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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[RFC,1/9,SeaBIOS] Add SSDT memory device support 2012-04-19 Vasilis Liaskovitis New
[RFC,1/9] Revert "pc: Q35 DSDT: exclude CPU hotplug IO range from PCI bus resources" 2014-02-07 Igor Mammedov New
[RFC,1/9] block: Add bdrv_co_readv/writev 2011-07-15 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,1/9] hostdev: introduce the infrastructure for host device model 2012-03-26 Zhiyong Wu New
[RFC,1/9] make qbus_reset_all public 2011-06-06 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,1/9] move vector definitions to qemu-common.h 2013-03-12 Peter Lieven New
[RFC,1/9] notifier: add validity check and notify function 2012-07-24 Nicholas A. Bellinger New
[RFC,1/9] qdev: Replace no_user by cannot_instantiate_with_device_add_yet 2013-10-10 Markus Armbruster New
[RFC,1/9] qtest: always send a response 2012-01-18 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,1/9] target-xtensa: add DEBUGCAUSE SR and configuration 2012-01-29 Max Filippov New
[RFC,1/9] virtio: Add support for guest setting of queue size 2012-04-25 Evgeny Voevodin New
[RFC,10/10] QMP/HMP: change: Use QMP tray commands 2011-06-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[RFC,10/10] QMP/ set locale for exceptions to display non-ascii messages correctly 2013-02-14 Tomoki Sekiyama New
[RFC,10/10] build: do not build TCG files if TCG is disabled 2012-09-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/10] prep: Add pc87312 Super I/O emulation 2011-06-06 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/10] qed: remove incoming live migration blocker 2012-03-06 Benoit Canet New
[RFC,10/10] qom: make CPU a child of DeviceState 2012-11-30 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/10] tests: add cases for inherited struct and union with discriminator 2013-11-05 Wayne Xia New
[RFC,10/10] virtproxy: add compat defs for linking against vl.c 2010-10-22 Michael Roth New
[RFC,10/10] vl.c: Handle legacy "-numa node, cpus=A, B, C, D" format 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/11] block: Allow "driver" option on the top level 2013-07-09 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,10/11] msix: Add msix_nr_vectors_allocated 2012-05-14 Jan Kiszka New
[RFC,10/11] qdev: Add do_info_qbus and friends. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,10/11] s390/qemu: cpu model QMP query-cpu-model 2013-10-02 Michael Mueller New
[RFC,10/11] tcp_close(): check for close() errors too 2011-11-01 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/12] Add qemu_put_buffer_no_copy 2013-03-21 Orit Wasserman New
[RFC,10/12] block: Add coroutine support to synchronous I/O functions 2011-01-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,10/12] cpu-exec: trigger a debug request when rexec stops. 2014-03-21 New
[RFC,10/12] qorum: Add qorum_aio_readv. 2012-08-02 Benoit Canet New
[RFC,10/12] target-microblaze: QOM'ify CPU 2012-03-14 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/12] target-ppc: Introduce DFP Helper Utilities 2014-03-13 Tom Musta New
[RFC,10/12] tests: Support target-specific unit tests 2013-01-09 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/13] block/sheepdog: drop have_co_req() and aio_flush_request() 2013-04-11 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,10/13] block: disable I/O throttling outside main loop 2013-06-14 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,10/13] cpu_x86_create: reorder parsing of CPU model string and creation of CPU object 2012-08-16 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/13] i386: generate pc guest info 2013-05-13 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[RFC,10/13] lsi53c895a: use the DMA memory access interface 2011-06-01 Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu New
[RFC,10/13] move qemu_irq typedef out of cpu-common.h 2012-10-04 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/13] qemu-sockets: make inet_parse public 2012-08-27 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/13] rcu: report quiescent states 2011-08-15 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/14,v4] support detached dump 2012-01-04 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/14,v7] support to cancel the current dumping 2012-03-01 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/14,v9] make gdb_id() generally avialable 2012-03-14 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/14] MAINTAINERS: Upgrade IDE to Maintained 2012-04-16 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/14] Revert to a hand-made select loop 2011-09-16 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/14] cpus: report RCU quiescent states 2013-08-14 Mike D. Day New
[RFC,10/14] piix4: refactor piix4's power callbacks 2013-03-13 liguang New
[RFC,10/14] qom: catch errors in object_property_add_child 2013-12-11 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/14] tcg-aarch64: Support div, mulu2 2013-08-12 Richard Henderson New
[RFC,10/15] cpu/a9mpcore: Prepare for QOM embedding 2013-06-30 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/15] create object_prop_set_globals() 2012-08-07 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/15] input: mouse: add helpers functions to core 2013-11-28 Gerd Hoffmann New
[RFC,10/15] memory: Rework sub-page handling 2013-05-06 Jan Kiszka New
[RFC,10/15] memory: Rework sub-page handling 2013-05-07 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/15] q35-mch: move ram initialization into q35-mch 2013-06-20 Hu Tao New
[RFC,10/15] run dump at the background 2012-01-19 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/15] virtproxy: add handler for control packet 2010-10-22 Michael Roth New
[RFC,10/16,v6] run dump at the background 2012-02-09 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/16,v8] make gdb_id() generally avialable 2012-03-02 Wen Congyang New
[RFC,10/16] Visitor: Common types to use visitors 2014-03-25 Dave Gilbert New
[RFC,10/16] memory: Introduce memory_region_init_reservation 2011-12-03 Jan Kiszka New
[RFC,10/16] qcow2: Delay the COW 2012-09-18 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,10/16] qcow2: Version 3 images 2012-03-27 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,10/16] tcg: Change temp_save argument to TCGTemp 2013-09-19 Richard Henderson New
[RFC,10/17] ide/scsi: add discard_zeroes_data property 2012-03-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/18] target-i386: cpu: add apic_id argument to cpu_x86_register() 2012-10-03 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/19] block: Introduce bdrv_co_do_pwritev() 2013-12-06 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,10/19] move CPU object creation to cpu.c 2012-08-03 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/19] target-alpha: Refactor debug output macros 2013-01-27 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/20] Introduce skip_header parameter to qemu_loadvm_state() so that it can be called iteratively without reading the header. 2010-04-21 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[RFC,10/20] cpu: introduce generic_cpu_init() & generic_cpu_create() functions 2012-12-18 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,10/20] target-i386: convert 'hv_vapic' feature into property 2012-08-10 Igor Mammedov New
[RFC,10/21] target-arm: add non-secure Translation Block flag 2013-12-03 Sergey Fedorov New
[RFC,10/23] Introduce util functions to control ft_transaction from savevm layer. 2010-05-25 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[RFC,10/24] qed: add qed_bdrv_map() 2011-07-29 Devin Nakamura New
[RFC,10/28] target-xtensa: add special and user registers 2011-05-04 Max Filippov New
[RFC,10/34] i82374: QOM'ify 2012-11-26 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,10/36] block: move BlockdevOnError declaration to QAPI 2012-06-15 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,10/45] msix: Factor out msix_message_from_vector 2011-10-17 Jan Kiszka New
[RFC,10/48] error: Simplify error sink setup 2010-02-24 Markus Armbruster New
[RFC,10/9] qtest: add clock management 2012-01-18 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,11/11,WIP] block: Implement 'blockdev-add' QMP command 2013-07-09 Kevin Wolf New
[RFC,11/11] Change the monitor to use the new do_info_qtree. 2009-12-26 Nathan Baum New
[RFC,11/11] linux-user: Implement signal handling for mipsn32 2011-12-29 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,11/11] s390/qemu: cpu model enablement 2013-10-02 Michael Mueller New
[RFC,11/11] unix_close(): check for close() errors too 2011-11-01 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,11/11] virtio/vhost: Add support for KVM in-kernel MSI injection 2012-05-14 Jan Kiszka New
[RFC,11/12] Use qemu_put_buffer_no_copy for guest memory pages 2013-03-21 Orit Wasserman New
[RFC,11/12] cexe: synchronize icount on the next event. 2014-03-21 New
[RFC,11/12] qcow2: Convert qcow2 to use coroutines for async I/O 2011-01-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,11/12] qorum: Add qorum mechanism. 2012-08-02 Benoit Canet New
[RFC,11/12] target-i386: Topology & APIC ID utility functions 2013-01-09 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,11/12] target-ppc: Introduce DFP Post Processor Utilities 2014-03-13 Tom Musta New
[RFC,11/12] target-sparc: QOM'ify CPU 2012-03-14 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,11/13] check for NULL cpu_model outside cpu_x86_find_by_name 2012-08-16 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,11/13] dataplane/virtio-blk: drop flush_true() and flush_io() 2013-04-11 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,11/13] dataplane: use block layer for I/O 2013-06-14 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RFC,11/13] hmp: add NBD server commands 2012-08-27 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,11/13] pc: pass PCI hole ranges to Guests 2013-05-13 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[RFC,11/13] pcnet: use the DMA memory access interface 2011-06-01 Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu New