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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,v3,09/11] arm/km: support the 2 PCIe fpga resets 2012-07-05 Holger Brunck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/11] mtd/fsl_elbc: take NAND_ECC_SOFT_BCH config option into account 2013-09-11 Valentin Longchamp yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/11] usb: gadget: add Faraday FOTG210 USB gadget support 2013-04-26 Kuo-Jung Su marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/12] OMAP3: Add SPL support to Beagleboard 2011-11-09 Tom Rini spaulraj Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/12] drivers:lcd: fix unaligned access on lcd 2013-05-17 Piotr Wilczek prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,09/12] libfdt: Add fdt_find_regions() 2013-06-13 Simon Glass trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/12] omap: add basic SPL support 2011-07-16 Aneesh V Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/12] samsung: misc: Add LCD download menu. 2014-01-03 Przemyslaw Marczak prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,09/13] ARM: convert arch_fixup_memory_node to a generic FDT fixup function 2014-02-15 Marc Zyngier aaribaud RFC
[U-Boot,v3,09/13] arm:goni: enable USB Mass Storage 2014-03-31 Mateusz Zalega trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/13] ehci-mxc: Make i.MX25 EHCI configurable 2012-11-13 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,09/14] arm/km: add support for external switch configuration 2012-06-26 Valentin Longchamp Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,09/14] tegra20: add u-boot.t2 target 2012-06-08 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/16] dm: Add basic tests 2013-06-19 Simon Glass trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/16] main: Use autoconf for boot_delay code 2013-02-26 Simon Glass trini Deferred
[U-Boot,v3,09/17] sf: Initialize bank_sel to zero for read ops 2013-06-11 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/18] env: Add a bootfile env handler 2012-11-01 Joe Hershberger trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/18] malta: support for coreFPGA6 boards 2013-11-08 Paul Burton danielschwierzeck Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/18] net: Refactor to separate the UDP handler from the ARP handler 2012-05-23 Joe Hershberger jhersh Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,09/19] ARM: SPL: Add <asm/spl.h> and <asm/arch/spl.h> 2012-08-22 Tom Rini trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/19] drivers: mtd: convert makefiles to Kbuild style 2013-10-17 Masahiro Yamada trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/21] net: cosmetic: Split struct ip_udp_hdr into ip_hdr 2012-05-23 Joe Hershberger jhersh Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/23] arm: add support for kirkwood based mgcoge2un board 2011-03-21 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/24] mpc83xx: cosmetic: MPC8360EMDS.h checkpatch compliance 2011-10-12 Joe Hershberger kimphill Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,09/24] pmic: Extend struct pmic to support battery and charger related operations 2012-10-19 Łukasz Majewski trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/25] imx: mx35pdk: Fix WDOG_RST iomux function 2013-05-03 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,09/28] sf: probe: Add support for SST25* flash parts 2013-09-15 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/29] zynq-common: Rename zynq with zynq-common 2013-12-19 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,09/36] Makefile: move BFD_ROOT_DIR to tools/gdb/Makefile 2013-12-27 Masahiro Yamada trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] ARM: Add support for Seagate GoFlexHome 2013-04-11 Suriyan Ramasami aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] Add ZFS filesystem support 2012-05-24 Jorgen Lundman Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] MX5:MX53: add initial support for MX53EVK board 2010-12-23 Liu Hui-R64343 sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] OMAP3: add boot status GPIO LED for IGEP boards 2012-12-24 Javier Martinez Canillas trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] imx: Get fec mac address from fuse 2010-11-17 Liu Hui-R64343 Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] mxc_i2c: add support for MX53 processor 2010-12-23 Liu Hui-R64343 Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] socfpga: Adding configuration for development kit 2013-07-01 Chin Liang See Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] socfpga: Creating driver for Reset Manager 2013-07-01 Chin Liang See Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] tegra: usb: Fix device enumeration problem of USB1 2012-06-20 Jim Lin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/1] udoo: Add SATA support on uDoo Board. 2013-11-28 Giuseppe Pagano sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ARM: IGEP0033: rename config file to am335x_igep0033.h 2013-09-21 Javier Martinez Canillas trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ARM: IGEP0033: rename config file to am335x_igep0033.h 2013-09-21 Javier Martinez Canillas trini Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ARM: cache: introduce weak arm_setup_identity_mapping 2012-12-11 Vincent Stehlé trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ARMV7: Add support for Samsung ORIGEN board 2011-07-18 Chander Kashyap prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ARMV7: Add support for Samsung SMDKV310 Board 2011-05-19 Chander Kashyap prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Adding more SPD registers 2011-05-26 York Sun galak Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Atmel : usb : add EHCI driver for Atmel SoC 2012-06-28 Bo Shen abiessmann Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] EXYNOS4: Add pinmux support for UART 2012-12-20 Jeong-Hyeon Kim prom Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Freescale 85xx/P1/P2 eSPI controller driver 2010-10-25 galak Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Freescale 85xx/P1/P2 eSPI controller driver 2010-10-26 galak Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] I2C: Zynq: Support for 0-length register address 2013-10-15 Michael Burr Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Loop block device for sandbox 2012-09-05 Pavel Herrmann trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] MX25: tx25: Avoid the usage of extern in C file 2011-09-02 Fabio Estevam sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Optimized nand_read_buf for kirkwood 2013-06-26 Phil Sutter scottwood Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] QE/FMAN: modify CONFIG_SYS_QE_FMAN_FW_ADDR to CONFIG_SYS_FMAN_FW_ADDR and CONFIG_SYS_QE_FW_ADDR 2014-02-10 Zhao Qiang yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] README.arm-relocation: get relocated address from bdinfo 2011-04-28 Ben Gardiner Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] RiOTboard: add new board 2014-03-27 Eric Benard sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Tegra114: Fix PLLX M, N, P init settings 2013-10-01 Thierry Reding tomcwarren Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] arm, at91: add Siemens board taurus and axm 2013-12-02 Heiko Schocher abiessmann Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] arm, davinci: Rename AM1808 lowlevel functions to DA850 2011-11-08 Christian Riesch Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] arm: a320: fix multiline comment style 2011-07-19 Po-Yu Chuang Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] arm: move C runtime setup code in crt0.S 2012-11-10 Albert ARIBAUD Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] armv7: add support for S5PC210 SoC 2011-01-20 Minkyu Kang prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] boards.cfg: Place "-" in the 8th field if it is the same as 7th 2014-01-15 Masahiro Yamada trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] build: Use generic boot logo matching 2013-05-27 Otavio Salvador sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] Add warning for new __packed additions 2014-02-25 Tom Rini aaribaud Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] cmd_sf: Add print mesg for 'sf erase' command 2013-05-27 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] cmd_sf: let "sf update" erase last sector as a whole 2013-07-03 Gerlando Falauto jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] common: move BUILD_BUG_ON define to common.h 2011-06-09 Heiko Schocher Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] console: usbkbd: Improve TFTP booting performance 2013-06-27 Jim Lin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] doc: README.fuse: Add an example on how to use the fuse API on mx6q 2013-12-23 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] drivers: spi: modify soft spi driver 2012-09-24 Piotr Wilczek prom Rejected
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] env_mmc: make board configurable the partition for the environment 2014-01-23 Hector Palacios panto Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] exynos5250: Add arndale board support 2013-07-02 Inderpal Singh prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] fsl_i2c: generate nine pulses on SCL if the I2C bus is hung 2013-08-16 Chunhe Lan hs Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] ftahbc020s: Faraday FTAHBC020s AHB Bus Controller 2011-04-26 Macpaul Lin macpaul Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] gpio: Add GPIO driver framework for Marvell SoCs 2011-08-08 Ajay Bhargav Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] gpio: bcm2835: Add GPIO driver 2012-07-31 Vikram Narayanan trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] gpio: omap_gpio: Fix valid gpio range for AM33XX 2013-06-21 Axel Lin Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] gpio: tca642x: Add the tca642x gpio expander driver 2013-07-11 Dan Murphy trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] i2c: sh_i2c: bugfix: i2c probe command does not work 2014-04-14 Tetsuyuki Kobayashi iwamatsu Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] i2c:soft:multi: Support for multiple soft I2C buses at Samsung boards 2012-09-03 Łukasz Majewski hs Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] imx: Complete the pin definitions for the i.MX6DL / i.MX6Solo 2013-06-04 Pierre Aubert sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] imx: Introduce a header for the imx cpu versions 2014-01-26 Fabio Estevam sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] initial support for pengwyn board 2014-01-29 Lothar Felten trini Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] led: Use STATUS_LED_ON and STATUS_LED_OFF when calling __led_set 2013-01-28 Otavio Salvador Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] m68k: add support for mcf5307 cpu 2012-11-04 Angelo Dureghello jasonjin Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mmc: dw-mmc: support DesignWare MMC Controller 2012-10-16 Jaehoon Chung afleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mpc83xx: Fix ipic structure definition 2011-10-12 Joe Hershberger kimphill Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mpc85xx: support board-specific reset function 2011-11-10 Ira Snyder galak Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mtd: nand: Introduce CONFIG_SYS_NAND_BUSWIDTH_16BIT 2013-02-26 Fabio Estevam scottwood Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mvgbe: allow non-sequential PHY addresses 2012-10-19 Albert ARIBAUD Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mx23_olinuxino: Add default environment 2013-01-23 Otavio Salvador Not Applicable
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mx31: make HSP clock for mx3fb driver available 2011-10-13 Anatolij Gustschin sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mx6: Factor out common HDMI setup code 2013-07-24 Pardeep Kumar Singla sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mx6: Factor out common HDMI setup code 2013-07-24 Pardeep Kumar Singla sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mx6sabresd: Allow probing HSYNC, VSYNC and DISP_CLK signals 2013-12-04 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] mxc: Define architecture identifier 2012-08-13 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] net: add Calxeda xgmac driver 2011-12-15 Rob Herring Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] net: introduce transparent driver private in ueth_data 2012-08-21 Lucas Stach jhersh Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,1/2] omap_hsmmc: Check wp and cd GPIO for valid GPIO first 2013-03-21 Tom Rini trini Rejected