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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Makefile: disable parallel build with dtc 2013-07-04 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[06/13] iommu: Make use of DMA quirking and ACS enabled check for groups 2012-05-11 Alex Williamson New
[25/30] stream: pass new base image format to bdrv_change_backing_file 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
[13/30] block: do not reuse the backing file across bdrv_close/bdrv_open 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
[27/30] stream: fix ratelimiting corner case 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
[29/30] tests/Makefile: Add missing $(EXESUF) 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
qxl: Add set_client_capabilities() interface to QXLInterface 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[08/20] w64: Undefine macro SYS_OPEN (fixes a compiler warning) 2012-04-15 Stefan Weil Superseded
[5/5] Bump spice.h version number to 0.11.4 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[4/5] Set a8 capability in the QXL device if supported by the client 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[v7,4/6] spapr-vio: fix firmware names 2014-03-17 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
json-parser: Fix potential NULL pointer segfault 2012-09-03 Stefan Weil Accepted
[1/5] client: Advertise A8_SURFACE capability 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[2/5] Add new set_client_capabilities() interface to QXLInstance 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[19/30] block: move field reset from bdrv_open_common to bdrv_close 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
audio: Fix warning from static code analysis 2012-09-03 Stefan Weil Accepted
ide: Fix error messages from static code analysis (no real error) 2012-09-03 Stefan Weil Accepted
[22/26] libcacard/vreader: add debugging messages for apdu 2013-03-18 Alon Levy New
[3/5] Process outstanding commands in the ring after changing capability bits 2012-09-03 Søren Sandmann New
[0/7,PULL] qemu-kvm.git uq/master queue 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
slirp: Fix error reported by static code analysis and remove wrong type casts 2012-09-03 Stefan Weil Superseded
[3/7] kvm: allow arbitrarily sized mmio ioeventfd 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/7] kvm: Drop unused kvm_pit_in_kernel 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[5/7] kvm: set gsi_bits and max_gsi correctly 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[7/7] kvmclock: guest stop notification 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[1/7] kvm: add flightrecorder script 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[2/7] kvm: Drop redundant kvm_enabled from cpu_thread_is_idle 2012-04-13 Marcelo Tosatti New
[v6,06/11] rdma: introduce ram_handle_compressed() 2013-04-24 New
[19/26] hw/usb/dev-smartcard-reader.c: dwFeadvertise support for T=0 only 2013-03-18 Alon Levy New
char: Fix return type of qemu_chr_fe_add_watch() 2013-03-19 Kevin Wolf New
[2/2] qemu-iotests: add 052 BDRV_O_SNAPSHOT test 2013-03-18 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[01/26] libcacard: correct T0 historical bytes size 2013-03-18 Alon Levy New
[3/3] virtio_balloon: Bugfixes for PAGE_SIZE != 4k 2012-04-13 David Gibson New
[v6,6/8] i8259: fix so that dropping IRQ level always clears the interrupt request 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v6,3/8] qemu-options.hx: mention retrace= VGA option 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v3] qemu-img: let 'qemu-img convert' flush data 2012-04-13 New
[PULL,0/6] Trivial patches for 4 to 13 April 2012 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/6] bsd-user: fix compile failure 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[1/6] configure: Remove useless uses of ARCH_CFLAGS 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/6] make: Always set LC_ALL=C for makeinfo 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
fix block_job_set_speed name in documentation 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[2/6] configure: Fix wrong preprocessor statement 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[20/20] block: Avoid compiler warning for w64 2012-04-15 Stefan Weil Superseded
[4/6] ps2: avoid repeated header file includes 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[6/6] configure: Insist on a Python 2, not Python 3 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v6,7/8] i8259: refactor pic_set_irq level logic 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[15/20] target-ppc: Fix type casts for w64 (uintptr_t) 2012-04-15 Stefan Weil Superseded
[4/6] target-i386: setting default 'vendor' is obsolete, remove it 2012-12-11 Igor Mammedov New
[15/16] hw/arm_gic: gic_set_pending_private() is NVIC only 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[1/2] block: fix BDRV_O_SNAPSHOT protocol detection 2013-03-18 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[13/16] hw/arm_gic: Make gic_reset a sysbus reset function 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[v6,1/8] fix some debug printf format strings 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v2,4/7] raw_bsd: introduce "special members" 2013-08-21 Laszlo Ersek New
[19/20] w64: Fix time conversion for some versions of MinGW-w64 2012-04-15 Stefan Weil Superseded
[PULL,00/16] arm-devs queue 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[01/16] Fix bit test in Exynos4210 UART emulation to use & instead of && 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[10/16] hw/realview_gic: switch to sysbus GIC 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[11/16] hw/exynos4210_gic: Convert to using sysbus GIC 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[06/16] hw/arm_gic: Expose PPI inputs as gpio inputs 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[14/16] hw/arm_gic: Use NVIC instead of LEGACY_INCLUDED_GIC define 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[17/32] target-arm: Convert cp15 crn=10 registers 2012-04-15 Peter Maydell New
[16/16] hw/arm_gic: Remove stray hardcoded tab 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[03/16] hw/exynos4210_combiner.c: Drop excessive read/write access check. 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[09/16] hw/a9mpcore: Switch to using sysbus GIC 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[04/16] hw/arm_gic: Move NCPU definition to arm_gic.c 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
gitignore: ignore qtest binaries 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,1/3] tests: add libpci qtest library 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,2/3] virtio: move virtio spec constants to separate headers 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[12/16] hw/arm11mpcore: Convert to using sysbus GIC device 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[RFC,3/3] qtest: add virtio-test test-case 2012-04-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[arm-devs,v4,4/4] cpu/a9mpcore: Add Global Timer 2013-12-02 Peter Crosthwaite New
[02/16] ARM: Exynos4210: Drop gic_cpu_write() after initialization. 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[08/16] hw/a15mpcore: switch to using sysbus GIC 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[07/16] hw/arm_gic: Make the GIC its own sysbus device 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[v6,07/11] rdma: introduce qemu_ram_foreach_block() 2013-04-24 New
[05/16] hw/arm_gic: Move gic_get_current_cpu into arm_gic.c 2012-04-13 Peter Maydell New
[v6,10/11] rdma: core logic 2013-04-24 New
[RFC,v1,2/3] ramlist: apply fine grain lock for ram_list 2012-11-09 pingfan liu New
[1/8] block: introduce new dirty bitmap functionality 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
qapi: g_hash_table_find() instead of GHashTableIter. 2012-04-13 NODA, Kai New
[PULL,0/4] usb patch queue 2013-04-23 Gerd Hoffmann New
[RFC,v1,3/3] make address_space_map safe 2012-11-09 pingfan liu New
[5/8] block: add drive-mirror command 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[8/8] docs: add mirroring to live block operations 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[2/8] block: allow interrupting a co_sleep_ns 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[7/8] block: add witness argument to drive-reopen 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/8] block: allow doing I/O in a job after cancellation 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/8] block: add mirror job 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[04/13] pci: New pci_dma_quirk() 2012-05-11 Alex Williamson New
Fiber switching and stack protection 2012-04-13 Bob Breuer New
[v2] sdl: Add QEMU mascot icon for use with SDL 2012-04-13 Stefan Weil Accepted
[v6,2/5] xen: disable rtc_clock 2012-04-13 Stefano Stabellini New
[v2,06/13] target-sh4: Make cpu_sh4_invalidate_tlb() take SuperHCPU 2012-04-13 Andreas Färber New
[6/8] block: add the drive-reopen command 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[09/10] tcg: Optimize half-dead add2/sub2 2012-10-02 Richard Henderson New
[15/21] target-i386: kvmvapic: make expilict dependency on sysbus.h 2013-04-23 Igor Mammedov New
[v6,1/5] xen: do not initialize the interval timer and PCSPK emulator 2012-04-13 Stefano Stabellini New
[v6,4/5] qemu_next_alarm_deadline: check the expire time of a clock only if it is enabled 2012-04-13 Stefano Stabellini New
[v6,3/5] timers: the rearm function should be able to handle delta = INT64_MAX 2012-04-13 Stefano Stabellini New
xen_disk: use bdrv_aio_flush instead of bdrv_flush 2012-04-13 Stefano Stabellini New