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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[PULL,13/17] tcg-ppc: Convert to le/be ldst helpers 2013-10-12 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/17] tcg: Add tcg-be-ldst.h 2013-10-10 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/17] virtio-mmio: Pass size to virtio_mmio_bus_new() 2013-08-30 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/18] block/sheepdog: drop have_co_req() and aio_flush_request() 2013-08-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/18] block/sheepdog: drop have_co_req() and aio_flush_request() 2013-08-16 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/18] mirror: Don't close target 2013-12-20 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/18] qcow2: Use dashes instead of underscores in options 2013-07-26 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/18] raw: Fix BlockLimits passthrough 2014-02-09 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/18] spapr-pci: rework MSI/MSIX 2013-09-02 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,13/19] block/raw-win32: Strip "file:" prefix on creation 2014-03-07 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/19] pci: do not export pci_bus_reset 2013-12-23 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/20] qdev: add "hotpluggable" property to Device 2014-02-10 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/20] qemu-iotests: add 055 drive-backup test case 2013-06-28 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/21] configure: Make NPTL non-optional 2013-07-23 New
[PULL,13/21] hw/arm/vexpress: Don't use arm_pic_init_cpu() 2013-08-20 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/21] pci: Move pci_read_devaddr to pci-hotplug-old.c 2013-06-20 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/21] tcg-ppc64: Don't load the static chain from TCG 2013-09-25 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/22] dump: add API to write dump_bitmap 2014-02-13 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/22] s390x/event-facility: add support for live migration 2014-02-28 Christian Borntraeger New
[PULL,13/23] hw/i386/acpi_build.c: Avoid shifting left into sign bit 2014-03-27 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/24] cpu: Change cpu_single_step() argument to CPUState 2013-07-23 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/24] dataplane: replace internal thread with IOThread 2014-03-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/24] kvm: Change kvm_set_signal_mask() argument to CPUState 2013-06-28 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/24] qdev: Document that pointer properties kill device_add 2013-12-24 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/24] xilinx_spips: Multiple debug verbosity levels 2013-06-03 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/25] target-mips: Move cpu_gdb_{read, write}_register() 2013-07-26 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/26] device tree: Fix cppcheck warning 2013-06-14 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,13/26] qemu-io: Move command_loop() and friends 2013-06-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/26] switch raw block driver from "raw.o" to "raw_bsd.o" 2013-08-30 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/28] exec: memory radix tree page level compression 2013-12-11 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/28] i8254: Convert to MemoryRegion 2011-09-12 Avi Kivity New
[PULL,13/28] target-arm: Add new AArch64CPUInfo base class and subclasses 2013-09-10 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/29] acpi unit-test: renamed ssdt_tables to tables 2014-01-20 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/29] target-arm: A64: Add FNEG and FABS to the SIMD 2-reg-misc group 2014-02-08 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/29] tcg: Change memory offsets to intptr_t 2013-09-02 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/29] xics: add pre_save/post_load dispatchers 2013-10-25 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,13/30] rbd: avoid qemu_rbd_snap_list() memory leaks 2013-09-27 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/30] sheepdog: pass copy_policy in the request 2013-10-31 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/30] target-arm: A64: Implement SHLL, SHLL2 2014-03-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/30] target-arm: Remove unused ARMCPUState sr substruct 2014-02-20 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/30] virtio-blk-dataplane: Improve error reporting 2013-12-09 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,13/32] Add stxsdx 2013-12-20 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,13/32] dump: add API to write dump pages 2014-03-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,13/33] qemu-iotests: New test case in 061 2013-09-13 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/36] libqtest: add qmp(fmt, ...) -> QDict* function 2013-11-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/37] target-arm: Don't hardcode KVM target CPU to be A15 2013-12-10 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/38] ZYNQ: Implement board MIDR control for Zynq 2014-01-29 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/38] input: keyboard: switch spice ui to new core 2014-02-28 Gerd Hoffmann New
[PULL,13/41] iscsi: add bdrv_co_write_zeroes 2013-11-29 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/42] aio / timers: add ppoll support with qemu_poll_ns 2013-08-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/42] block: make bdrv_delete() static 2013-09-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/42] readline: decouple readline from the monitor 2014-01-15 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/43] intc/openpic: Build openpic only once 2013-07-10 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/43] qom: cleanup struct Error references 2013-10-14 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,13/45] hw: arm_gic_kvm: Add KVM VGIC save/restore logic 2014-02-26 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/48] block/iscsi: remove .bdrv_has_zero_init 2013-12-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[PULL,13/48] wm8750: QOM'ify 2014-02-10 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/49] target-i386: Remove gen_op_st_T1_A0 2014-01-07 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,13/51] target-arm: Use dedicated CPU state fields for ARM946 access bit registers 2014-04-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/52] target-arm: Remove ARMCPU/CPUARMState from cpregs APIs used by decoder 2014-01-06 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/54] nbd: inline tcp_socket_incoming_spec into sole caller 2014-02-21 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/55] scsi/esp-pci: QOM Upcast Sweep 2013-07-22 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/58] mcf5208: Don't enforce use of kernel for qtest 2013-10-08 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,13/61] qcow2: Always use error path on writing snapshots 2013-10-11 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,13/62] arm/highbank: Fix CBAR initialisation 2013-12-17 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/76] target-arm: Remove ARMCPU/CPUARMState from cpregs APIs used by decoder 2014-01-07 Peter Maydell New
[PULL,13/93] readline: decouple readline from the monitor 2014-01-24 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,130/130] target-ppc: spapr: e500: fix to use cpu_dt_id 2014-03-06 Alexander Graf New
[PULL,130/173] ds1225y: QOM cast cleanup for SysBusNvRamState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,131/173] ppce500_spin: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,132/173] milkymist-memcard: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,133/173] pl181: Rename pl181_state to PL181State 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,134/173] pl181: QOM cast cleanup 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,135/173] sun4m: QOM cast cleanup for IDRegState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,136/173] sun4m: QOM cast cleanup for AFXState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,137/173] sun4m: QOM cast cleanup for PROMState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,138/173] sun4m: QOM cast cleanup for RamDevice 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,139/173] sun4u: QOM cast cleanup for PROMState 2013-07-29 Andreas Färber New
[PULL,14/14] doc: we use seabios, not bochs bios 2013-06-28 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/14] eeprom93xx: fix coding style 2013-12-06 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/14] migration: Fix compiler warning ('caps' may be used uninitialized) 2013-10-06 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/14] migration: qmp_migrate(): keep working after syntax error 2014-01-06 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,14/14] qapi: refine human printing of sizes 2014-02-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,14/14] smbios: Factor out smbios_maybe_add_str() 2013-09-29 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,14/14] tcg-aarch64: Introduce tcg_out_insn_3405 2014-03-14 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,14/14] tcg: Use HOST_WORDS_BIGENDIAN 2014-04-22 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,14/14] virtio: virtqueue_get_avail_bytes: fix desc_pa when loop over the indirect descriptor table 2013-08-26 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,14/14] vmdk: rename num_gtes_per_gte to num_gtes_per_gt 2013-08-06 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,14/15] adlib: sort offsets in portio registration 2013-09-02 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/15] input: index_from_key(): drop unused code 2012-09-27 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,14/15] tcg-i386: Use QEMU_BUILD_BUG_ON instead of assert for frame size 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,14/15] tcg-sparc: Fix parenthesis warning 2013-09-14 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/15] tcg/i386: Use ANDN instruction 2014-02-18 Richard Henderson New
[PULL,14/15] vl.c: Use MAX_CPUMASK_BITS macro instead of hardcoded constant 2014-03-24 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[PULL,14/16] console: Replace conditional debug messages by trace methods 2013-11-13 Michael Tokarev New
[PULL,14/16] monitor: support sub command in auto completion 2013-08-30 Luiz Capitulino New
[PULL,14/16] qemu-img: Improve error messages 2014-04-23 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,14/16] target-i386: Eliminate CONFIG_KVM #ifdefs 2014-02-03 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,14/17] ahci: fix win7 hang on boot 2013-10-29 Kevin Wolf New
[PULL,14/17] configure: Remove CONFIG_QEMU_LDST_OPTIMIZATION 2013-10-10 Richard Henderson New