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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[2/2] ARM: Gemini: add platform support for Gemini RTC 2010-12-14 Hans Ulli Kroll New
[2/2] ARM: at91: make gpbr soc independent 2012-02-05 Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD New
[2/2] ARM: pxa: use commom IOMEM definiton 2012-03-21 Rob Herring New
[2/2] ARM: sunxi: dt: Convert to the new RTC compatibles 2014-02-02 Maxime Ripard New
[2/2] ARM: vt8500: Minor update to vt8500-uart for devicetree support 2012-07-21 Tony Prisk New
[2/2] MAX8997/8966 RTC Driver Initial Release 2011-03-04 MyungJoo Ham New
[2/2] RTC MXC: Make alarm working 2011-11-06 Yauhen Kharuzhy New
[2/2] RTC: pl031: removed RTC timer interrupt handling. 2012-05-14 Linus Walleij New
[2/2] RTC: s3c: Initialize s3c_rtc_cpu_type before using it 2010-05-27 Maurus Cuelenaere New
[2/2] RTC: spear: Fix several error checks 2012-08-21 Lars-Peter Clausen New
[2/2] drivers/rtc/rtc-pcf8563.c: add device tree support. 2012-07-18 Nick Bowler New
[2/2] drivers/rtc/rtc-s3c.c: Convert to use devm_* API 2012-11-23 Tushar Behera New
[2/2] rtc-imxdi: Add devicetree support 2012-10-18 New
[2/2] rtc-imxdi: Add devicetree support 2012-10-16 New
[2/2] rtc-mxc: remove unnecessary clock source for rtc subsystem 2010-03-24 Vladimir Zapolskiy New
[2/2] rtc/ab8500: Remove fix for AB8500 ED version 2012-06-17 Linus Walleij New
[2/2] rtc: 88pm860x: Add missing of_node_put 2014-04-04 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
[2/2] rtc: Add support in Makefile/Kconfig for the LPC32XX RTC 2010-08-09 New
[2/2] rtc: Convert rtc i2c drivers to module_i2c_driver 2012-01-20 Axel Lin New
[2/2] rtc: Convert wm831x driver to devm_kzalloc() 2011-12-03 Mark Brown New
[2/2] rtc: ab8540: add second resolution to rtc driver 2013-05-24 Alexandre Torgue New
[2/2] rtc: add hym8563 rtc-driver 2013-11-22 Heiko Stübner New
[2/2] rtc: coh901331: use devm allocation 2012-06-12 Linus Walleij New
[2/2] rtc: da9055: Remove use of regmap_irq_get_virq() 2014-02-11 Adam Thomson New
[2/2] rtc: ds1307: add trickle charger support 2012-04-05 Wolfram Sang New
[2/2] rtc: ds1307: simplify irq setup code 2011-09-28 Wolfram Sang New
[2/2] rtc: ep93xx: fix crash on boot 2011-05-05 Wolfram Sang New
[2/2] rtc: omap: add rtc wakeup support to alarm events 2013-05-31 Hebbar, Gururaja New
[2/2] rtc: palmas: Use SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS macro 2014-02-27 Jingoo Han New
[2/2] rtc: pxa: add pxa95x rtc support 2013-05-07 Chao Xie New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-88pm80x: add CONFIG_PM_SLEEP to suspend/resume functions 2013-03-22 Jingoo Han New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-ds1307: add alarm support for mcp7941x chips 2014-02-15 Simon Guinot New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-fm3130: use dev_dbg() instead of pr_debug() 2013-03-14 Jingoo Han New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-max8925: fix alarm->enabled related mistake in max8925_rtc_read_alarm/max8925_rtc_set_alarm 2012-01-04 Haojian Zhuang New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-mv: Add the device tree binding documentation 2012-12-10 Gregory CLEMENT New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-s3c: Add placeholder for driver private data 2012-03-28 Tushar Behera New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-s3c: Updates RTC driver for clock enabling support 2010-07-21 Kukjin Kim New
[2/2] rtc: rtc-vr41xx: Use devm_*() functions 2013-12-05 Jingoo Han New
[2/2] rtc: s3c: Fix compilation error in s3c_rtc_remove. 2011-03-21 Marek Belisko New
[2/2] rtc: sa1100: add 2038 year constraint for set_time 2012-11-08 Leo Song New
[2/2] rtc: simplify devm_request_mem_region/devm_ioremap 2013-08-24 Julia Lawall New
[2/2] rtc: tps6586x: fix error in tick calculations. 2011-01-25 Varun Wadekar New
[2/2] rtc: twl: Fix registration vs. init order 2011-07-27 Todd Poynor New
[2/2] rtc: vt8500: use define instead of hardcoded value for status bit 2011-06-22 Wolfram Sang New
[2/3,v2] RFC: timekeeping: rtc: Introduce new kernel parameter hctosys 2013-06-06 Alexander Holler New
[2/3] ARM: imx: Using proper clocks for RTC driver 2013-06-16 Alexander Shiyan New
[2/3] RFC: timekeeping: rtc: Introduce new kernel parameter hctosys 2013-06-05 Alexander Holler New
[2/3] RTC/nuc900: patch for modifying enable/disable IRQs and driver data setting location 2010-06-24 Wan ZongShun New
[2/3] RTC: SMBus support for the M41T80, etc. driver 2011-08-19 Matt Turner New
[2/3] Revert "arm: at91: move at91rm9200 rtc header in drivers/rtc" 2013-03-08 Johan Hovold New
[2/3] arm: orion5x: fixup ts78xx to be able to use the rtc-m48t86 again. 2013-03-31 Alexander Clouter New
[2/3] drivers/rtc/rtc-hym8563.c: Remove redundant of_match_ptr helper 2013-12-21 Sachin Kamat New
[2/3] iio: Add Usage IDs for HID time sensors. 2012-12-09 Alexander Holler New
[2/3] input: pmic8xxx_pwrkey: Add support for power key 2011-03-26 Anirudh Ghayal New
[2/3] kvm tools: Include RTC headers directly 2011-11-29 Sasha Levin New
[2/3] m68k/atari: Hide RTC_PORT() macro from rtc-cmos 2013-12-08 Geert Uytterhoeven New
[2/3] mfd: max8997: handle IRQs using regmap 2014-03-11 Robert Baldyga New
[2/3] mx25: add support for the DryIce rtc 2010-01-27 Baruch Siach New
[2/3] rtc-x1205: reset clock to sane state after power failure 2009-11-25 Johannes Weiner Under Review
[2/3] rtc.h: add extern keyword for external function declarations 2011-02-24 Roman Fietze New
[2/3] rtc/ab8500: set can_wake flag 2011-09-29 Linus Walleij New
[2/3] rtc/rtc-88pm80x: remove unneed devm_kfree 2012-07-18 Devendra Naga New
[2/3] rtc/spear: Fix for RTC_AIE_ON and RTC_AIE_OFF ioctl errors 2012-01-05 Viresh KUMAR New
[2/3] rtc: Add APM X-Gene SoC RTC driver 2014-03-28 Loc Ho New
[2/3] rtc: ds1742: Remove unused field "rtc" from private structure 2013-07-02 Alexander Shiyan New
[2/3] rtc: honor device tree /alias entries when assigning IDs 2013-12-09 Stephen Warren New
[2/3] rtc: mxc: fix crash on boot 2011-05-04 Wolfram Sang New
[2/3] rtc: pcf8563: Convert to use devm_* API 2013-04-14 Axel Lin New
[2/3] rtc: pl031: use per-vendor variables for special init 2012-06-18 Linus Walleij New
[2/3] rtc: pxa: fix alarm can't wake up system issue 2012-11-08 Leo Song New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-hid-sensor-time: allow 16 and 32 bit values for all attributes. 2013-04-19 Alexander Holler New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-max8925: fix alarm->enabled related mistake in max8925_rtc_read_alarm/max8925_rtc_set_alarm 2011-12-22 Haojian Zhuang New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-mpc5121: use platform_{get,set}_drvdata() 2013-05-23 Jingoo Han New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-mxc: Adapt to the new clock framework 2012-07-07 Fabio Estevam New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-s3c: Add spin_lock_irq in s3c_rtc_setaie 2010-11-16 Kukjin Kim New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-s3c: Disable alarm entries that are not chosen. 2011-06-27 MyungJoo Ham New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-s3c: Updates driver for S3C64XX and newer SoCs 2010-07-21 Kukjin Kim New
[2/3] rtc: rtc-spear: Add clk_{un}prepare() support 2012-11-08 viresh kumar New
[2/3] rtc: twl: Simplify RTC interrupt clearing 2012-01-19 Venu Byravarasu New
[2/3] rtc: use __devinit instead on pxa-rtc 2012-08-16 Jett.Zhou New
[2/3] watchdog: add new driver for STMP3xxx and i.MX23/28 2012-01-23 Wolfram Sang New
[2/4,RESEND] iio: Add Usage IDs for HID time sensors. 2012-12-11 Alexander Holler New
[2/4,RESEND] iio: merge hid-sensor-attributes.h into hid-sensor-hub.h 2012-12-15 Alexander Holler New
[2/4,V5] mfd: workaround: add companion chip in 88pm80x 2012-07-09 Qiao Zhou New
[2/4] ARM: mach-sa1100: Print the value of RTSR on /proc/drivers/rtc. 2010-03-27 Marcelo Roberto Jimenez New
[2/4] RTC: Remove UIE and PIE information from the sa1100 driver proc. 2011-02-07 Marcelo Roberto Jimenez New
[2/4] gpio: add support for AMS AS3722 gpio driver 2013-09-17 Laxman Dewangan New
[2/4] mfd/mc13783: remove deprecated functions 2010-09-29 Uwe Kleine-König New
[2/4] mfd: palmas: add apis to access the Palmas' registers 2013-01-03 Laxman Dewangan New
[2/4] rtc-bfin: fix state restoration when resuming 2010-08-17 Mike Frysinger New
[2/4] rtc-s3c: make room for more variants in devicetree block 2012-01-04 Heiko Stübner New
[2/4] rtc-s3c: make room for more variants in devicetree block 2011-12-21 Heiko Stübner New
[2/4] rtc-s3c: make room for more variants in devicetree block 2011-12-12 Heiko Stübner New
[2/4] rtc-s3c: make room for more variants in devicetree block 2011-12-09 Heiko Stübner New
[2/4] rtc: OMAP: Add system pm_power_off to rtc driver 2012-11-05 AnilKumar Chimata New
[2/4] rtc: convert rtc-cmos to dev_pm_ops from legacy pm_ops 2013-07-10 Shuah Khan New
[2/4] rtc: ds1307: simplify irq setup code 2012-02-24 Wolfram Sang New
[2/4] rtc: m41t80: clean up error paths 2014-04-02 Wolfram Sang New
[2/4] rtc: pxa: fix rtc caculation issue 2012-11-29 Chao Xie New
[2/4] rtc: rtc-davinci: Use devm_ioremap_resource() 2014-02-07 Jingoo Han New