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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[RESEND,for-1.4?,08/19] target-cris/helper.c: Update Coding Style 2013-01-27 Andreas Färber New
[RESEND,for-1.4] Fix target path in generated dependency file 2013-01-24 Andreas Färber New
[RESEND,for-1.5] acpi: add dummy write function for acpi timer 2013-05-14 Gerd Hoffmann New
[RESEND,for-1.6] virtio-console: Use exitfn for virtserialport, too 2013-07-31 Andreas Färber New
[RESEND,qom-cpu-next,3/9] target-cris/helper.c: Update Coding Style 2013-02-02 Andreas Färber New
[RESEND,v2,1/2] fix vnc regression 2011-03-02 Wen Congyang New
[RESEND,v2,1/2] seabios q35: Enable all PIRQn IRQs at startup 2013-02-15 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v2,1/4] PPC: e500: rename mpc8544ds into generic file 2012-07-02 Scott Wood New
[RESEND,v2,2/2] seabios q35: Add new PCI slot to irq routing function 2013-02-15 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v2,2/4] PPC: e500: change internal references away from mpc8544ds 2012-07-02 Scott Wood New
[RESEND,v2,3/4] PPC: e500: split mpc8544ds machine from generic e500 code 2012-07-02 Scott Wood New
[RESEND,v2,4/4] PPC: e500: add generic e500 platform 2012-07-02 Scott Wood New
[RESEND,v2] cpu: Correct cpu-hotplug failure 2013-07-26 chenfan New
[RESEND,v2] pciinit: Enable default VGA device 2013-03-19 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v3,1/2] Minimal RAM API support 2010-12-13 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v3,1/4] virtio-9p: add the virtio-9p device. 2013-04-19 New
[RESEND,v3,2/2] RAM API: Make use of it for x86 PC 2010-12-13 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v3,2/4] virtio-9p-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-19 New
[RESEND,v3,3/4] virtio-9p: cleanup: init function. 2013-04-19 New
[RESEND,v3,4/4] virtio-9p: cleanup: QOM casts. 2013-04-19 New
[RESEND,v3,5/7] guest agent: add guest agent RPCs/commands 2011-06-02 Michael Roth New
[RESEND,v3,6/7] guest agent: add guest agent commands schema file 2011-06-02 Michael Roth New
[RESEND,v3] Generalize -machine command line option 2011-07-23 Jan Kiszka New
[RESEND,v3] fix vnc regression 2011-03-11 Wen Congyang New
[RESEND,v3] hotplug: add device per func in ACPI DSDT tables 2012-05-09 Amos Kong New
[RESEND,v3] xen: implement unplug protocol in xen_platform 2011-07-18 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v4,1/5] qom: split object_property_set_link() 2014-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RESEND,v4,1/8] virtio-rng: don't use pointer for configuration. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,2/5] qom: don't make link NULL on object_property_set_link() failure 2014-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RESEND,v4,2/8] virtio-rng: add virtio-rng device. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,3/5] qom: make QOM link property unref optional 2014-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RESEND,v4,3/8] virtio-rng-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,4/5] qom: add check() argument to object_property_add_link() 2014-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RESEND,v4,4/8] virtio-rng-s390: switch to the new API. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,5/5] virtio-rng: avoid default_backend refcount leak 2014-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[RESEND,v4,5/8] virtio-rng-ccw: switch to the new API. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,6/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: init and exit functions. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,7/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: remove qdev field. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v4,8/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: use QOM casts. 2013-04-24 New
[RESEND,v5,1/4] Update kernel header script to include vfio 2012-09-26 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v5,1/6] cirrus_vga: do not reset videoram 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v5,2/4] Update Linux kernel headers 2012-09-26 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v5,2/6] Introduce "save_devices" 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v5,3/4] vfio: vfio-pci device assignment driver 2012-09-26 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v5,3/6] Set runstate to INMIGRATE earlier 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v5,4/4] vfio: Enable vfio-pci and mark supported 2012-09-26 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND,v5,4/6] xen: record physmap changes to xenstore 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v5,5/6] xen mapcache: check if memory region has moved. 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v5,6/6] xen: do not allocate RAM during INMIGRATE runstate 2012-02-28 Stefano Stabellini New
[RESEND,v6,1/3] configure: Add CONFIG_QEMU_LDST_OPTIMIZATION for TCG qemu_ld/st optimization 2012-10-20 YeongKyoon Lee New
[RESEND,v6,2/3] tcg: Add extended GETPC mechanism for MMU helpers with ldst optimization 2012-10-20 YeongKyoon Lee New
[RESEND,v6,3/3] tcg: Optimize qemu_ld/st by generating slow paths at the end of a block 2012-10-20 YeongKyoon Lee New
[RESEND,v7,01/12] rdma: add documentation 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,02/12] rdma: introduce qemu_update_position() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,03/12] rdma: export yield_until_fd_readable() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,04/12] rdma: export throughput w/ MigrationStats QMP 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,05/12] rdma: introduce qemu_file_mode_is_not_valid() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,06/12] rdma: export qemu_fflush() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,07/12] rdma: introduce ram_handle_compressed() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,08/12] rdma: introduce qemu_ram_foreach_block() 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,09/12] rdma: new QEMUFileOps hooks 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,10/12] rdma: introduce capability x-rdma-pin-all 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,11/12] rdma: core logic 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND,v7,12/12] rdma: send pc.ram 2013-06-10 New
[RESEND-try-2] hw/9pfs: fix P9_STATS_GEN handling 2013-11-29 Kirill A. Shutemov New
[RESEND-try-3] hw/9pfs: fix P9_STATS_GEN handling 2014-01-28 Kirill A. Shutemov New
[RESEND2] exec: Implement qemu_ram_free_from_ptr() 2011-05-03 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND] .gitignore update 2012-07-04 Eduardo Habkost New
[RESEND] CODING_STYLE: Section about mixed declarations 2014-02-26 Eduardo Habkost New
[RESEND] Fix SIGFPE race for vnc display resize 2010-08-26 Chris Webb New
[RESEND] Fix another corner-case of using VNC+SASL+SPICE 2014-01-09 Christophe Fergeau New
[RESEND] Fixed default IRQ assignment for PL190 VIC. 2010-11-03 Himanshu Chauhan New
[RESEND] Make char muxer more robust wrt small FIFOs 2010-04-20 Alexander Graf New
[RESEND] PCI: Bus number from the bridge, not the device 2010-11-05 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND] Properly use backing file argument to git-img convert 2012-09-03 Brad Campbell New
[RESEND] Provide __rel_iplt_{start,end} 2009-10-18 Lubomir Rintel New
[RESEND] RCU implementation for Qemu. Fixup some dynamic casts in the Qemu device tree to correspond to the QOM type-checking system. 2013-08-19 Mike D. Day New
[RESEND] Recognize PCID feature 2012-07-20 Mao, Junjie New
[RESEND] Remove 16-character limit on process title 2010-11-05 John Morrissey New
[RESEND] Replace qemu_system_cond with VCPU stop mechanism 2011-08-22 Jan Kiszka New
[RESEND] Serial: DOS Plus regression 2010-03-25 Roy Tam New
[RESEND] acpi_piix4: save gpe and pci hotplug slot status 2010-06-14 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND] apic: Don't iterate past last used apic 2010-11-05 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND] block/iscsi: query for supported VPD pages 2014-02-17 Peter Lieven New
[RESEND] block/vdi: allow disk sizes not multiple of block size (fwd) 2009-12-22 François Revol New
[RESEND] block: introduce BDRV_O_SEQUENTIAL 2014-03-07 Peter Lieven New
[RESEND] booke timers 2011-09-01 Fabien Chouteau New
[RESEND] char: Flush read buffer in mux_chr_can_read 2010-10-19 Jan Kiszka New
[RESEND] char: Flush read buffer in mux_chr_can_read 2010-06-02 Jan Kiszka New
[RESEND] char: Prevent multiple devices opening same chardev 2011-02-21 Amit Shah New
[RESEND] configure: Undefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE prior using it 2013-09-05 Michal Privoznik New
[RESEND] exec: Implement qemu_ram_free_from_ptr() 2010-12-13 Alex Williamson New
[RESEND] exec: optimize lduw_phys and stw_phys 2010-05-06 Bernhard Kohl New
[RESEND] gtk: Allow to activate grab-on-hover from the command line 2014-03-12 Jan Kiszka New
[RESEND] hw/9pfs: fix P9_STATS_GEN handling 2013-11-04 Kirill A. Shutemov New
[RESEND] ioapic: fix build with DEBUG_IOAPIC 2012-03-16 Jason Wang New
[RESEND] isa: Split off instance_init for ISADevice 2013-02-16 Andreas Färber New
[RESEND] iscsi: add support for iSCSI NOPs 2012-12-03 Peter Lieven New
[RESEND] ivshmem: allow the sharing of hugepages 2013-09-16 Damien Millescamps New
[RESEND] kvm: Fix dirty tracking with large kernel page size 2012-04-04 David Gibson New