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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v3,029/197] Start integration of qom w/qdev. 2011-12-12 Anthony Liguori New
[v3,03/10] RTC: introduce RTC_CLOCK_RATE 2012-08-02 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/10] Switch compatfd to QEMU thread 2012-04-05 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/10] add pflib: PixelFormat conversion library. 2010-08-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v3,03/10] chardev: reduce chardev ifdef mess a bit 2013-01-11 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v3,03/10] cpu: Document why cannot_instantiate_with_device_add_yet 2013-10-30 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/10] curl: change curl_multi_do to curl_fd_handler 2013-05-20 Fam Zheng New
[v3,03/10] esp: implement Disable selection command 2012-07-09 Hervé Poussineau New
[v3,03/10] main-loop: switch POSIX glib integration to GPollFD 2013-02-04 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,03/10] migration: expose the bitmap_sync_counter to the end user 2014-03-18 Gonglei (Arei) New
[v3,03/10] raven: move BIOS loading from board code to PCI host 2013-11-04 Hervé Poussineau New
[v3,03/10] sheepdog: check return values of qemu_co_recv/send correctly 2013-07-25 MORITA Kazutaka New
[v3,03/10] target-xtensa: handle boolean option in overlays 2012-09-19 Max Filippov New
[v3,03/10] trace: generalize the "property" concept in the trace-events file 2011-05-02 =?utf-8?Q?Llu=C3=ADs?= New
[v3,03/10] vmdk: use unsigned values for on disk header fields 2013-08-06 Fam Zheng New
[v3,03/10] x86: Extend validity of cpu_is_bsp 2010-02-24 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/11] AARCH64: Add A57 CPU to default AArch64 configuration and enable KVM 2013-09-27 Mian M. Hamayun New
[v3,03/11] error: Convert qemu_opts_create() to QError 2010-03-25 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/11] hw/9pfs: Fix unchecked strdup() by converting to g_strdup() 2013-01-22 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/11] i8259: give ISA device to isa_register_ioport() 2011-12-15 Hervé Poussineau New
[v3,03/11] mcf_fec: convert to memory API 2011-11-22 Benoit Canet New
[v3,03/11] savevm: add error parameter to qemu_savevm_state_begin() 2013-03-28 Pavel Hrdina New
[v3,03/11] trace: [tracetool] Simplify event line parsing 2012-02-10 Lluís Vilanova New
[v3,03/11] versatile_pci: Update to realize and instance init functions 2013-04-04 Peter Maydell New
[v3,03/12] ARM: Add AArch64 translation stub 2013-05-13 John Rigby New
[v3,03/12] VMDK: probe for monolithicFlat images 2011-06-27 Feiran Zheng New
[v3,03/12] block: Add "has_single_child" field for drivers 2014-04-10 Max Reitz New
[v3,03/12] block: implement dirty bitmap using HBitmap 2013-01-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/12] dataplane: add host memory mapping code 2012-11-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,03/12] net: eepro100: replace qemu_format_nic_info_str by qemu_format_nic_info_dict 2010-04-15 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[v3,03/12] qom: preserve object while unparenting it 2013-01-25 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/12] target-arm: A64: provide functions for accessing FPCR and FPSR 2013-12-05 Peter Maydell New
[v3,03/12] virtio-ccw: remove vdev field 2013-10-15 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/12] vnc: really call zlib if we want zlib 2010-05-19 Corentin Chary New
[v3,03/13] SMBIOS: Use bitmaps to check for smbios table collisions 2014-03-12 Gabriel L. Somlo New
[v3,03/13] blockdev: Remove drive_get_serial() 2010-07-01 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/13] configure: Enable threading on all ppc and mips linux-user targets 2013-07-16 Peter Maydell New
[v3,03/13] pci: introduce helper function pci_shift_word/long which returns shifted value. 2010-09-15 Isaku Yamahata New
[v3,03/13] qemu-timer: move common code to qemu_rearm_alarm_timer 2011-10-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/13] target-arm: A64: add support for ADR and ADRP 2013-12-09 Peter Maydell New
[v3,03/13] target-sh4: Start QOM'ifying CPU init 2012-04-14 Andreas Färber New
[v3,03/13] tests/qapi-schema: Cover simple argument types 2014-03-01 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/14] ARM: exynos4210: UART support 2011-12-12 Evgeny Voevodin New
[v3,03/14] acpi: add rules to compile ASL source 2013-07-24 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v3,03/14] bonito: QOM'ify Bonito PCI host bridge 2012-07-04 Andreas Färber New
[v3,03/14] tcg-arm: Don't implement rem 2013-07-03 Richard Henderson New
[v3,03/14] wdt_ib700: replace register_ioport* 2013-06-22 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/15] add qemu_send_full and qemu_recv_full 2011-10-05 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/15] add qemu_send_full and qemu_recv_full 2011-10-14 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/15] dma-helpers: add accounting wrappers 2012-02-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/15] move feature variables to the top 2010-12-23 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/15] qcow: move some blocks of code to avoid useless variable initialization 2011-08-23 Frediano Ziglio New
[v3,03/15] target-i386: Add range check for -cpu , family=x 2012-04-25 Andreas Färber New
[v3,03/16] apic: Stop timer on reset 2011-12-06 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/16] block: add bdrv_open_backing_file 2012-10-18 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/16] isa: correctly implement isa_address_space(), by calling a bus-specific function 2011-10-02 Hervé Poussineau New
[v3,03/16] net: Look up 'vlan' net clients using hubs 2012-05-24 Zhiyong Wu New
[v3,03/16] qdev: Add a get_dev_path() function to BusInfo 2010-07-02 Alex Williamson New
[v3,03/16] target-or32: Add MMU support 2012-06-06 Jia Liu New
[v3,03/16] vl: Fix -boot order and once regressions, and related bugs 2013-06-14 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/16] vnc: add a way to get the update frequency for a given region 2011-02-04 Corentin Chary New
[v3,03/17] blockdev: Introduce DriveInfo.enable_auto_del 2013-10-08 Kevin Wolf New
[v3,03/17] qdev: Allow device addressing via 'driver.instance' 2010-05-23 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/17] target-i386: Add Hypervisor level. 2012-09-17 Don Slutz New
[v3,03/17] target-i386: Add Hypervisor level. 2012-09-17 Don Slutz New
[v3,03/17] target-i386: Add Hypervisor level. 2012-09-17 Don Slutz New
[v3,03/17] tests: adjust test-aio to new aio_poll() semantics 2013-06-10 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,03/17] vl.c: convert *vga_enabled functions to QOM 2012-09-11 Aurelien Jarno New
[v3,03/17] x86: Account for MCE in cpu_has_work 2011-03-02 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/18] pc: pass PCI hole ranges to Guests 2013-07-04 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v3,03/18] puv3: Turn puv3_load_kernel() into a no-op for qtest without -kernel 2013-09-23 Andreas Färber New
[v3,03/18] qapi: generate C types for fixed-width integers 2012-07-17 Laszlo Ersek New
[v3,03/19] block: Framework for reopening files safely 2012-09-18 Jeff Cody New
[v3,03/19] block: add flags argument to bdrv_co_write_zeroes tracepoint 2013-11-22 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/19] bsd-user: move strace OS/arch dependent code to host/arch dirs 2013-12-17 Stacey Son New
[v3,03/19] cow: do not call bdrv_co_is_allocated 2013-07-25 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/20] arm: add Faraday FTAHBC020 support 2013-02-06 Kuo-Jung Su New
[v3,03/20] nbd: inline tcp_socket_incoming_spec into sole caller 2014-02-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/20] qom: register legacy properties as new style properties (v2) 2011-12-12 Anthony Liguori New
[v3,03/20] tcg-arm: Allow constant first argument to sub 2013-03-28 Richard Henderson New
[v3,03/21] kvm: Stop on all fatal exit reasons 2011-01-04 Jan Kiszka New
[v3,03/21] qapi: add module init types for qapi 2011-06-14 Michael Roth New
[v3,03/21] qdict: Add qdict_array_split() 2013-12-11 Max Reitz New
[v3,03/21] scsi: introduce scsi_req_data 2011-05-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/22] exec: Always initialize MemorySection address spaces 2014-01-13 Edgar Iglesias New
[v3,03/22] qapi: -> 2012-10-04 Michael Roth New
[v3,03/23] kvm: use separate MemoryListeners for memory and I/O 2012-10-09 Avi Kivity New
[v3,03/24] cpu/a9mpcore: Embed GICState 2013-08-20 Andreas Färber New
[v3,03/24] trace: Let the user specify her own trace-events file 2013-04-21 Lluís Vilanova New
[v3,03/26] pci: pci capability must be in PCI space 2012-10-19 Jason Baron New
[v3,03/26] tcg-aarch64: Use TCGType and TCGMemOp constants 2014-04-03 Richard Henderson New
[v3,03/26] tcg: add temp_sync() 2012-10-19 Aurelien Jarno New
[v3,03/27] ide: Reject ATA commands specific to drive kinds 2011-09-06 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/27] tcg-ppc64: Introduce and use tcg_out_rlw 2013-04-02 Richard Henderson New
[v3,03/28] ccid: make backend_enum_table "static const" and adjust users 2013-04-22 Alon Levy New
[v3,03/29] block: Update BlockLimits when they might have changed 2014-01-17 Kevin Wolf New
[v3,03/29] build: add rules for nesting 2012-06-07 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,03/29] tcg-aarch64: Don't handle mov/movi in tcg_out_op 2013-09-02 Richard Henderson New
[v3,03/29] vvfat: Do not clobber the user's geometry 2012-07-10 Markus Armbruster New
[v3,03/31] target-arm: Implement AArch64 CurrentEL sysreg 2014-02-15 Peter Maydell New