03 Wu, Josh abiessmann Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] Kirkwood: allow to override CONFIG_SYS_TCLK 2011-05-02 Simon Guinot Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] Make 'run' use run_command_list() instead of run_command() 2013-10-26 Simon Glass trini New
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] TFTP: rename STATE_RRQ to STATE_SEND_RRQ 2011-05-17 Luca Ceresoli Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] arm bootm: Do not append zero ATAG_MEM 2012-10-13 Pali Rohár trini Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] arm, am33x: make RTC32K OSC enable configurable 2013-11-04 Heiko Schocher trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] arm/km: use board KM_ENV_BUS for CONFIG_I2C_ENV_EEPROM_BUS 2011-06-15 Holger Brunck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] arm: move reset_cpu from start.S into cpu.c 2014-04-15 Albert ARIBAUD aaribaud New
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] at91: atmel_nand: remove unused variables. 2012-08-23 Wu, Josh abiessmann Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] board support of arm64 2013-08-15 aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] common/config_defaults.h: make CONFIG_BOOTM_VXWORKS default configuration 2013-11-28 trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] da850evm: rename config file to represent OMAP-L138 2011-10-11 Hadli, Manjunath trini Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] drivers: video: Add ld9040 video driver 2012-09-24 Piotr Wilczek ag Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] kirkwood: fix calls to kirkwood_mpp_conf 2012-05-31 Valentin Longchamp Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] mtd: nand: omap: optimize chip->ecc.hwctl() for H/W ECC schemes 2013-08-29 pekon gupta trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] net: fec_mxc: add PHYLIB support 2012-02-02 Troy Kisky Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] nios2: fix style in board.c. 2013-04-19 Andreas Bießmann trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/5] usb: handle NULL table in usb_gadget_get_string 2014-04-10 Rob Herring marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/6] Driver/DDR: combine ccsr_ddr for 83xx, 85xx and 86xx 2013-11-18 York Sun yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,2/6] Driver/DDR: combine ccsr_ddr for 83xx, 85xx and 86xx 2013-11-18 York Sun yorksun Superseded