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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
tracetool: handle DTrace keywords 'in', 'next', 'self' 2012-04-16 Stefan Hajnoczi New
tracetool: Omit useless QEMU_*_ENABLED() check 2011-09-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
tracetool: Add optional argument to specify dtrace probe names 2011-02-15 Jes Sorensen New always pass --binary, --target-arch, --target-type 2012-03-27 Alon Levy New
tracetool dtrace disabled-events fix 2012-03-20 Lee Essen New
trace: work around ranlib warning for 'nop' backend 2013-01-24 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: teach lttng backend to use format strings 2014-03-24 New
trace: teach lttng backend to use format strings 2014-03-24 New
trace: rebuild generated-events.o when configuration changes 2013-03-08 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: print a warning if user tries to enable an unknown trace event 2010-10-09 Blue Swirl New
trace: inline control-internal.h into control.h 2013-05-02 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: improve info trace output 2010-10-17 Blue Swirl New
trace: fix simple trace "disable" keyword 2014-01-15 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: fix documentation ./configure line 2012-02-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: drop LTTng Userspace Tracer backend 2013-09-25 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: document '-' syntax for disabling events 2012-11-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: allow disabling events in events file 2012-10-26 Gerd Hoffmann New
trace: allow ) in trace output string 2011-04-19 Paolo Bonzini New
trace: added ability to comment out events in the list 2012-06-14 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
trace: add glib 2.32+ static GMutex support 2013-12-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: add glib 2.32+ static GMutex support 2013-12-12 Michael Tokarev New
trace: [simple] Do not include "trace/simple.h" in generated tracer headers 2014-01-09 Lluís Vilanova New
trace: Use fprintf_function (format checking) 2010-11-15 Stefan Weil Accepted
trace: Use GENERATED_HEADERS dependencies 2010-06-29 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Update docs to use example events that exist 2011-09-20 Lluís Vilanova New
trace: Trace vm_start()/vm_stop() 2010-11-16 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Trace SCSI request lifecycle 2010-11-08 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Support trace events with no arguments 2010-06-29 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Remove monitor.h dependency from simpletrace 2010-07-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Remove "info trace" from documents 2012-11-16 walimis New
trace: Provide a per-event status define for conditional compilation 2011-09-21 Lluís Vilanova New
trace: Provide a per-event status define for conditional compilation 2011-09-21 Lluís Vilanova New
trace: Multi-backend tracing 2014-02-17 Lluís Vilanova New
trace: Make trace record fields 64-bit 2010-08-09 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Fix user emulator dependency on trace objects 2010-09-12 Andreas Färber New
trace: Fix build warnings for Win32 build 2014-02-20 Peter Maydell New
trace: Documentation update 2010-08-09 Stefan Hajnoczi New
trace: Adapt trace file name for Haiku 2010-10-09 Andreas Färber New
trace/simple: Replace asprintf by g_strdup_printf 2012-08-13 Stefan Weil Accepted
trace/simple: Fix compiler warning for 32 bit hosts 2012-08-13 Stefan Weil Accepted
trace-events: Fix typo in "offset" 2014-02-17 Kevin Wolf New
trace-events: Fix broken build caused by wrong format specifier 2012-03-24 Stefan Weil Accepted
trace-events: Clean up with scripts/ again 2013-09-13 Markus Armbruster New
trace-events: Clean up after removal of old usb-host code 2013-11-25 Markus Armbruster New
trace backend: introduce multi tracing backend 2014-01-28 Kazuya Saito New
tpm: Simplify creation of cancel path 2013-04-15 Stefan Berger New
tpm: Fix several compiler warnings (redefined data types) 2013-04-02 Stefan Weil Accepted
tools: reorganize Makefile variables 2011-10-24 Paolo Bonzini New
tools: initialize main loop before block layer 2012-11-03 Paolo Bonzini New
tools: Use real async.c instead of stubs 2011-02-23 Kevin Wolf New
tmp105: read temperature in milli-celsius 2014-02-17 Paolo Bonzini New
tls.h: Enable TLS on FreeBSD 2013-06-24 Ed Maste New
timer: fix qemu_poll_ns early timeout on windows 2014-04-15 Stanislav Vorobiov New
timer: drop HPET and RTC 2011-05-31 Anthony Liguori New
timer issue on 1.7.0 and later 2014-02-10 Rob Herring New
thread synchronization in qcow2.c and qcow2-cluster.c 2010-04-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
the patch about win7 guest unable to disable the sound completely 2013-01-29 New
the calculation of bytes_xfer in qemu_put_buffer() is wrong 2013-11-19 Wangting (Kathy) New
tests: test-qmp-commands: Fix double free 2014-03-08 Luiz Capitulino New
tests: set MALLOC_PERTURB_ to expose memory bugs 2013-05-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
tests: require that acpi tests are enabled explicitly 2014-01-16 Michael S. Tsirkin New
tests: remove .SECONDARY special target 2012-03-31 Paolo Bonzini New
tests: fix out-of-tree building for lm32 target 2012-01-16 Michael Walle New
tests: fix acpi to work on bigendian host 2014-01-13 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
tests: fix 64-bit int literals for 32-bit hosts 2013-11-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
tests: allow qemu-iotests to be run against nbd backend 2012-10-31 Nicholas Thomas New
tests: adjust gcov variables for directory movement 2013-01-15 Paolo Bonzini New
tests: add gcov target 2012-05-01 Blue Swirl New
tests: add fuzzing to visitor tests 2013-01-19 Blue Swirl New
tests: Silence gtester in Makefile 2012-01-16 Stefan Weil Accepted
tests: Multiboot mmap test case 2013-06-27 Kevin Wolf New
tests: Makefile: include dependency files 2012-07-05 Eduardo Habkost New
tests: Fix 'make test' for i686 hosts (build regression) 2014-03-07 Stefan Weil Accepted
tests: Correct comment for qdict_array_split test 2014-01-12 Max Reitz New
tests: Add tests for fdsets 2012-11-14 Corey Bryant New
tests/test-mmap.c: Check mmap() return value before using it 2011-04-14 Peter Maydell New
tests/test-int128: Don't use __noclone__ attribute on clang 2014-02-26 Peter Maydell New
tests/tcg: new test for i386 FPREM and FPREM1 2012-10-29 Catalin Patulea New
tests/tcg: fix unused result warnings 2012-10-29 Catalin Patulea New
tests/tcg: fix a few warnings 2012-10-22 Catalin Patulea New
tests/tcg: add test-i386-fprem and make target for comparing QEMU to h/w 2012-07-17 Catalin Patulea New
tests/tcg/xtensa: Fix out-of-tree build 2013-07-06 Max Filippov New
tests/tcg/xtensa: Fix out-of-tree build 2013-07-06 Andreas Färber New
tests/qom-test: Test qom-list on link properties 2014-04-11 Cole Robinson New
tests/qapi-schema: Fix enum misuse in flat union type tests 2014-03-10 Markus Armbruster New
tests/cris: Fix some errors and potential crashes 2011-04-03 Stefan Weil Accepted
tests/Makefile: Suppress format-security warnings on JSON tests 2014-02-26 Peter Maydell New
tests/Makefile: Run qom-test for every architecture 2014-01-23 Peter Maydell New
tests/Makefile: Don't run any qtests twice 2014-03-31 Peter Maydell New
tests/Makefile: Add missing $(EXESUF) 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
tests/.gitignore: ignore test-throttle 2013-09-16 Fam Zheng New
tests/.gitignore: Ignore tests/check-qom-interface 2014-01-27 Fam Zheng New
test: QOM interface casting 2013-12-20 Igor Mammedov New
test-qmp-commands reads freed memory 2014-03-08 Luiz Capitulino New
test-coroutine: add performance test for nesting 2012-02-16 Alex Barcelo New
test for lm capable kernel. 2009-10-14 Glauber Costa New
terminal attributes is not restored when using /dev/tty monitor 2010-02-20 Shahar Havivi New
temporary fix for on_vcpu 2009-09-11 Glauber Costa Superseded
tcx: Fix 24-bit display mode 2013-06-01 Mark Cave-Ayland New
tcp/mips: Change TCG_AREG0 (fp -> s0) 2010-04-08 Stefan Weil New
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