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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[PULL,12/24] gdbstub: Update gdb_handlesig() and gdb_signalled() Coding Style 2013-07-23 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/24] hw: cannot_instantiate_with_device_add_yet due to pointer props 2013-12-24 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/24] iothread: add "iothread" qdev property type 2014-03-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/24] xilinx_spips: Debug msgs for Snoop state 2013-06-03 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/25] target-m68k: Move cpu_gdb_{read, write}_register() 2013-07-26 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/26] Makefile: Install qemu-img and qemu-nbd man pages only if built 2013-06-14 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,12/26] qemu-io: Move functions for registering and running commands 2013-06-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/26] raw_bsd: register bdrv_raw 2013-08-30 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/28] cs4231a: Convert to MemoryRegion 2011-09-12 Avi Kivity New
[PULL,12/28] exec: pass hw address to phys_page_find 2013-12-11 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,12/28] target-arm: Pass DisasContext* to gen_set_pc_im() 2013-09-10 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/29] target-arm: A64: Add 2-reg-misc REV* instructions 2014-02-08 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/29] tcg: Change frame pointer offsets to intptr_t 2013-09-02 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,12/29] tests: fix acpi to work on bigendian host 2014-01-20 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,12/29] xics: replace fprintf with error_report 2013-10-25 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,12/30] qdict: Extract qdict_extract_subqdict 2013-09-27 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/30] sheepdog: explicitly set copies as type uint8_t 2013-10-31 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/30] target-arm: A64: Implement SADDLP, UADDLP, SADALP, UADALP 2014-03-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/30] target-arm: Restrict check_ap() use of S and R bits to v6 and earlier 2014-02-20 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/30] virtio-pci: add device_unplugged callback 2013-12-09 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,12/32] Add lxvw4x 2013-12-20 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,12/32] dump: add APIs to operate DataCache 2014-03-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,12/33] qemu-iotests: add tests for runtime fd passing via SCM rights 2013-09-13 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/36] libqtest: rename qmp() to qmp_discard_response() 2013-11-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/37] hw/arm: Add 'virt' platform 2013-12-10 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/38] ARM: Convert MIDR to a property 2014-01-29 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/38] input: keyboard: switch vnc ui to new core 2014-02-28 Gerd Hoffmann New
[PULL,12/41] iscsi: simplify iscsi_co_discard 2013-11-29 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/42] aio / timers: Consistent treatment of disabled clocks for deadlines 2013-08-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/42] block: implement reference count for BlockDriverState 2013-09-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/42] vmdk: Fix big flat extent IO 2014-01-15 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/43] cleanup object.h: include error.h directly 2013-10-14 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,12/43] intc/arm_gic: Build arm_gic only once 2013-07-10 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/45] arm: vgic device control api support 2014-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/48] block drivers: expose requirement for write same alignment from formats 2013-12-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,12/48] z2: QOM'ify AER915 2014-02-10 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/49] target-i386: Remove gen_op_st_T0_A0 2014-01-07 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,12/51] target-arm: A64: Implement DC ZVA 2014-04-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/52] target-arm: Update generic cpreg code for AArch64 2014-01-07 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/52] target-arm: Update generic cpreg code for AArch64 2014-01-06 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/54] nbd: correctly propagate errors 2014-02-21 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/55] scsi/megasas: QOM parent field cleanup 2013-07-22 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/58] axis_dev88: Don't enforce use of kernel for qtest 2013-10-08 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,12/61] qcow2: Free preallocated zero clusters 2013-10-11 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,12/62] arm/highbank: Use object_new() rather than cpu_arm_init() 2013-12-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/76] target-arm: Update generic cpreg code for AArch64 2014-01-07 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,12/93] vmdk: Fix big flat extent IO 2014-01-24 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,120/130] target-ppc/translate.c: Use ULL suffix for 64 bit constants 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,120/173] etraxfs_eth: Rename fs_eth to ETRAXFSEthState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,121/130] PPC: sPAPR: Only use getpagesize() when we run with kvm 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,121/173] lan9118: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,122/130] target-ppc: Fix Compiler Warnings Due to 64-Bit Constants Declared as UL 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,122/173] lance: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,123/130] target-ppc: Use Additional Temporary in stqcx Case 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,123/173] milkymist-minimac2: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,124/130] target-ppc: Fix htab_mask calculation 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,124/173] smc91c111: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,125/130] target-ppc: Fix page table lookup with kvm enabled 2014-03-14 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[PULL,125/130] target-ppc: Fix page table lookup with kvm enabled 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,125/173] stellaris_enet: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,126/130] target-ppc: Change the hpte store API 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,126/173] stellaris_enet: Fix NetClientInfo::cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,127/130] target-ppc: Update ppc_hash64_store_hpte to support updating in-kernel htab 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,127/173] xgmac: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,128/130] target-ppc: Introduce hypervisor call H_GET_TCE 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,128/173] xilinx_ethlite: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,129/130] target-ppc: add PowerPCCPU::cpu_dt_id 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,129/173] ds1225y: Drop bogus qdev field from NvRamState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/13] FSL eTSEC: Fix typo in rx ring 2014-03-15 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/13] MAINTAINERS: add tcg/aarch64 maintainer 2013-06-12 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/13] qemu-monitor: HMP cpu-add wrapper 2013-12-18 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/13] target-i386: add feature kvm_pv_unhalt 2013-09-20 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,13/13] vl: Remove unneeded include file 2014-03-04 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/14] hw/ppc/mac.h: remove unused BIOS_FILENAME definition 2013-12-06 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/14] pc_piix: Kill pc_init1() memory region args 2013-08-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/14] qdev: use QAPI type names for properties 2014-02-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,13/14] qemu-socket: don't leak opts on error 2013-06-28 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/14] qerror: Remove assert_no_error() 2014-01-06 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/14] smbios: Make multiple -smbios type= accumulate sanely 2013-09-29 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/14] tcg-aarch64: Support div, rem 2014-03-14 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/14] tcg: Fix fallback from muls2_i64 to mulu2_i64 2014-04-22 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/14] util/path: Fix type which is longer than 8 bit for MinGW 2013-10-06 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/14] vmdk: use heap allocation for whole_grain 2013-08-06 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/15] Makefile: Remove some more files when cleaning 2013-09-14 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/15] qmp: fix integer usage in examples 2013-09-02 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/15] qmp: qmp_send_key(): accept key codes in hex 2012-09-27 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/15] sysemu.h: Document what MAX_CPUMASK_BITS really limits 2014-03-24 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/15] tcg/i386: Add tcg_out_vex_modrm 2014-02-18 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/15] tcg: Move the CIE and FDE header definitions to common code 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/16] kvm: add support for hyper-v timers 2014-02-03 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,13/16] monitor: refine monitor_find_completion() 2013-08-30 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/16] qemu-iotests: Check common namespace for id and node-name 2014-04-23 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/16] trace: Remove trace.h from hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h (less dependencies) 2013-11-13 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/17] Makefile: Remove some more files when cleaning 2013-09-20 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/17] cpu: Change default for CPUClass::get_paging_enabled() 2013-06-13 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/17] doc: Mention chardev:id in available devices for -serial 2013-12-27 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/17] icount: reorganize icount_warp_rt 2013-10-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,13/17] qemu-char: use bool in qemu_chr_open_socket and simplify code a bit 2013-06-22 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/17] s390/eventfacility: Fix receive/send masks 2013-09-24 Christian Borntraeger New
[PULL,13/17] sheepdog: pass copy_policy in the request 2013-10-29 Kevin Wolf New