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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v3,5/6] TCG: Use gen_opparam_buf from context instead of global variable. 2012-10-29 Evgeny Voevodin New
[v3,5/6] Use cpu_physical_memory_set_dirty_range() to update phys_ram_dirty. 2010-04-19 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[v3,5/6] add regression tests for backup 2013-02-19 Dietmar Maurer New
[v3,5/6] bitops: add BITNR macro 2013-11-11 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[v3,5/6] bitops: add BITNR macro 2013-11-13 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[v3,5/6] block: Remove type hint, it's guest matter, doesn't belong here 2011-05-12 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,5/6] block: add bdrv_map() 2011-07-13 Devin Nakamura New
[v3,5/6] hw/ds1338.c: Implement support for the control register. 2012-12-12 Antoine Mathys New
[v3,5/6] iothread: add "iothread" qdev property type 2014-02-20 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/6] ppc: Don't duplicate QEMUMachineInitArgs in PPCE500Params 2013-07-22 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,5/6] qapi: convert sendkey 2012-06-20 Amos Kong New
[v3,5/6] qed: add .bdrv_co_write_zeroes() support 2011-12-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/6] qemu-img: Allow -o help with incomplete argument list 2014-02-21 Kevin Wolf New
[v3,5/6] qemu-iotests: Discard specific info in _img_info 2013-09-10 Max Reitz New
[v3,5/6] qemu-iotests: Force qcow2 in error path test in 048 2013-11-20 Fam Zheng New
[v3,5/6] qemu-option: Remove qemu_opts_create_nofail 2013-12-11 Peter Crosthwaite New
[v3,5/6] qemu_next_alarm_deadline: check the expire time of a clock only if it is enabled 2012-01-27 Stefano Stabellini New
[v3,5/6] scsi-disk: return CHECK CONDITION for unknown page codes in the MODE SENSE command 2010-08-31 Bernhard Kohl New
[v3,5/6] suspend: make serial ports wakeup the guest. 2012-02-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v3,5/6] target-arm: Silence NaNs resulting from half-precision conversions 2011-02-10 Peter Maydell New
[v3,5/6] target-microblaze: QOM'ify CPU reset 2012-04-23 Andreas Färber New
[v3,5/6] target-mips: Adding support for Cavium specific instructions 2011-10-22 Khansa Butt New
[v3,5/6] tmp105: QOM'ify 2013-01-07 Andreas Färber New
[v3,5/6] trace: [simple] Port to generic event information and new control interface 2012-02-10 Lluís Vilanova New
[v3,5/6] util: Use qemu_getauxval in linux qemu_cache_utils_init 2013-10-17 Richard Henderson New
[v3,5/6] vga: Use linear mapping + dirty logging in chain 4 memory access mode 2011-09-17 Blue Swirl New
[v3,5/6] vga: Use linear mapping + dirty logging in chain 4 memory access mode 2011-09-12 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/6] vga: Use linear mapping + dirty logging in chain 4 memory access mode 2011-08-22 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/6] vga: Use linear mapping + dirty logging in chain 4 memory access mode 2011-09-13 Alexander Graf New
[v3,5/6] virtio-balloon: cleanup: QOM casts. 2013-03-27 New
[v3,5/6] vmdk: store fields of VmdkMetaData in cpu endian 2013-04-24 Fam Zheng New
[v3,5/6] xen: record physmap changes to xenstore 2012-01-19 Stefano Stabellini New
[v3,5/7] Add vhost-user calls implementation 2013-12-13 Antonios Motakis New
[v3,5/7] MIPS: Initial support of fulong mini pc (CPU definition) 2010-06-04 chen huacai New
[v3,5/7] RTC:Add RTC update-ended interrupt support 2012-03-02 Zhang, Yang Z New
[v3,5/7] allwinner-a10-pit: implement prescaler and source selection 2014-03-15 Beniamino Galvani New
[v3,5/7] block: always open drivers in writeback mode 2012-06-05 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,5/7] blockdev-test: add test case for drive_add duplicate IDs 2013-10-30 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/7] guest agent: add guest agent RPCs/commands 2011-06-01 Michael Roth New
[v3,5/7] hw/acpi: export acpi_checksum() 2013-04-16 Laszlo Ersek New
[v3,5/7] hw/sun4m: Use the QEMUMachine max_ram to implement memory limit 2011-03-29 Peter Maydell New
[v3,5/7] hw/vexpress.c: Instantiate the motherboard CLCD 2012-01-30 Peter Maydell New
[v3,5/7] i8254: Rework & fix interaction with HPET in legacy mode 2012-01-31 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/7] migration: omit drive ref as we have bdrv_ref now 2013-07-31 Fam Zheng New
[v3,5/7] net: introduce lock to protect net clients 2013-06-27 pingfan liu New
[v3,5/7] pc: Refuse max_cpus if it results in too large APIC ID 2014-03-14 Eduardo Habkost New
[v3,5/7] qapi: String visitor, use %f represenation for floats 2012-03-05 Michael Roth New
[v3,5/7] qcow2: implement lazy refcounts 2012-07-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/7] softfloat: Drop [s]bits{8, 16, 32, 64} types in favor of [u]int{8, 16, 32, 64}_t 2010-12-18 Andreas Färber New
[v3,5/7] virtio-net-ccw: switch to the new API. 2013-04-11 New
[v3,5/7] virtio-serial: cleanup: init and exit functions. 2013-03-28 New
[v3,5/8] MAINTAINERS: Add PCI host bridge files to PReP machine 2012-01-13 Andreas Färber New
[v3,5/8] VMDK: read/write compressed extent 2011-08-12 Feiran Zheng New
[v3,5/8] block: Remove bdrv_new() from bdrv_file_open() 2014-02-15 Max Reitz New
[v3,5/8] blockdev: rename BlkTransactionStates to singular 2013-05-15 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/8] hw/vfio: set interrupts using pci irq wrappers 2013-10-07 Marcel Apfelbaum New
[v3,5/8] kvm: x86: Wire up MSI support for in-kernel irqchip 2012-05-10 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/8] monitor: convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject 2010-01-25 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,5/8] msi: Invoke msi/msix_reset from PCI core 2012-05-11 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/8] msix: Note endian TODO item 2012-06-14 Alex Williamson New
[v3,5/8] qcow2-refcount: Repair OFLAG_COPIED errors 2013-08-30 Max Reitz New
[v3,5/8] qemu-ga: fixes for win32 build of qemu-ga 2012-02-14 Michael Roth New
[v3,5/8] qmp: convert blockdev-snapshot-sync to a wrapper around transactions 2012-03-05 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,5/8] target-arm: A64: add support for add, addi, sub, subi 2013-12-13 Peter Maydell New
[v3,5/8] usb/ehci: seperate out PCIisms 2012-10-29 Peter Crosthwaite New
[v3,5/8] virtio-ccw: cleanup. 2013-04-14 New
[v3,5/8] virtio-rng-ccw: switch to the new API. 2013-04-14 New
[v3,5/8] virtio: Implement MMIO based virtio transport 2013-07-16 Peter Maydell New
[v3,5/8] xics: split to xics and xics-common 2013-08-19 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[v3,5/9] Use writev ops if available 2013-03-21 Orit Wasserman New
[v3,5/9] ahci: convert ahci_reset to use AHCIState 2011-12-27 Mark Langsdorf New
[v3,5/9] block: vhdx - break endian translation functions out 2013-08-08 Jeff Cody New
[v3,5/9] fdc: add CCR (Configuration Control Register) write register 2012-01-23 Hervé Poussineau New
[v3,5/9] hbitmap: Add hbitmap_copy 2014-03-17 Fam Zheng New
[v3,5/9] ide: Drop redundant IDEState geometry members 2014-01-30 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,5/9] kvm: Allow arch to set sigmask length 2014-03-06 James Hogan New
[v3,5/9] kvmvapic: Add option ROM 2012-02-14 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,5/9] net: refector tcp_*_start functions 2012-03-06 Amos Kong New
[v3,5/9] pci: Remove cap.length, cap.start, cap.supported 2010-11-19 Alex Williamson New
[v3,5/9] qmp: add block_stream command 2011-12-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,5/9] target-arm: Infer AUXCR feature from ARMv6 2011-12-06 Andreas Färber New
[v3,5/9] usb-serial: don't magically zap chardev on umplug 2012-10-15 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v3,6/25] dma: add NEC PC-9821 family interface 2009-10-28 武田 =?ISO-2022-JP?B?IBskQj1TTGkbKEI=?= New
[v3,6/6] Addition of Cavium instructions in disassembler 2011-10-22 Khansa Butt New
[v3,6/6] Do constant folding for unary operations. 2011-07-07 Kirill Batuzov New
[v3,6/6] LICENSE: There is no libqemu.a anymore 2011-11-15 陳韋任 New
[v3,6/6] TCG: Remove unused global variables 2012-10-29 Evgeny Voevodin New
[v3,6/6] Use cpu_physical_memory_get_dirty_range() to check multiple dirty pages. 2010-04-19 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[v3,6/6] add vm state to backups 2013-02-19 Dietmar Maurer New
[v3,6/6] block: add bdrv_copy_header() 2011-07-13 Devin Nakamura New
[v3,6/6] dataplane: replace internal thread with IOThread 2014-02-20 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,6/6] defaults: ide-cd and scsi-cd devices suppress default CD-ROM 2011-05-12 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,6/6] hw/ds1338.c: Fix handling of DAY (wday) register. 2012-12-12 Antoine Mathys New
[v3,6/6] hw: Clean up bogus default boot order 2013-07-22 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,6/6] linux-user: Use qemu_getauxval for AT_EXECFD 2013-10-17 Richard Henderson New
[v3,6/6] ps2: output warning when event queue full 2012-06-20 Amos Kong New
[v3,6/6] qemu-io: add write -z option for bdrv_co_write_zeroes 2011-12-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,6/6] qemu-iotests: Additional info from qemu-img info 2013-09-10 Max Reitz New
[v3,6/6] qemu-iotests: Check qemu-img command line parsing 2014-02-21 Kevin Wolf New
[v3,6/6] qemu-iotests: Clean up spaces in usage output 2013-11-20 Fam Zheng New