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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[V6,29/32] pci: cosmetic on pci_upadte_mappings() 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,22/32] pci_host: change the signature of pci_data_{read, write}. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,13/32] pci_host: consolidate pci config address access. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,23/32] vmstate: introduce VMSTATE_BUFFER_UNSAFE_INFO. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,24/32] pci: pcie host and mmcfg support. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,25/32] pci: add helper functions to check ranges overlap. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,07/32] pci/bridge: clean up of pci_bridge_initfn() 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[V6,31/32] pci: implement pci bridge filtering. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
eepro100: Improve support for different devices 2009-10-30 Stefan Weil New
[V6,08/32] pci: clean up pci_init_wmask() 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[15/26] pc: split out basic device init from pc_init1() into pc_basic_device_init() 2010-05-14 Isaku Yamahata New
[09/26] pc: remove global variable rtc_state by using qemu_irq. 2010-05-14 Isaku Yamahata New
[4/4] QemuOpts: command line switches for the config file. 2009-10-16 Nathan Baum New
[V6,28/32] pci: initialize pci config headers depending it pci header type. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[4/4] QemuOpts: command line switches for the config file. 2009-10-16 Nathan Baum New
[1/2] Fix TEXI section mark imbalance in qemu-img-cmd.hx 2010-05-20 Jan Kiszka New
[12/13] x86/cpuid: fix CPUID levels 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[PULL,1/3] s390-ccw.img: Fix sporadic reboot hangs: Initialize next_idx 2014-02-13 Christian Borntraeger New
[V6,32/32] pci/monitor: print out bridge's filtering values and so on. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[08/12] target-arm: optimize thumb2 load/store multiple ops 2009-10-21 New
[V6,20/32] pci: factor out the conversion logic from io port address into pci device. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[07/11] error: Use QERR_INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE instead of QERR_INVALID_PARAMETER 2010-03-18 Markus Armbruster New
[PULL,0/3] s390-ccw.img: fix sporadic boot errors 2014-02-13 Christian Borntraeger New
[V6,30/32] pci: factor out pci_for_each_device(). 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
Resend: linux-user/syscall.c - don't add GUEST_BASE to NULL pointer 2009-10-16 Jan-Simon Möller New
[V6,19/32] pci: make pci configuration transaction more accurate. 2009-10-30 Isaku Yamahata New
Documentation: Add documentation for -chardev 2009-10-30 Matthew Booth New
[03/22] net: dp8393x: replace qemu_format_nic_info_str by qemu_format_nic_info_dict 2010-04-08 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
Re: playing with qemu usermode emulation on FreeBSD... 2009-10-16 Juergen Lock New
[03/10] vnc: only use a single zlib stream 2010-05-18 Corentin Chary New
[1/8] block: fix aio_flush segfaults for read-only protocols (e.g. curl) 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
block: Remove special case for vvfat 2010-05-12 Kevin Wolf New
[03/13] x86/cpuid: fix missing feature set bits 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[10/11] error: New QERR_DEVICE_IN_USE 2010-03-18 Markus Armbruster New
[1/2] Use ram_bytes_remaining() where possible 2010-05-12 Pierre Riteau New
[14/22] pseries: Under kvm use guest cpu = host cpu by default 2011-10-30 Alexander Graf New
[06/13] x86/cpuid: add "host" to the list of supported CPU models 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[26/33] target-alpha: Include the PCC_OFS in the RPCC return value. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[28/33] target-alpha: Implement TLB flush primitives. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[07/22] net: pcnet: replace qemu_format_nic_info_str by qemu_format_nic_info_dict 2010-04-08 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[4/8] block: fix sector comparism in multiwrite_req_compare 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
qdev: Reject duplicate and anti-social device IDs 2010-05-31 Markus Armbruster New
[2/2] migration: Fix calculation of bytes_transferred 2010-05-12 Pierre Riteau New
[14/33] target-alpha: Use do_restore_state for arithmetic exceptions. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[04/22] net: e1000: replace qemu_format_nic_info_str by qemu_format_nic_info_dict 2010-04-08 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[08/13] x86/cpuid: propagate further CPUID leafs when -cpu host 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[v2] doc: Update monitor info subcommands 2010-05-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[7/7] Declare no_hpet variable for all targets 2010-06-15 Jes Sorensen New
Added 'access' option to -drive flag 2009-12-23 Naphtali Sprei New
[RFC,05/10] serial: Allow to reconfigure ISA I/O base 2011-06-06 Andreas Färber New
[1/4] megasas: Add more controller property definitions 2010-05-18 Hannes Reinecke New
[14/23] blkdebug: Free QemuOpts after having read the config 2010-07-02 Kevin Wolf New
[2/2] monitor: Convert 'info qdm' to QMP 2010-07-02 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[3/8] virtio-blk: fix barrier support 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
[v5,03/17] virtio-serial: save/load: Ensure we have hot-plugged ports instantiated 2010-04-14 Amit Shah New
virtio-blk: assign a default serial number if none provided 2010-06-02 Ryan Harper New
[06/22] net: ne2000: replace qemu_format_nic_info_str by qemu_format_nic_info_dict 2010-04-08 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[2/8] virtio-blk: Avoid zeroing every request structure 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
[08/17] virtio-9p: Implement P9_TCLUNK 2010-03-03 Anthony Liguori New
[2/4] QMP: Use QERR_QMP_BAD_INPUT_OBJECT_MEMBER 2010-04-07 Luiz Capitulino New
[6/8] block: Add SG_IO device check in refresh_total_sectors() 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
[17/19] Correct definitions for FD_CMD_SAVE and FD_CMD_RESTORE 2010-06-15 Kevin Wolf New
sparc slavio_timer or ptimer bug (was sparc mmu) 2010-07-03 Artyom Tarasenko New
block: Remove semicolon in BDRV_SECTOR_MASK macro 2010-05-01 Stefan Hajnoczi New
tcg: fix assertion with --enable-debug 2010-02-19 Jay Foad New
target-sparc: fix --enable-debug build 2010-02-19 Jay Foad New
Add QEMU DirectFB display driver 2010-05-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
eepro100: Fix boot ROM support 2009-10-31 Stefan Weil New
[27/33] target-alpha: Use a fixed frequency for the RPCC in system mode. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[8/8] vvfat: More build fixes with DEBUG 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
e1000: add link to data sheet 2009-12-23 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[09/13] x86/cpuid: add TCG feature bit trimming 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[1/2] virtio-blk: add max sectors feature (virtio_blk driver) 2009-12-23 Avishay Traeger1 New
[1/7] add qemu_memdup 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[1/2] virtio-blk: add max sectors feature (qemu) 2009-12-23 Avishay Traeger1 New
[RESEND] usb-ohci: Fix endianness issue 2009-12-23 Michael Buesch New
QEMU-KVM scsi-bus: Add LBA+Transfer Length to outgoing SBC CDBs in scsi_req_setup() for SG_IO 2010-05-01 Nicholas A. Bellinger New
[2/7] allow passing NULL to qobject_type 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[32/33] target-alpha: Implement HALT IPR. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] forward declare all QObject subclasses in qobject.h 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[7/8] vvfat: Fix compilation with DEBUG defined 2010-05-20 Kevin Wolf New
[4/7] add mutable qstring functions 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[6/7] add testsuite for qobject json encoder 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/7] add json encoder for qobjects 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[04/13] x86/cpuid: moved host_cpuid function and remove prototype 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[RFC] AMD IOMMU emulation 2010-05-20 Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu New
[7/7] add formatted printing of QObjects 2009-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
Re: [PATCH 2/4] rom loader: make vga+rom loading target specific 2009-10-17 Juan Quintela New
terminal attributes is not restored when using /dev/tty monitor 2010-02-20 Shahar Havivi New
[v2] tcg: fix assertion with --enable-debug 2010-02-20 Jay Foad New
[14/14] Add qemu_remove_fd_handler() 2010-03-10 Juan Quintela New
Unbreak tap compilation on OS X 2009-10-30 Alexander Graf New
[02/13] x86/cpuid: replace magic number with named constant 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[v2] target-sparc: fix --enable-debug build 2010-02-20 Jay Foad New
virtio-blk: Fix use after release in virtio_blk_handle_rw_error 2010-04-07 Jan Kiszka New
[10/13] x86/cpuid: Always expose 32 and 64-bit CPUs 2010-03-11 Andre Przywara New
[2/8] Makefile: move QObject objs to their own entry 2009-11-01 Luiz Capitulino New
[01/11] Add append method to qstring and empty constructor 2009-10-17 Anthony Liguori New
[1/6] tcg-sparc: Fix imm13 check in movi. 2009-12-17 Richard Henderson New
[2/5] tcg-x86_64: Implement setcond. 2009-12-19 Richard Henderson New