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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/3] mfd: max8997: use regmap to access registers 2014-03-11 Robert Baldyga New
[1/3] rtc-fm3130 fix: add missing braces 2009-11-18 Sergey Matyukevich Accepted
[1/3] rtc-lib: rtc_time const pointers in functions not modifying it 2011-02-24 Roman Fietze New
[1/3] rtc-spear: Fix for balancing the enable_irq_wake in Power Mgmt 2012-01-05 Viresh KUMAR New
[1/3] rtc-x1205: fix rtc_time to y2k register value conversion 2009-11-25 Johannes Weiner Under Review
[1/3] rtc/ab8500: don't disable IRQ:s when suspending 2011-09-29 Linus Walleij New
[1/3] rtc/rtc-88pm80x: assign ret only when rtc_register_driver fails 2012-07-18 Devendra Naga New
[1/3] rtc: Allow including mc146818 rtc header from userspace 2011-11-29 Sasha Levin New
[1/3] rtc: add rv3029c2 RTC support 2011-01-10 Heiko Schocher New
[1/3] rtc: avoid cpuid checking in pxa-rtc 2012-08-16 Jett.Zhou New
[1/3] rtc: driver for the DryIce block found in i.MX25 chips 2010-01-27 Baruch Siach New
[1/3] rtc: ds1742: Using devm_ioremap_resource() 2013-07-02 Alexander Shiyan New
[1/3] rtc: isl12022: Convert to use devm_* API 2013-04-14 Axel Lin New
[1/3] rtc: mc13xxx: remove UIE signaling 2011-05-04 Wolfram Sang New
[1/3] rtc: mxc_rtc: Driver rework 2013-06-16 Alexander Shiyan New
[1/3] rtc: pl031: encapsulate per-vendor ops 2012-06-18 Linus Walleij New
[1/3] rtc: pxa: fix alarm not match issue 2012-11-08 Leo Song New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-cmos: Remove superfluous name cast 2013-12-08 Geert Uytterhoeven New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-coh901331: use platform_{get,set}_drvdata() 2013-05-23 Jingoo Han New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-m48t86: add devicetree bindings 2013-03-31 Alexander Clouter New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-max8925: fix max8925_rtc_read_alarm return value error 2011-12-22 Haojian Zhuang New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-s3c: Correct debug messages. 2011-06-27 MyungJoo Ham New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-s3c: Fix return type and argument of s3c_rtc_setaie 2010-11-16 Kukjin Kim New
[1/3] rtc: rtc-spear: Use devm_*() routines 2012-11-08 viresh kumar New
[1/3] rtc: stmp3xxx: add wdt-accessor function 2013-01-04 Wolfram Sang New
[1/3] rtc: stmp3xxx: add wdt-accessor function 2011-12-08 Wolfram Sang New
[1/3] rtc: stmp3xxx: add wdt-accessor function 2012-01-23 Wolfram Sang New
[1/3] rtc: twl: Enable RTC irrespective of its prior state 2012-01-19 Venu Byravarasu New
[1/4,RESEND] iio: Add Usage IDs for HID time sensors. 2012-12-15 Alexander Holler New
[1/4,V5] mfd: support 88pm80x in 80x driver 2012-07-09 Qiao Zhou New
[1/4,v2] iio: hid-sensors: respect CONFIG_IIO_TRIGGER 2012-12-11 Alexander Holler New
[1/4] ARM: SAMSUNG: cleanup of rtc register definitions 2011-12-21 Heiko Stübner New
[1/4] ARM: SAMSUNG: cleanup of rtc register definitions 2012-01-04 Heiko Stübner New
[1/4] ARM: SAMSUNG: cleanup of rtc register definitions 2011-12-12 Heiko Stübner New
[1/4] ARM: SAMSUNG: cleanup of rtc register definitions 2011-12-09 Heiko Stübner New
[1/4] RTC: Include information about UIE and PIE in RTC driver proc. 2011-02-07 Marcelo Roberto Jimenez New
[1/4] mfd/mc13783: remove obsolete private data 2010-09-29 Uwe Kleine-König New
[1/4] mfd: add support for AMS AS3722 PMIC 2013-09-17 Laxman Dewangan New
[1/4] mfd: palmas: add rtc irq number as irq resource for palmas-rtc 2013-01-03 Laxman Dewangan New
[1/4] mfd: tps65217: Set PMIC to shutdowm on PWR_EN toggle 2012-11-05 AnilKumar Chimata New
[1/4] pnp: Change pnp bus pm_ops to invoke pnp driver dev_pm_ops if specified 2013-07-10 Shuah Khan New
[1/4] rtc-bfin: fix inverted logic in suspend path 2010-08-17 Mike Frysinger New
[1/4] rtc: ds1307: refactor chip_desc table 2012-02-24 Wolfram Sang New
[1/4] rtc: m41t80: remove DRV_VERSION macro 2014-04-02 Wolfram Sang New
[1/4] rtc: omap: restore back (hard-code) wakeup support 2013-06-28 Hebbar, Gururaja New
[1/4] rtc: rtc-coh901331: Use devm_ioremap_resource() 2014-02-07 Jingoo Han New
[1/4] rtc: rtc-rs5c372: fixed write buffer size 2010-06-02 New
[1/4] rtc: sa1100: enable/disable rtc when probe/remove the device 2012-11-29 Chao Xie New
[1/4] rtc: stmp3xxx: add wdt-accessor function 2011-09-28 Wolfram Sang New
[1/4] rtc: tps65910: enable/disable wake in suspend/resume 2012-12-24 Laxman Dewangan New
[1/5] ARM: S3C64XX: Add RTC support for S3C64XX 2010-07-21 Kukjin Kim New
[1/5] drivers/rtc/rtc-da9052.c: Use PTR_RET() 2013-05-30 Sachin Kamat New
[1/5] drivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: Remove redundant of_match_ptr 2013-09-28 Sachin Kamat New
[1/5] mfd/rtc: sec/s5m: Rename SEC* symbols to S5M 2014-02-28 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
[1/5] rtc: max77686: use module_platform_driver() 2013-02-27 Jingoo Han New
[1/5] rtc: rtc-s3c: Fix access unit from byte to word on RTCCON 2010-09-07 Kukjin Kim New
[1/5] rtc: s5m: Fix register updating by adding regmap for RTC 2013-11-26 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
[1/5] rtc: tegra: protect suspend/resume callbacks with CONFIG_PM_SLEEP 2013-03-09 Laxman Dewangan New
[1/6] RTC: add rtc-davinci v3 2010-01-20 Alessandro Zummo New
[1/6] drivers/rtc/rtc-wm831x.c: Return error if devm_request_threaded_irq fails 2013-03-25 Sachin Kamat New
[1/6] mc13783: rename mc13783_{{un,}mask,ack_irq} to have a mc13783_irq prefix 2010-03-01 Uwe Kleine-König New
[1/6] rtc: mc13xxx: Remove __exit_p() 2013-12-15 Alexander Shiyan New
[1/6] rtc: omap: kicker mechanism support 2012-07-23 Mohammed Afzal New
[1/6] rtc: pm8xxx: fixup checkpatch/style issues 2014-03-05 Josh Cartwright New
[1/6] rtc: remove IRQF_DISABLED 2011-05-05 Wolfram Sang New
[1/6] rtc: rtc-m48t86: move m48t86.h to platform_data 2013-04-01 Alexander Clouter New
[1/6] rtc: rtc-s3c: Fix access unit from byte to word on RTCCON 2010-10-07 Kukjin Kim New
[1/6] unicore32: move rtc-puv3.c to drivers/rtc directory 2011-05-26 Guan Xuetao New
[1/7] iio: Add device tree support to LPC32xx ADC 2012-04-02 New
[1/7] rtc: Convert struct i2c_msg initialization to C99 format 2012-09-17 Datta, Shubhrajyoti New
[1/7] rtc: rtc-mv: add __init annotation 2013-02-28 Jingoo Han New
[1/7] rtc: rtc-rx4581: use spi_set_drvdata() 2013-04-05 Jingoo Han New
[1/7] rtc: sa1100: remove periodic code 2012-02-21 Haojian Zhuang New
[1/8] arm: vt8500: Add device tree files for VIA/Wondermedia SoC's 2012-08-08 Tony Prisk New
[1/8] drivers/rtc/rtc-88pm860x.c: Use devm_* APIs 2013-04-02 Sachin Kamat New
[1/8] ida: Simplified functions for id allocation. 2011-07-22 Jonathan Cameron New
[1/8] ida: Simplified functions for id allocation. 2011-07-22 Jonathan Cameron New
[1/8] rtc: rtc-at91sam9: convert at91_rtc_driver to dev_pm_ops 2013-03-28 Jingoo Han New
[1/8] rtc: rtc-ds1307: use devm_*() functions 2013-05-21 Jingoo Han New
[1/9] MXS/i.MX28: add the possibility to define the used crystals via device tree 2013-03-04 Steffen Trumtrar New
[10/10] RTC S3C: Fix type of s3c_rtc_setaie() 2010-11-28 Yauhen Kharuzhy New
[10/10] RTC: Fix up rtc.txt documentation to reflect changes to generic rtc layer 2011-02-21 John Stultz New
[10/10] arm: at91: move at91rm9200 rtc header in drivers/rtc 2012-11-07 Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD New
[10/10] drivers/rtc/rtc-vr41xx.c: Fix checkpatch warnings 2013-09-06 Sachin Kamat New
[10/10] rtc: rtc-spear: Remove unnecessary OOM messages 2014-02-07 Jingoo Han New
[10/10] rtc: rtc-tps80031: switch to using SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS 2013-03-18 Jingoo Han New
[10/11] rtc: rp5c01: Initialize drvdata before registering device 2011-05-07 John Stultz New
[10/11] rtc: rtc-pcf8583: use dev_warn() instead of printk() 2013-02-15 Jingoo Han New
[10/12] rtc: rtc-max8907: use devm_request_threaded_irq() 2013-02-21 Jingoo Han New
[10/15] drivers/rtc/rtc-dm355evm.c: Remove empty function 2013-05-13 Sachin Kamat New
[10/15] rtc: rtc-m48t59: use dev_get_platdata() 2013-09-23 Jingoo Han New
[10/15] rtc: rtc-mxc: Use clk_prepare_enable/clk_disable_unprepare 2012-05-25 Fabio Estevam New
[10/16] rtc: pl031: Enable module alias autogeneration for AMBA drivers 2011-10-05 Dave Martin New
[10/19] rtc: rtc-rp5c01: remove erroneous __init/__exit annotations 2013-02-28 Jingoo Han New
[10/24] rtc: rtc-imxdi: use module_platform_driver_probe() 2013-03-04 Jingoo Han New
[10/26] drivers/rtc/rtc-ds3234.c: Fix whitespace issue 2013-05-03 Sachin Kamat New
[10/27] rtc: rtc-isl12022: use devm_*() functions 2013-04-01 Jingoo Han New
[10/30] rtc: rtc-generic: use devm_rtc_device_register() 2013-03-14 Jingoo Han New
[10/30] rtc: rtc-imxdi: use devm_rtc_device_register() 2013-03-06 Jingoo Han New
[10/33] drivers/rtc/rtc-generic.c: remove empty function 2013-05-23 Sachin Kamat New