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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[2/2] linux-user: register align p{read, write}64 2012-09-30 Alexander Graf New
[1/2] linux-user: ppc: mark as long long aligned 2012-09-30 Alexander Graf New
vfio_pci: fix build on 32-bit systems 2012-10-01 Anthony Liguori New
hw/arm_gic.c: Fix improper DPRINTF output. 2012-10-01 Evgeny Voevodin New
[v2] target-xtensa: de-optimize EXTUI 2012-10-01 Aurelien Jarno New
[v2,09/21] pci: Add class 0xc05 as 'SMBus' 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[PATCHv2] tap: reset vnet header size on open 2012-11-13 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,4/6] XBZRLE cache size should not be larger than guest memory size 2014-01-30 Orit Wasserman New
[v2,17/21] q35: Add kvmclock support 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[v2,14/21] q35: Suppress SMM BIOS initialization under KVM 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[v2,11/21] pcie: Convert PCIExpressHost to use the QOM. 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[2/7] savevm: Add VMSTATE_UINTTL_EQUAL helper 2012-10-09 David Gibson New
[1/4] pseries: Don't allow duplicate registration of hcalls or RTAS calls 2012-10-09 David Gibson New
[v2,16/21] q35: smbus: Remove PCI_STATUS_SIG_SYSTEM_ERROR and PCI_STATUS_DETECTED_PARITY from w1cmask 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[1/7] savevm: Add VMSTATE_UINT64_EQUAL helpers 2012-10-09 David Gibson New
[v2,15/21] q35: Fix non-PCI IRQ processing in ich9_lpc_update_apic 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[v6,2/8] vl: fix -hdachs/-hda argument order parsing issues 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v2,01/21] blockdev: Introduce a default machine blockdev interface field, QEMUMachine->mach_if 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[v6,4/8] vga: add some optional CGA compatibility hacks 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[V4,1/2] Add code to track call origin for msr assignment. 2012-11-27 Will Auld New
[v6,5/8] i8254: fix inaccuracies in pit_get_out() 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v6,8/8] i8259/i8254: migration workaround for timer 2012-10-01 Matthew Ogilvie New
[v2,4/5] target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_tc_sleep() 2012-10-11 Andreas Färber New
makefile: detect corrupted elf files 2013-05-21 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[1/3] rtc: fix overflow in mktimegm 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[01/15] pseries: Don't allow duplicate registration of hcalls or RTAS calls 2012-10-18 David Gibson New
qtest: implement QTEST_STOP 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,2/6] Add check for cache size smaller than page size 2014-01-30 Orit Wasserman New
[07/22,v4] target-i386: convert cpuid features into properties 2012-10-01 Igor Mammedov New
[v10,08/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add multiply instructions 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[v2,9/9] hmp: add NBD server commands 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v10,10/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add compare-pick instructions 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[v2,7/9] block: add close notifiers 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v10,07/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add GPR-based shift instructions 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[v2,5/9] qemu-sockets: return IPSocketAddress from inet_parse 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v10,02/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add dsp resources access check 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[8/8] qxl: set default revision to 4 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
vfio: Fix BAR->VFIODevice translation in vfio_bar_read/write 2012-10-08 Jan Kiszka New
[v2,6/9] qemu-sockets: add socket_listen, socket_connect, socket_parse 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v10,06/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add arithmetic instructions 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[v2,2/9] qapi: add socket address types 2012-10-01 Paolo Bonzini New
[v10,11/14] target-mips-ase-dsp: Add DSP accumulator instructions 2012-10-08 Jia Liu New
[v2,2/5] target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_tc_wake() 2012-10-11 Andreas Färber New
[3/8] qxl: fix range check for rev3 io commands. 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/5] target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_vpe_is_wfi() 2012-10-11 Andreas Färber New
[5/8] hw/qxl: fix condition for exiting guest_bug 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/8] vl.c: Abort on unknown -numa option type 2013-02-04 Eduardo Habkost New
[4/8] hw/qxl: exit on failure to register qxl interface 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[6/8] hw/qxl: qxl_dirty_surfaces: use uintptr_t 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
Move File operations to qemu-file.c 2013-01-21 Joel Schopp New
[1/3] KVM: x86: fix typo in KVM_GET_XCRS 2013-11-21 Gleb Natapov New
[2/2] kvm: Actually remove software breakpoints from list on cleanup 2012-11-15 Marcelo Tosatti New
tcg: remove obsolete jmp op 2012-10-01 Aurelien Jarno New
[2/8] vl.c: Fix off-by-one bug when handling "-numa node" argument 2013-02-04 Eduardo Habkost New
[V2] PPC/GDB: handle read and write of fpscr 2013-03-19 Fabien Chouteau New
[08/43] block: vpc initialize the uuid footer field 2012-12-13 Kevin Wolf New
virtio-blk: Remove duplicate property definition 2012-11-15 David Gibson New
[v2,18/21] q35: Fix irr initialization for slots 25..31 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[PULL,for-1.7,0/5] pc very last minute fixes for 1.7 2013-11-21 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[3/7] savevm: Add VMSTATE_FLOAT64 helpers 2012-10-09 David Gibson New
[2/8] qxl/update_area_io: cleanup invalid parameters handling 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,12/21] q35: Introduce q35 pc based chipset emulator 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[v2,1/5] target-mips: Clean up other_cpu in helper_{d, e}vpe() 2012-10-11 Andreas Färber New
[01/11] qemu-common.h: Comment about usage rules 2012-11-15 Andreas Färber New
[08/11] qapi-types.h: Don't include qemu-common.h 2012-11-15 Andreas Färber New
[07/11] osdep: Move qemu_{open, close}() prototypes 2012-11-15 Andreas Färber New
[06/11] qemu-config.h: Include headers it needs 2012-11-15 Andreas Färber New
[uq/master,4/7] target-i386: Rename cpu_x86_register() to x86_cpu_load_def() 2014-01-30 Eduardo Habkost New
[v2,5/5] target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_vpe_sleep() 2012-10-11 Andreas Färber New
[8/8] virtio-rng-pci: create a default backend if none exists 2012-10-30 Anthony Liguori New
[uq/master,2/7] target-i386: Don't change x86_def_t struct on cpu_x86_register() 2014-01-30 Eduardo Habkost New
[2/2] MAINTAINERS: split Monitor (QMP/HMP) entry 2013-06-04 Luiz Capitulino New
cmd646: fix build when DEBUG_IDE is enabled. 2013-06-28 Mark Cave-Ayland New
[v2,5/6] Don't abort on out of memory when creating page cache 2014-01-30 Orit Wasserman New
[1/8] qxl: always update displaysurface on resize 2012-10-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[2/2] pflash_cfi01: Implement migration support 2013-03-19 Peter Maydell New
broken incoming migration 2013-06-04 Peter Lieven New
[1/5] s390: use sync regs for register transfer 2012-10-02 Jens Freimann New
[uq/master,5/7] target-i386: Call x86_cpu_load_def() earlier 2014-01-30 Eduardo Habkost New
[v2,05/21] pc, pc_piix: split out pc nic initialization 2012-10-09 Jason Baron New
[01/38] block: ensure bdrv_drain_all() works during bdrv_delete() 2013-09-25 Michael Roth New
[v2,00/41] Migration cleanups, refactorings, stats, and more 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[PULL,for-1.7,00/11] Miscellaneous -rc patches 2013-11-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[33/41] savevm: make qemu_fill_buffer() be consistent 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[V2,4/4] qemu-iotests: add 058 internal snapshot export with qemu-nbd case 2013-09-22 Wayne Xia New
[14/41] Separate migration bitmap 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[V2,1/4] snapshot: distinguish id and name in load_tmp 2013-09-22 Wayne Xia New
[04/41] migration: print total downtime for final phase of migration 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[v4,3/4] qemu-thread: add QemuEvent 2013-09-22 pingfan liu New
[07/41] migration: print expected downtime in info migrate 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[1/2] pflash_cfi01: Drop unused 'bypass' field 2013-03-19 Peter Maydell New
[19/41] buffered_file: unfold migrate_fd_put_buffer 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[v8,10/14] petalogix-ml605: added SPI controller with n25q128 2012-10-03 Peter A. G. Crosthwaite New
OSX guest vs. kvm ioapic polarity 2014-01-30 Gabriel L. Somlo New
[15/41] migration: Add dirty_pages_rate to query migrate output 2012-10-02 Juan Quintela New
[PULL,01/11] sun4m: Add FCode ROM for TCX framebuffer 2013-11-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[05/23] target-i386: move out CPU features initialization in separate func 2012-10-02 Igor Mammedov New
[v2] seccomp: add timerfd_create and timerfd_settime to the whitelist 2014-01-30 Felix Geyer New
[20/23] target-i386: use properties to set/unset user specified features on CPU 2012-10-02 Igor Mammedov New
[18/23] target-i386: replace uint32_t vendor fields by vendor string in x86_def_t 2012-10-02 Igor Mammedov New