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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,3/3] slirp: set mainloop timeout with more precise value 2013-08-14 pingfan liu New
[v2,3/3] spapr: make irq customizable via qdev 2011-05-26 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/3] sysbus: remove sysbus_init_mmio_cb2 2011-12-14 Benoit Canet New
[v2,3/3] target-cris: Start QOM'ifying CPU init 2012-04-11 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/3] target-i386: add AES-NI instructions 2013-03-28 Aurelien Jarno New
[v2,3/3] target-lm32: QOM'ify CPU reset 2012-04-11 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/3] target-microblaze: QOM'ify CPU init 2012-04-12 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/3] target-openrisc: remove conflicting definitions from cpu.h 2012-10-30 New
[v2,3/3] target-ppc: Fix SUBFE carry 2013-02-25 Richard Henderson New
[v2,3/3] target-ppc: Remove redundant POWER7 declarations 2014-04-11 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[v2,3/3] target-ppc: remove old CONFIG_SOFTFLOAT #ifdef 2011-04-20 Aurelien Jarno New
[v2,3/3] target-xtensa: Start QOM'ifying CPU init 2012-04-11 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/3] target-xtensa: add license to core-fsf.c 2012-04-15 Max Filippov New
[v2,3/3] target-xtensa: switch to AREG0-free mode 2012-06-10 Max Filippov New
[v2,3/3] test: add image streaming tests 2012-02-29 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/3] trace-instrument: handle config-time activation 2010-11-04 =?utf-8?Q?Llu=C3=ADs?= New
[v2,3/3] trace: enable all events by default 2010-11-09 =?utf-8?Q?Llu=C3=ADs?= New
[v2,3/3] unin_pci: Drop unused reset handler 2012-01-19 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/3] usb-msd: Propagate removable bit to SCSI device 2011-01-18 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/3] vdi: Avoid direct AIO callback 2011-06-15 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/3] vfio: Fix 128 bit handling 2013-08-22 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[v2,3/3] virtio-serial: don't set MULTIPORT for 1 port dev 2010-02-15 Amit Shah New
[v2,3/3] vnc/spice: add set_passwd monitor command. 2010-11-30 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/3] xen: Fold CONFIG_XEN_MAPCACHE into CONFIG_XEN 2011-06-21 Jan Kiszka New
[v2,3/3] xen_machine_pv: do not create a dummy CPU in machine->init 2013-05-29 Stefano Stabellini New
[v2,3/4] ARM: exynos4210_pmu: Introduced exynos4210_pmu_get_register_index 2012-07-12 Maksim E. Kozlov New
[v2,3/4] Add cap reduction support to enable use as SUID 2011-10-21 Corey Bryant New
[v2,3/4] Add i.MX25 3DS evaluation board support. 2013-05-04 Jean-Christophe DUBOIS New
[v2,3/4] Add sample moxie system 2013-02-24 Anthony Green New
[v2,3/4] Added drives' readonly option 2010-01-17 Naphtali Sprei New
[v2,3/4] Block: readonly changes 2010-02-04 Naphtali Sprei New
[v2,3/4] CHECKPATCH: Add --debug adv_apw 2012-09-02 Don Slutz New
[v2,3/4] Count dirty blocks and expose an API to get dirty count 2010-01-21 New
[v2,3/4] Curling: the sender 2013-09-29 Jules Wang New
[v2,3/4] CONFIG_NO_* variables removed 2013-09-13 Peter Maydell New
[v2,3/4] RTC:Add alarm support 2012-02-20 Zhang, Yang Z New
[v2,3/4] acpi: Assert sts array limit on AcpiCpuHotplug_add() 2014-03-12 Eduardo Habkost New
[v2,3/4] blkdebug: Free QemuOpts after having read the config 2010-07-01 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/4] block: add BLOCK_O_CHECK for qemu-img check 2012-08-09 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] block: drop duplicated slice extension code 2013-04-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] block: qcow2 - used QEMU_PACKED for on-disk structures 2013-09-25 Jeff Cody New
[v2,3/4] buffered_file: rate-limit producers based on buffer size 2012-11-20 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/4] coroutine: add check-coroutine --benchmark-lifecycle 2011-05-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] dataplane: change vring API to use VirtQueueElement 2013-12-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/4] exynos4210: Set reset-cbar property of Cortex-A9 CPUs 2014-03-10 Peter Maydell New
[v2,3/4] gtk: Remember the last grabbed pointer position 2014-04-02 Takashi Iwai New
[v2,3/4] hw/omap_clk: Add the clock for the OMAP2430-specific fifth GPIO module 2011-07-08 Peter Maydell New
[v2,3/4] hw/sh_serial: Use TARGET_PRIxPHYS rather than %x for physaddr 2012-06-25 Peter Maydell New
[v2,3/4] i386: generate pc guest info 2013-07-08 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,3/4] i386: generate pc guest info 2013-07-11 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,3/4] i440fx-test: generate temporary firmware blob 2013-11-28 Laszlo Ersek New
[v2,3/4] ide: Set BSY bit during FLUSH 2013-06-05 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/4] ioapic: Cleanup for QOM'ify 2013-11-05 xiaoqiang.zhao New
[v2,3/4] ioapic: Cleanup for QOM'ify 2013-11-05 xiaoqiang.zhao New
[v2,3/4] ioapic: Cleanup for QOM'ify 2013-11-05 xiaoqiang.zhao New
[v2,3/4] kbd leds: usb kbd 2010-02-26 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/4] m25p80.c: Multiple debug verbosity levels 2013-04-07 Peter Crosthwaite New
[v2,3/4] memory: change dirtying APIs to take a size 2011-10-16 Blue Swirl New
[v2,3/4] memory: update documentation to be in gtk-doc format 2011-12-14 Anthony Liguori New
[v2,3/4] monitor: Use argument type 'b' for set_link 2010-03-26 Markus Armbruster New
[v2,3/4] openpic: move IACK to its own function 2013-01-03 Scott Wood New
[v2,3/4] osdep: Enable qemu_open to dup pre-opened fd 2012-06-08 Corey Bryant New
[v2,3/4] osdep: Enable qemu_open to dup pre-opened fd 2012-06-08 Corey Bryant New
[v2,3/4] osdep: Enable qemu_open to dup pre-opened fd 2012-06-08 Corey Bryant New
[v2,3/4] page_cache: fix memory leak 2013-02-25 Orit Wasserman New
[v2,3/4] pc & q35: Add new object pc-memory-layout. 2014-03-11 Don Slutz New
[v2,3/4] pcihp: make pci_read() mmio calback compatible with legacy ACPI hotplug 2014-01-27 Igor Mammedov New
[v2,3/4] pl011: fix incorrect logic to set the RXFF flag 2014-03-14 Rob Herring New
[v2,3/4] ppc: booke206: use MAV=2.0 TSIZE definition, fix 4G pages 2011-08-18 Scott Wood New
[v2,3/4] Subcommand for changing header fields 2013-05-14 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/4] qed: Report error for unsupported features 2011-02-10 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/4] qemu-char: add support for U-prefixed symbols 2013-11-01 Michael Tokarev New
[v2,3/4] qemu-char: add support for U-prefixed symbols 2013-10-16 Jan Krupa New
[v2,3/4] qemu-char: correct return value from chr_read functions 2013-04-19 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/4] qemu-img: do not zero-pad the compressed write buffer 2013-04-16 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] qemu-iotests: qemu-io tests update for block-commit (040) 2012-10-16 Jeff Cody New
[v2,3/4] qemu-socket: set passed fd non-blocking in socket_connect() 2013-03-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] qemu-thread: add QemuEvent 2013-08-13 pingfan liu New
[v2,3/4] qemu-thread: implement joinable threads for Win32 2011-12-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/4] qom: add set() argument to object_property_add_link() 2014-03-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v2,3/4] qom: cleanup struct Error references 2013-09-24 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[v2,3/4] qxl/spice: remove qemu_mutex_{un, }lock_iothread around dispatcher 2011-03-16 Alon Levy New
[v2,3/4] remove exec-all.h inclusion from cpu.h 2010-06-29 Paolo Bonzini New
[v2,3/4] s390/kvm: Add a channel I/O based virtio transport driver. 2012-09-04 Cornelia Huck New
[v2,3/4] scsi-disk: Complete failed requests in scsi_disk_emulate_command 2010-10-29 Kevin Wolf New
[v2,3/4] serial: add windows inf file for the pci card to docs 2012-09-26 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/4] sheepdog: add helper function to reload inode 2013-04-25 MORITA Kazutaka New
[v2,3/4] slirp: Remove unneeded if_queued 2012-03-02 Jan Kiszka New
[v2,3/4] softfloat: Replace uint16 type with uint_fast16_t 2012-04-25 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/4] spapr: Improve device tree CPU node for -cpu host with unknown OF name 2013-08-15 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/4] spice: add screen mirror 2012-09-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/4] switch vmware_vga to pci vgabios 2010-10-15 Gerd Hoffmann New
[v2,3/4] target-arm: Implement the generic timer 2013-08-09 Peter Maydell New
[v2,3/4] target-i386: Allow changing of Hypervisor CPUIDs. 2012-09-11 Don Slutz New
[v2,3/4] target-i386: QOM'ify CPU init 2012-04-03 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/4] target-m68k: Start QOM'ifying CPU init 2012-04-15 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/4] target-mips: add support for CP0_Config5 2014-01-24 Petar Jovanovic New
[v2,3/4] target-mips: add support for CP0_Config5 2014-02-08 Eric Johnson New
[v2,3/4] target-s390x: QOM'ify CPU init 2012-04-02 Andreas Färber New
[v2,3/4] tcg-i386: Use QEMU_BUILD_BUG_ON instead of assert for frame size 2013-06-05 Richard Henderson New