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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] powerpc/mpc83xx: Cleanup usage of DDR constants 2011-08-12 Joe Hershberger kimphill Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] samsung: misc: add env default option to lcd menu 2014-04-02 Przemyslaw Marczak prom New
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] serial: ns16550: Enable COM5 and COM6 2012-10-22 Andrew Bradford trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] sf: Add debug messages on spi_flash_read_common 2013-06-15 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] sf: Add dual memories support - DUAL_PARALLEL 2014-01-05 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] smdk5250, snow: fix CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE semantics 2013-04-09 Albert ARIBAUD Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] spl: common: Support for USB MSD FAT image loading 2014-01-16 Dan Murphy trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] udoo: Add SATA support on uDoo Board. 2013-11-15 Giuseppe Pagano sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] usb: add support for multiple usb controllers 2012-09-05 Lucas Stach marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] usb:gadget: USB Mass Storage Gadget support 2013-02-12 Piotr Wilczek marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/4] x86: Allow cmdline setup in setup_zimage() to be optional 2013-11-10 Simon Glass sjg New
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] ARM: enable Thumb build 2012-02-23 Aneesh V Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] ARMv8/ls2100a_emu: Add LS2100A emulator board support 2014-03-19 York Sun aaribaud Deferred
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] Add SDIO/MMC support for Sheevaplug board 2012-09-22 DrEagle Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] Add fuse API and commands 2012-11-27 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] Allow U-Boot scripts to be placed in a .env file 2013-06-24 Simon Glass trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] I2C: add i2c support for Pantheon platform 2011-03-15 Lei Wen Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] am335x_evm: Update eMMC falcon mode locations 2013-07-08 Tom Rini trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm/km: ethernet support for mgcoge3un 2011-06-08 Holger Brunck Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm: exynos4: cpu: Add definition for display 2012-09-19 Piotr Wilczek prom Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm: omap3: Remove bootargs mem_size handling 2013-12-04 Stefan Roese trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm: pxa: fix 2nd flash chip address on LP-8x4x 2013-12-17 Sergey Yanovich marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm: pxa: move SP check from start.S to cpuinfo.c 2014-03-09 Albert ARIBAUD aaribaud Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] arm: rmobile: kzm9g: change prompt to board specific 2012-07-07 Tetsuyuki Kobayashi Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] at91: atmel_nand: Update driver to support Programmable Multibit ECC controller 2012-08-16 Wu, Josh Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] blackfin: replace bfin_gen_rand_mac() with eth_random_addr() 2014-04-18 Masahiro Yamada trini New
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] bootm: Require boot function only if it is about to be used 2013-07-04 Simon Glass trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] coldfire: Permit build in a different directory 2011-08-31 stany MARCEL jasonjin Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] coldfire: Permit build in a different directory 2011-08-31 jasonjin Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] common/cmd_bootm: extend do_bootm_vxworks to support the new VxWorks boot interface. 2013-09-17 trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] davinci: add clocks command 2011-10-17 Hadli, Manjunath trini Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] linux/compat.h: move dev_err, dev_info and dev_dbg from usb driver to compat.h 2013-06-17 Wu, Josh abiessmann Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] msm7x30: Add support for msm7x30 SoC 2012-03-05 aaribaud Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] mx31pdk: add CONFIG_SPL_LIBGENERIC_SUPPORT 2013-04-17 Andreas Bießmann sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] pci: minor cleanup of CONFIG_PCI_PNP usage 2012-08-30 Andrew Sharp Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] pmic_fsl: Introduce CONFIG_SYS_FSL_PMIC_I2C_LENGTH 2012-10-15 Fabio Estevam sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] powerpc/mpc8xxx: Extend DDR registers' fields 2013-11-15 York Sun yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] sf: Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier for missing ones 2013-10-14 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] sf: Use mode_bits for dual_flash connection 2014-01-20 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] sh: Add support pin function control using GPIO 2012-07-05 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu iwamatsu Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] spi: ti_qspi: Add delay for successful bulk erase. 2014-04-03 Tom Rini trini Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] tools/env: Don't call env_init() in fw_getenv() 2012-10-03 Joe Hershberger trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] tx25: Fix coding style 2011-10-05 Fabio Estevam sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] usb, g_dnl: make iSerialNumber board configurable 2013-11-04 Heiko Schocher Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] usb: Update device class in usb device's descriptor 2013-04-08 Vivek Gautam marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] usb: fix ulpi_set_vbus prototype 2012-08-21 Lucas Stach marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] usb: ums: fix disk capacity miscalculation and code cleanup 2013-10-23 Przemyslaw Marczak marex Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/5] usb:gadget: USB Mass Storage - files from Linux kernel 2011-07-13 Łukasz Majewski Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] Add SH7206 support 2014-02-13 Yoshinori Sato iwamatsu Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] Kirkwood: allow to override CONFIG_SYS_TCLK 2011-05-01 Simon Guinot Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] MX35: Add soc_boot_mode and soc_boot_device to MX35 2012-10-11 Stefano Babic sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] PPC 85xx: Add qemu-ppce500 machine 2014-01-31 Alexander Graf yorksun Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] Remove instances of phy_read/write 2011-04-05 Andy Fleming Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] TFTP: rename "server" to "remote" 2011-04-18 Luca Ceresoli Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] Tegra30: MMC: Add SD bus power-rail and SDMMC pad init routines 2013-03-05 Tom Warren tomcwarren Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] am335x_evm: Rework bootcmd to handle two MMC devs 2013-07-11 Justin Waters trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] arm: generalize lib/bss.c into lib/sections.c 2013-05-28 Albert ARIBAUD aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] arm: mvf600: Add FEC support for Vybrid MVF600 2013-05-14 Alison Wang aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] cleanup: introduce CONFIG_MPC830x 2012-10-11 Gerlando Falauto kimphill Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] cm-t35: add EEPROM module and pass Linux a serial number 2012-01-05 Igor Grinberg Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] common: make abortboot available for menu use 2011-06-23 Jason Hobbs Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] da850: pass board revision info to kernel 2011-10-08 Hadli, Manjunath trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] doc: Fix a typo in the description in doc/README.JFFS2_NAND 2013-09-28 Otavio Salvador Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] drivers/power/pmic: Add tps65910 driver 2013-08-14 Tom Rini trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] exynos:pinmux: Add pinmux support for i2c 2012-11-20 Piotr Wilczek hs Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] fs: move some file system to fs/Makefile 2013-09-27 Masahiro Yamada trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] gpio: kona: Add Kona gpio driver 2014-02-03 Darwin Rambo aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] imx: Add support for USB EHCI on imx25 2011-07-06 Matthias Weisser sbabic Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] imx: mx25pdk: Fix GPIO assignments 2013-05-02 Benoît Thébaudeau sbabic Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] include/configs/omap3_overo.h: several cleanups 2011-12-22 Andreas Müller Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] mx28evk: Add support to dynamically choose between ftd use or not 2012-12-28 Otavio Salvador sbabic Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] mx6: soc: Set the VDDSOC at 1.175 V 2013-12-26 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] mx6qarm2: Remove unneeded error message when cpu_eth_init() fails 2014-01-04 Fabio Estevam sbabic Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] net: gem: Add OF initialization support 2014-02-24 Michal Simek trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] omap3/omap_gpmc.h: add ooblayout for BCH8 as in kernel 2013-04-02 Andreas Bießmann trini Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] powerpc/ppc4xx: Adapt gdsys 405ep boards to platform changes 2012-04-26 Dirk Eibach stroese Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] pxa: Add some stuff to examine cpu model and rev 2012-09-23 Łukasz Dałek Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] sf: stmicro: Fix code cleanup 2013-07-29 Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki jagan Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] ubi: ubifs: Turn off verbose prints 2013-03-26 Joe Hershberger trini Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] usb: omap: Move the usb phy code to the usb/phy directory 2013-10-11 Dan Murphy marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] usb:udc:samsung: Allow burst transfers for non EP0 endpints 2014-02-05 Łukasz Majewski marex Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] video: cfb_console: logo can be positioned via the splashpos variable 2012-09-01 Anatolij Gustschin ag Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/6] x86: Add support for booting Linux using the 32 bit boot protocol 2011-12-03 Gabe Black gruss Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] ARM: add assembly routine to switch to non-secure state 2013-06-13 Andre Przywara aaribaud Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] ARMV7: OMAP3: Add 37xx ESx revision numbers. 2011-07-18 Michael Jones Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] Add timing information to printf's for use with 2011-09-10 Andrew Murray Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] LCD: add data structure for EXYNOS display driver 2012-04-06 Donghwa Lee ag Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] MIPS: define __init_end in 2014-04-07 Paul Burton danielschwierzeck Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] MIPS: pb1x00: remove custom script 2013-01-30 Gabor Juhos danielschwierzeck Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] Tegra114: Add CPU (armv7) files 2013-01-18 Tom Warren tomcwarren Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] Tegra30: Add CPU (armv7) files 2012-12-03 Tom Warren tomcwarren Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] Timer: Remove set_timer completely 2011-07-15 Graeme Russ Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] ac14xx: minor improvement in diagnostics 2013-06-05 Gerhard Sittig wd Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] add Multi Function Pin configuration support for ARMADA100 2010-11-30 Prafulla Wadaskar Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] am335x_evm: Update SPI_BOOT support, add MTDPARTS info 2013-05-13 Tom Rini trini Changes Requested
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] arm: atmel: the offset of MULA is 18 in sama5d3 2013-11-01 Bo Shen abiessmann Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] arm: exynos: Add methods to control power to USB 3.0 PHY 2013-08-21 Vivek Gautam marex Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] cmd: fpga: Clean coding style 2013-05-01 Michal Simek Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] cros: add SPI support for cros_ec 2013-03-18 Hung-ying Tyan prom Superseded
[U-Boot,v2,3/7] da850/omap-l138: Add support to read u-boot image from MMC/SD 2012-06-07 Prabhakar Lad trini Changes Requested