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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[RFC,v2,1/2] ec: add ASL for ACPI Embedded Controller 2013-06-06 liguang New
[v5,8/9] dump: Add API to write dump pages 2013-07-09 Qiao Nuohan New
[1/7] net: fix qemu_flush_queued_packets() in presence of a hub 2013-02-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v13,3/8] update kernel headers 2013-02-28 Hu Tao New
[v3,4/4] Add top level changes for moxie 2013-02-25 Anthony Green New
seabios 1.7.3 breaks booting windows 7? 2013-07-09 Kevin O'Connor New
[RFC,01/11] Split off generate_struct_fields() 2013-07-09 Kevin Wolf New
[v4,2/5] usb/hcd-ehci: Split off instance_init from realize 2013-02-25 Andreas Färber New
[v2,1/6] util: move socket_init() to osdep.c 2013-02-25 Marc-André Lureau New
[v2,2/6] build-sys: must link with -fstack-protector 2013-02-25 Marc-André Lureau New
[v2,3/6] libcacard: fix mingw64 cross-compilation 2013-02-25 Marc-André Lureau New
[v2,5/6] libcacard: vscclient to use QemuThread for portability 2013-02-25 Marc-André Lureau New
glib: Add compat wrapper for g_poll on old glib 2013-02-25 Alexander Graf New
[v2,09/10] hw/arm_sysctl: Implement SYS_CFG_OSC function 2013-02-25 Peter Maydell New
[RFC,v2] s390/virtio-ccw: Adapter interrupt support. 2013-07-09 Cornelia Huck New
[RFC,v2,2/2] KVM: s390: virtio-ccw adapter interrupt support. 2013-07-09 Cornelia Huck New
Fix command example in qemu.sasl 2013-07-09 Cole Robinson New
[PULL,00/15] tcg: remainder and tcg-arm updates 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
pseries: Add compatible property to root of device tree 2013-02-26 David Gibson New
[1/1] virtio-serial: make flow control explicit in virtio-console 2013-02-26 Amit Shah New
[V7,01/14] qemu-img: remove unused parameter in collect_image_info() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[PULL,1/3] New cpu-max field in query-machines QMP command output 2013-04-12 Luiz Capitulino New
[V7,02/14] block: add bdrv_can_read_snapshot() function 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[PULL,2/3] Revert "New QMP command query-cpu-max and HMP command cpu_max" 2013-04-12 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/4] S390: BIOS boot from given device 2013-04-30 Dominik Dingel New
[PULL,3/3] qapi: use valid JSON in schema 2013-04-12 Luiz Capitulino New
scp during migration with vhost fails 2013-02-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,1/6] kvm: add kvm_readonly_mem_enabled 2013-05-01 New
[v3,0/5] kvm: Make ioeventfd usable on s390. 2013-02-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,4/6] pflash_cfi01: memory region should be set to enable readonly mode 2013-05-01 New
[PULL,01/15] tcg: Add myself to general TCG maintainership 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[v2,6/6] pc_sysfw: change rom_only default to 0 2013-05-01 New
[PULL,02/15] tcg: Split rem requirement from div requirement 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,15/15] tcg-arm: Implement tcg_register_jit 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,v2,0/4] Trivial patches for 6 to 12 April 2013 2013-04-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v4] doc: document -netdev hubport 2013-02-26 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PATCHv2,for-1.4] vhost: memory sync fixes 2013-02-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/15] tcg: Move the CIE and FDE header definitions to common code 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[1/4] target-moxie: Fix VMState registration 2013-04-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v4,11/23] hw/nand.c: bug fix to BUSY/READY status bit 2013-02-26 Kuo-Jung Su New
[V7,14/14] hmp: show snapshots on single block device 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[V7,07/14] block: rename bdrv_query_info() to bdrv_query_block_info() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[V7,06/14] block: add image info query function bdrv_query_image_info() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[PULL] slirp: Urgent fix for QEMU lockup 2013-02-26 Jan Kiszka New
[V7,03/14] block: return bool for bdrv_can_snapshot() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[V7,09/14] block: move bdrv_snapshot_find() to block.c 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[V7,12/14] hmp: add function hmp_info_snapshots() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[2/4] linux-user: pass correct host flags to eventfd2 call 2013-04-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] cpu-exec: Allow "-d exec" in non-debug builds (drop CONFIG_DEBUG_EXEC) 2013-04-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[V7,13/14] hmp: switch snapshot info function to qmp based one 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[V7,10/14] block: distinguish id and name in bdrv_find_snapshot() 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[v2,5/5] intc/xilinx_intc: Dont lower IRQ when HIE cleared 2013-06-11 Peter Crosthwaite New
[3/4] Typo, spelling and grammatical fixes 2013-04-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[V7,11/14] qmp: add interface query-snapshots 2013-02-26 Wayne Xia New
[RFC,v2,5/8] piix4: add events for cpu hotplug 2013-06-06 liguang New
PATCH3- evaluate breakpoint condition on target - dump bytecode of breakpoint condition in human readable format - for debug purposes 2013-02-26 Anna Neiman New
PATCH4 - evaluate breakpoint condition on target - final patch - call of translation gdb bytecode to TCG code, add translated breakpoint condition code to the translation block 2013-02-26 Anna Neiman New
[2/3] pc: Split pc_init_pci_1_0() off pc_init_pci_1_2() 2013-04-12 Markus Armbruster New
[V15,4/5] hmp: show ImageInfo in 'info block' 2013-06-06 Wayne Xia New
[V15,3/5] qmp: add ImageInfo in BlockDeviceInfo used by query-block 2013-06-06 Wayne Xia New
[1/3] pc: Inline pc_init_pci_1_3() into pc_init_pci_1_2() 2013-04-12 Markus Armbruster New
[3/3] pc: Kill the "use flash device for BIOS unless KVM" misfeature 2013-04-12 Markus Armbruster New
[v19,3/7] introduce a new qom device to deal with panicked event 2013-04-18 Hu Tao New
fpu: Correct edgecase in float64_muladd 2013-04-12 Peter Maydell New
[v7,02/13] curl: change magic number to sizeof 2013-06-06 Fam Zheng New
[v19,1/7] add a new runstate: RUN_STATE_GUEST_PANICKED 2013-04-18 Hu Tao New
[v7,13/13] curl: change timeout to 30 seconds 2013-06-06 Fam Zheng New
[v7,11/13] block/curl.c: Refuse to open the handle for writes. 2013-06-06 Fam Zheng New
[v7,01/11] oslib-posix: Align to permit transparent hugepages on ARM Linux 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,03/11] target-arm: Drop CPUARMState* argument from bank_number() 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,04/11] ARM: KVM: Add support for KVM on ARM architecture 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,07/11] hw/arm_gic: Convert ARM GIC classes to use init/realize 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v3] qemu-log: default to stderr for logging output 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[PATCHv4,02/17] block: add flags to bdrv_*_write_zeroes 2013-10-08 Peter Lieven New
[v7,05/11] ARM KVM: save and load VFP registers from kernel 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,02/11] linux-headers: resync from mainline to add ARM KVM headers 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v2] gtk: Release modifier when graphic console loses keyboard focus 2013-02-26 Jan Kiszka New
apic: fixup fallthrough to PIC 2013-02-26 Mark Asselstine New
[PULL,02/14] tests: Update .gitignore for test-int128 and test-bitops 2013-10-06 Michael Tokarev New
[PATCHv4,17/17] block/raw: copy BlockLimits on raw_open 2013-10-08 Peter Lieven New
[v4] Add interface to traverse the qmp command list by QmpCommand 2013-10-09 Mark Wu New
[v19,7/7] Wire up disabled wait a panicked event on s390 2013-04-18 Hu Tao New
[v7,08/11] target-arm: Use MemoryListener to identify GIC base address for KVM 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,06/11] hw/arm_gic: Add presave/postload hooks 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[v7,09/11] hw/kvm/arm_gic: Implement support for KVM in-kernel ARM GIC 2013-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[PATCHv2,for-1.4] e1000: unbreak the guest network migration to 1.3 2013-02-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,07/11] virtio-rng: switch to linux-headers 2013-05-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2] monitor: work around delayed CHR_EVENT_OPENED events 2013-05-26 Michael Roth New
[3/3] asn1 visitor tests 2013-02-26 Joel Schopp New
[2/3] asn1 ber visitors 2013-02-26 Joel Schopp New
[V25,1/7] Support for TPM command line options 2013-02-27 Stefan Berger New
[03/11] QEMU NVMe: Implement NVMe features 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New
[02/11] QEMU NVMe: Add command line options 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New
[V26,3/7] Add a debug register 2013-02-27 Stefan Berger New
[V26,7/7] Build TPM passthrough for i386 and x86_64 targets 2013-02-27 Stefan Berger New
[01/11] NVMe: Initial commit for NVM Express device 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New
[1/3] target-i386: group cpu model definitions by vendor 2013-02-27 liguang New
[06/11] QEMU NVMe: Implement flush and dsm 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New
[09/11] QEMU NVMe: Implement discontiguous queues 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New
[07/11] QEMU NVMe: Set error pages with error data 2013-02-27 Keith Busch New