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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/4] Add basic version of bridge helper 2009-11-04 Anthony Liguori New
[3/4] Add cap reduction support to enable use as SUID binary 2009-11-04 Anthony Liguori New
[RFC,04/11] qdev: pcibus_dev_info 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[v9,08/12] VMDK: change get_cluster_offset return type 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[09/11] qdev: Add usb_bus_dev_info to usb_bus_info. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
Fix qemu mouse Set_Protocol behavior 2010-05-02 Kevin O'Connor New
[RFC,10/11] qdev: Add do_info_qbus and friends. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,11/11] Change the monitor to use the new do_info_qtree. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,08/11] qdev: Add usb_bus_dev_info 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,1/4] mc146818: move hpet handling to pc.c 2010-05-23 Blue Swirl New
[RFC,2/4] hpet: don't use any static state 2010-05-23 Blue Swirl New
[v9,09/12] VMDK: open/read/write for monolithicFlat image 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[RFC,03/11] qdev: Add isabuf_dev_info to ISA's BusInfo struct. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[v2,resend,4/4] Open backing file read-only also for snapshot mode 2010-02-04 Naphtali Sprei New
[RFC,4/4] Compile mc146818 only once 2010-05-23 Blue Swirl New
[v9,10/12] VMDK: create different subformats 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[2/2] qcow2: Avoid shadowing variable in alloc_clusters_noref() 2010-04-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v9,01/12] VMDK: introduce VmdkExtent 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[03/18] only one flag is needed for alarm_timer 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[1/2] vmstate: Add VMSTATE_BUFFER_UNSAFE 2009-10-20 Juan Quintela New
[v9,12/12] block: add bdrv_get_allocated_file_size() operation 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[v9,04/12] VMDK: separate vmdk_open by format version 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
tcg/ppc: Add missing conditional compilation 2010-02-22 Stefan Weil New
[05/18] do not use qemu_event_increment outside qemu_notify_event 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
Significant performance regression in qemu-system-mips. 2010-03-26 Rob Landley New
sparc32 esp fix spurious interrupts in chip reset 2010-05-30 Artyom Tarasenko New
[2/2] lsi_scsi: port to vmstate 2009-10-20 Juan Quintela New
Fix hanging user monitor when using balloon command 2010-02-22 Adam Litke New
.gitignore: ignore qemu-ga and qapi-generated 2011-07-23 Alexandre Raymond New
Makefile: Change make to be quiet again when doing nothing 2009-10-20 Stefan Weil New
[07/18] remove qemu_rearm_alarm_timer from main loop 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[2/2] Refactor CPUState handling out of vl.c 2010-03-26 Blue Swirl New
[v2,6/7] block: change flush to co_flush 2011-10-20 Paolo Bonzini New
add some tests for invalid JSON 2010-05-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[02/12] target-arm: optimize thumb 32bit multiply 2009-10-21 New
Fix to 'gdb detach' stub 2010-02-22 Daniel Gutson New
[05/17] virtio-9p: Implement P9_TWALK 2010-03-03 Anthony Liguori New
[08/18] extract timer handling out of main_loop_wait 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,4/7] block: take lock around bdrv_read implementations 2011-10-20 Paolo Bonzini New
[2/2] multiboot: Limit number of multiboot modules 2009-10-20 Adam Lackorzynski New
[12/17] virtio-9p: Implement P9_TREMOVE 2010-03-03 Anthony Liguori New
[v2,3/7] block: add a CoMutex to synchronous read drivers 2011-10-20 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,09/11] qdev: Add usb_bus_dev_info to usb_bus_info. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[1/2] block: Set backing_hd to NULL after deleting it 2010-04-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,06/11] qdev: sysbus_dev_info 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,01/11] Add info_dev function pointer for BusInfo. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[06/18] tweak qemu_notify_event 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
Make qemu-img convert properly consider backing file contents when used with -o backing_file 2011-04-29 Brad Campbell New
[13/18] add qemu_alarm_pending 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC] virtio: put last seen used index into ring itself 2010-05-23 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[10/18] introduce and use qemu_clock_enable 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[09/17] virtio-9p: Implement P9_TWRITE 2010-03-03 Anthony Liguori New
[11/18] centralize handling of -icount 2010-03-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2] xen_disk: treat "aio" as "raw" 2011-06-30 Stefano Stabellini New
[RFC,2/4] add pc-0.14 machine 2011-06-30 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,4/4] Partially revert "savevm: fix corruption in vmstate_subsection_load()." 2011-06-30 Paolo Bonzini New
[01/17] vitio-9p: Add a virtio 9p device to qemu 2010-03-03 Anthony Liguori New
[1/3] memory: Print region priority 2011-09-27 Jan Kiszka New
Fix phys memory client - pass guest physical address not region offset 2011-04-29 Alex Williamson New
[7/9] Implement early printk in virtio-console 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[RFC,04/23] Use cpu_physical_memory_get_dirty_range() to check multiple dirty pages. 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[2/3] memory: Do not print empty PIO root 2011-09-27 Jan Kiszka New
wrong behaviour of caps lock 2010-04-17 Stefan Weil New
[V2] hw/piix_pci.c: Fix PIIX3-xen to initialize ids 2011-06-30 Anthony PERARD New
[RFC,15/23] Insert event_tap_ioport() to ioport_write(). 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[1/2] SPARC64: fix fnor* and fnand* 2011-07-23 Tsuneo Saito New
[RFC,23/23] Add a parser to accept FT migration incoming mode. 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
vmstate: fix breakage by 7e72abc382b700a72549e8147bdea413534eeedc 2009-10-21 TeLeMan New
[RFC,03/23] Use cpu_physical_memory_set_dirty_range() to update phys_ram_dirty. 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[2/2] SPARC64: implement %fprs dirty bits 2011-07-23 Tsuneo Saito New
[2/8] QString: Introduce qstring_append_chr() 2009-11-04 Luiz Capitulino New
add QEMU_LD_PREFIX environment variable 2011-07-23 josch New
[RFC,06/23] Introduce read() to FdMigrationState. 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
Re: [PATCH 0/9] S390x KVM support 2009-10-20 Carsten Otte New
[05/12] target-arm: optimize vfp load/store multiple ops 2009-10-21 New
[RESEND,v3] Generalize -machine command line option 2011-07-23 Jan Kiszka New
[08/12] move stop/stopped CPU_COMMON fields after area zeroed by reset 2010-05-12 Marcelo Tosatti New
[v2] Basic Intel IOMMU DMAR emulation 2010-04-14 Nadav Amit New
guest agent: qemu-ga daemon 2011-07-23 Alexander Graf New
[v9,07/12] VMDK: move 'static' cid_update flag to bs field 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[v9,11/12] VMDK: fix coding style 2011-07-12 Feiran Zheng New
[17/18] tcg/arm: optimize register allocation order 2010-04-07 Aurelien Jarno New
[PATCHv3] qxl-render: qxl_render_update: nop if \!ssd.running 2011-07-12 Alon Levy New
[5/9] Add S390x virtio machine description 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[9/9] Move mp_state to CPU_COMMON 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[1/3] Revert "Monitor: Return before exiting with 'quit'" 2010-05-12 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/28] PPC: MPIC: Remove read functionality for WO registers 2011-07-23 Alexander Graf New
[1/9] Export function for VA defined ram allocation 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[2/9] Add KVM support for S390x 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[3/9] Add support for S390x system emulation 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[6/9] S390 GDB stub 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[4/9] Add S390x virtio machine bus 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[8/9] Set default console to virtio on S390x 2009-10-21 Alexander Graf New
[03/12] target-arm: add support for neon vld1.64 instruction 2009-10-21 New
virtio-net: fix macaddr config regression 2009-10-28 Mark McLoughlin New
[3/5] savevm: define qemu_get_byte() using qemu_peek_byte() 2011-10-06 Juan Quintela New
[3/3] Monitor: Return before exiting with 'quit' 2010-05-12 Luiz Capitulino New
[07/12] target-arm: fix neon vsri, vshl and vsli ops 2009-10-21 New
[1/3] target-sparc: Fix compilation with --enable-debug. 2010-05-12 Richard Henderson New
[06/12] target-arm: optimize arm load/store multiple ops 2009-10-21 New