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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[U-Boot,RFC,07/17] spl: include resetvec and lib8xxx 2012-09-22 Scott Wood RFC
[U-Boot,2/3] Initialize second PHY on OpenRD-Client and OpenRD-Ultimate. 2011-04-12 Clint Adams Superseded
[U-Boot,4/4] mx53loco: Add CONFIG_REVISION_TAG 2012-05-07 Fabio Estevam Changes Requested
[U-Boot,2/3] Initialize second PHY on OpenRD-Client and OpenRD-Ultimate. 2011-04-12 Clint Adams Superseded
[U-Boot,v8,12/15] tegra20: enable SPL for tegra20 boards 2012-08-15 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot] part_dos: allocate sector buffer dynamically 2011-04-12 Sergei Shtylyov Changes Requested
[U-Boot] LCD Support on mx51 vision2 2012-05-08 Fabio Estevam Changes Requested
[U-Boot,2/3] common/cmd_nand.c: add ifdef protection for do_bootm 2011-05-23 Matthew McClintock Superseded
[U-Boot,8/9] EXYNOS5 : Modify pinnumx settings as per Exynos5250 Rev 1.0 2012-06-20 Rajeshwari Birje Superseded
[U-Boot] new tool mkenvimage: generates an env image from an arbitrary config file 2011-08-05 David Wagner Superseded
[U-Boot] Avoid using GNU basename 2012-02-28 Mok Keith Changes Requested
[U-Boot] arm, keymile: remove unneeded code 2011-01-25 Holger Brunck Accepted
[U-Boot,6/9,V2] Exynos5: DDR3: Adding the DDR3 memory setup for Exynos5250 Rev 1.0 2012-06-20 Rajeshwari Birje Changes Requested
[U-Boot,1/2] command/cmd_cache.c: Add optional flush arguments 2011-05-23 Matthew McClintock Superseded
[U-Boot,RFC,3/6] ARM: add U-Boot command "hypmode" to switch to non-secure state 2013-04-26 Andre Przywara RFC
[U-Boot,PATCH-v2] fat32 root directory handling 2011-03-29 Remy Bohmer Accepted
[U-Boot,v7,10/15] tegra20: add u-boot-*-tegra.bin targets 2012-07-16 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot,2/2] powerpc/85xx: provide 85xx flush_icache for cmd_cache 2011-05-23 Matthew McClintock Accepted
[U-Boot,3/4] mx53loco: Turn on VUSB regulator 2012-05-07 Fabio Estevam Accepted
[U-Boot,v5] nds32: Add NDS32 architecture support (header files) 2010-11-19 Macpaul Lin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] rtc: imxdi: Initial support 2012-08-08 Benoît Thébaudeau Accepted
[U-Boot,v2,1/2] nds32: add NDS32 support into common header file 2010-11-19 Macpaul Lin Superseded
[U-Boot,1/3] pmic: dialog: Avoid name conflicts 2012-05-07 Fabio Estevam Accepted
[U-Boot,6/8] net/net.c: cosmetic: parentheses not required for return 2011-05-04 Luca Ceresoli Accepted
[U-Boot,v4,11/13] tegra20: move SDRAM param save to later in boot 2012-06-22 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot,RFC] Allow for parallel builds and saved output 2011-04-13 Andy Fleming RFC
[U-Boot] i.MX28: Add delay after CPU bypass is cleared 2012-05-04 Marek Vasut Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,2/3] MMC: Add support for PL180 ARM mmc device 2011-02-25 Superseded
[U-Boot,RFC,2/2] i.MX28: use a clear name for DDR2 initialization 2012-07-16 Otavio Salvador Changes Requested
[U-Boot,V2,2/3] MMC: Add support for PL180 ARM mmc device 2011-03-01 Superseded
[U-Boot,RESEND,3/4] onenand: Replace ONENAND_IS_MLC() test with ONENAND_HAS_4KB() 2012-03-06 Łukasz Majewski Accepted
[U-Boot,1/1] MX5: clock: Add clock config interface 2011-04-13 Jason Liu Superseded
[U-Boot,v3] MX28: use a clear name for DDR2 initialization 2012-07-28 Otavio Salvador Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot,V1,1/1] MX5: Keep L2 cache enabled before jump to kernel 2011-04-13 Jason Liu Rejected
[U-Boot] Strip fw_printenv like the other tools 2012-03-11 Loïc Minier Accepted
[U-Boot,04/13] board/evb64260/evb64260.c: Fix GC 4.6 build warning 2011-11-09 Wolfgang Denk Accepted
[U-Boot,v9,09/15] ARM: add tegra20 support to arm720t 2012-08-16 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot,V1,3/3] Initialize second PHY on OpenRD-Client and OpenRD-Ultimate 2011-04-13 Clint Adams Changes Requested
[U-Boot] tools/mkenvimage.c: Fix a merge issue 2011-12-24 Horst Kronstorfer Accepted
[U-Boot] mx31: Improve the handling of unidentified silicon version 2011-06-14 Fabio Estevam Rejected
[U-Boot,v9,06/15] mkconfig: remove bashisms and cleanup generation 2012-08-16 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot] Building u-boot for Walnut board (PPC 405GPr) 2011-09-26 Wolfgang Denk Not Applicable
[U-Boot,2/4] net: fec_mxc: allow use with cache enabled 2012-03-02 Eric Nelson Superseded
[U-Boot,1/3] tegra20: complete periph_id enum 2012-08-19 Lucas Stach Superseded
[U-Boot,3/3] cm4008: use common cfi_flash support 2012-07-05 Yann Vernier Superseded
[U-Boot] Please pull u-boot-ti/master 2010-11-19 Sandeep Paulraj Accepted
[U-Boot,1/7,RESEND] Examples: Properly append LDFLAGS to LD command 2012-03-06 Marek Vasut Awaiting Upstream
[U-Boot] Elf relocation issues with jornada 2010-12-08 Kristoffer Ericson Not Applicable
[U-Boot,5/9,V2] EXYNOS5: CLOCK: Add clock support for Exynos5250 Rev 1.0 2012-06-20 Rajeshwari Birje Changes Requested
[U-Boot,1/9] sf: punt unused spi_flash_region struct 2011-04-12 Mike Frysinger Superseded
[U-Boot] u-boot: Update yaffs2 file system 2012-05-10 Charles Manning Accepted
[U-Boot,4/9] sf: sst: setup read func 2011-04-12 Mike Frysinger Accepted
[U-Boot,V2,12/21] mx6q_4x_mt41j128.cfg: add comments 2012-09-22 Troy Kisky Changes Requested
[U-Boot,RFC,4/5,Timer] Create new timer API 2011-05-29 Graeme Russ RFC
[U-Boot,3/9] ARM: Fix arm720t SPL build 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot] video: cfb_console: fix build warnings 2011-12-07 Anatolij Gustschin Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,5/6] MAINTAINERS: Add Tetsuyuki Kobayshi for kzm9g 2012-07-09 Tetsuyuki Kobayashi Superseded
[U-Boot,PATCHv2] new tool mkenvimage: generates an env image from an arbitrary config file 2011-08-05 David Wagner Superseded
[U-Boot,4/9] tegra: Add SPL build support to tegra boards 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,IXP42x,series,v5,07/17] use -ffunction-sections / --gc-sections on IXP42x 2011-05-22 Michael Schwingen Accepted
[U-Boot,6/7] arm: use thumb compatible return in arm720t 2012-07-06 Allen Martin Deferred
[U-Boot,IXP42x,series,v5,17/17] run arm_pci_init after relocation 2011-05-22 Michael Schwingen Accepted
[U-Boot,7/9] tegra: add u-boot.t2 target 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,v3,4/6] omap1610inn: fix build breaks 2011-06-09 Aneesh V Accepted
[U-Boot,v5,05/13] tegra20: make board mkdir commands unconditional 2012-06-25 Allen Martin Accepted
[U-Boot] Problems using vxboot 2011-08-06 Reinhard Arlt Changes Requested
[U-Boot,9/9] tegra2: Remove USE_PRIVATE_LIBGCC and armv4t build flags 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,IXP42x,series,v5,16/17] IXP42x PCI rewrite 2011-05-22 Michael Schwingen Accepted
[U-Boot] block: systemace: Simplify base and width initialization 2012-08-06 Michal Simek Accepted
[U-Boot,IXP42x,series,v5,14/17] update/fix IXDP425 / IXDPG425 boards 2011-05-22 Michael Schwingen Accepted
[U-Boot,1/9] tegra2: move tegra2 SoC code to arch/arm/cpu/tegra2-common 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,FIX] env_nand: zero-initialize variable nand_erase_options 2011-05-18 Daniel Hobi Accepted
[U-Boot,1/7] tegra20: remove inline assembly for u32 cast 2012-07-06 Allen Martin Deferred
[U-Boot] MatrixVision common code: use getenv_f instead of snprintf. 2011-04-14 Andre Schwarz Changes Requested
[U-Boot,5/9] ARM: add tegra support to arm720t 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,6/7] drivers/usb/host/ohci-hcd.c: fix warning: variable ... set but not used 2011-10-05 Wolfgang Denk Accepted
[U-Boot,v8,2/4] net: use common rand()/srand() functions 2012-07-05 Michael Walle Superseded
[U-Boot,2/4] MergerBox: add documentation. 2011-04-14 Andre Schwarz Changes Requested
[U-Boot,V2] net: fec_mxc: allow use with cache enabled 2012-03-06 Eric Nelson Superseded
[U-Boot,3/6] TFTP: rename "server" to "remote" 2011-04-14 Luca Ceresoli Superseded
[U-Boot,Pull,request] u-boot-onenand 2012-08-06 Łukasz Majewski Accepted
[U-Boot,4/6] TFTP: rename STATE_RRQ to STATE_SEND_RRQ 2011-04-14 Luca Ceresoli Superseded
[U-Boot,8/9] tegra2: Remove CPU init code from tegra2 u-boot 2012-05-10 Allen Martin Superseded
[U-Boot,5/6] TFTP: net/tftp.c: add server mode receive 2011-04-14 Luca Ceresoli Superseded
[U-Boot,2/2] net: abort network initialization if the PHY driver fails 2012-07-05 Timur Tabi Superseded
[U-Boot,6/6] TFTP: add tftpsrv command 2011-04-14 Luca Ceresoli Changes Requested
[U-Boot] sh: Add SH7269 device and RSK2+SH7269 board 2012-05-10 Phil Edworthy Accepted
[U-Boot,v3,2/3] MX31: Introduce get_reset_cause() 2011-04-15 Fabio Estevam Changes Requested
[U-Boot,4/7] arm: add _thumb1_case_uqi to libgcc 2012-07-06 Allen Martin Deferred
[U-Boot,5/5] USB: Set portnr so USB1.1 and 1.0 devices work on EHCI controllers 2011-07-12 Marek Vasut Accepted
[U-Boot,2/2] MSM7x27a: Add support for msm7x27a surf board 2012-05-10 Changes Requested
[U-Boot,V3,1/2] MX5: factor out boot cause funciton to common code 2011-04-15 Liu Hui-R64343 Superseded
[U-Boot,1/5,1/5] Add missing constant to mx27 2012-06-28 trem Changes Requested
[U-Boot] xilinx_emaclite.c ping-pong macro names 2011-04-15 Changes Requested
[U-Boot,2/2] MX28: Fix a typo in mx28_reg_8 macro 2012-05-10 Fabio Estevam Accepted
[U-Boot,03/13] board/evb64260/i2c.c: Fix GCC 4.6 build warnings 2011-11-09 Wolfgang Denk Accepted
[U-Boot,5/7] arm: add thumb compatible return instructions 2012-07-06 Allen Martin Deferred
[U-Boot,4/4] ARMV7: OMAP3: Add support for Comelit DIG297 board 2011-04-15 Luca Ceresoli Superseded
[U-Boot] i.MX6: mx6q_sabrelite: add SATA bindings 2012-03-03 Eric Nelson Superseded
[U-Boot,2/4] ARMV7: OMAP3: Cleanup extern variables in mem.c 2011-04-15 Luca Ceresoli Superseded