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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Realview/Versatile: Export LED state 2013-01-11 Wolfgang Mauerer New
ioh3420: Add a map_irq function 2013-02-28 Alex Williamson New
[6/6] hw/pc.c: Fix converting of ioport_register* to MemoryRegion 2013-01-11 Julien Grall New
[2/2] qbus: make bus reset overrideable by subclasses 2013-01-11 Anthony Liguori New
[1/2] qdev: make reset propagation overrideable by subclasses 2013-01-11 Anthony Liguori New
Add option to slow down qemu 2013-01-11 Wolfgang Mauerer New
hw/9pfs/virtio-9p-local.c: use snprintf() instead of sprintf() 2014-02-15 Chen Gang New
[PULL,0/2] target-arm queue 2013-01-11 Peter Maydell New
[1/2] target-arm: use type_register() instead of type_register_static() 2013-01-11 Peter Maydell New
[v3,1/3] block: make qiov_is_aligned() public 2013-01-11 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,3/3] dataplane: handle misaligned virtio-blk requests 2013-01-11 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[v3,2/3] dataplane: extract virtio-blk read/write processing into do_rdwr_cmd() 2013-01-11 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[19/20] target-i386: Avoid goto in hw_breakpoint_insert() 2013-01-15 Andreas Färber New
[V2] hd-geometry.c: Integrate HDIO_GETGEO in guessing 2013-01-11 New
[V4,3/5] qemu-iotests: add 058 internal snapshot export with qemu-nbd case 2013-10-11 Wayne Xia New
[1/2] rtc-test: always set register B in its entirety 2013-01-11 Paolo Bonzini New
[08/20] kvm: Add fake KVM constants to avoid #ifdefs on KVM-specific code 2013-01-15 Andreas Färber New
[06/10] vl.c: handle invalid NUMA CPU ranges properly 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[05/10] vl.c: Extract -numa "cpus" parsing to separate function 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[08/10] vl.c: Support multiple CPU ranges on -numa option 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[03/10] vl.c: Isolate code specific to "-numa node" option type 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[04/10] vl.c: Check for NUMA node limit inside numa_node_add() 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[RFC,V7,08/13] quorum: Add quorum_invalidate_cache(). 2013-01-28 Benoît Canet New
[14/37] target-i386: Simplify cpu_x86_find_by_name() 2013-01-28 Andreas Färber New
[RFC,09/10] vl.c: Introduce QemuOpts-friendly "-numa-node" config option 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[V4,1/5] snapshot: distinguish id and name in load_tmp 2013-10-11 Wayne Xia New
pc87312: Replace register_ioport_*() with MemoryRegion 2013-01-11 Andreas Färber New
[V4,2/5] qemu-nbd: support internal snapshot export 2013-10-11 Wayne Xia New
[PULL,10/10] char/serial: Fix emptyness check 2014-02-15 Michael Tokarev New
xhci: fix bad print specifier 2013-02-21 Hervé Poussineau New
[1/4] migration: change initial value of expected_downtime 2013-02-22 Juan Quintela New
[PULL,06/10] net: declare struct iovec in checksum.h to fix compiler warning 2014-02-15 Michael Tokarev New
tcg-i386: use LEA for 3-operand 64-bit addition 2013-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[1/3] optimize: only write to state when clearing optimizer data 2013-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[07/10] vl.c: numa_add_node(): Validate nodeid before using it 2013-01-11 Eduardo Habkost New
[PULL,v2,for-2.0,18/24] block: Unlink temporary file 2014-03-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/3] optimize: optimize using nonzero bits 2013-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[-V5] target-ppc: Fix page table lookup with kvm enabled 2013-10-11 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[PULL,5/5] HMP: add sub command table to info 2013-01-17 Luiz Capitulino New
[14/20] target-i386: Move setting defaults out of cpu_x86_parse_featurestr() 2013-01-15 Andreas Färber New
Fix circular dependency for HOST_LONG_BITS qemu-common.h <-> bswap.h 2013-01-22 David Gibson New
[5/9] qapi_sized_buffer 2013-03-13 Joel Schopp New
[PULL,01/10] misc: Fix case Qemu -> QEMU 2014-02-15 Michael Tokarev New
[v9,2/5] Adding utility function net_checksum_add_iov() for iovec checksum calculation 2013-01-12 Dmitry Fleytman New
[V4,4/5] qemu-img: add -l for snapshot in convert 2013-10-11 Wayne Xia New
[v9,1/5] Adding utility function net_checksum_add_cont() that allows checksum calculation of scattered data with odd chunk sizes 2013-01-12 Dmitry Fleytman New
[V2,3/6] util: Add InvMixColumns 2014-03-13 Tom Musta New
[15/27] build: rename oslib-obj-y to util-obj-y 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[14/27] libcacard: list oslib-obj-y file explicitly 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[03/27] build: make libtool verbose when making with V=1 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[V2,6/6] target-ppc: Refactor AES Instructions 2014-03-13 Tom Musta New
[04/27] build: support linking with libtool objects/libraries 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[11/27] libcacard: add list of exported symbols 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[V2,1/6] util: Add S-Box and InvS-Box Arrays to Common AES Utils 2014-03-13 Tom Musta New
[10/27] libcacard: use per-target variable definitions 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[07/27] libcacard: fix missing symbol in 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[20/27] build: consolidate multiple variables into universal-obj-y 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
qdev: don't ref parent bus 2013-04-08 Hu Tao New
[18/27] build: move libqemuutil.a components to util/ 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[25/27] build: some simplifications for "trace/Makefile.objs" 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[13/27] libcacard: link vscclient to dynamic library 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/27] build: move base QAPI files to libqemuutil.a 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[05/27] build: move dtrace rules to rules.mak 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[23/27] build: move version-obj-y to the generic LINK rule 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/27] build: remove coroutine-obj-y 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[09/27] libcacard: prepare to use -y trick in the Makefile 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[08/27] libcacard: require libtool to build it 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,V7,02/13] quorum: Create BDRVQuorumState and BlkDriver and do init. 2013-01-28 Benoît Canet New
migration: initialize RAM to zero 2013-04-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,2/2] configure: Don't fall back to gthread coroutine backend 2013-04-08 Peter Maydell New
[1/7] qemu-char: Allocate CharDriverState in qemu_chr_new_from_opts 2014-03-05 Corey Minyard New
pc87312: avoid define conflict on mingw32 2013-01-13 Blue Swirl New
[2/7] qemu-char: Allow a chardev to reconnect if disconnected 2014-03-05 Corey Minyard New
[v3,1/2] configure: Provide and use convenience error reporting function 2013-04-08 Peter Maydell New
[4/7] qemu-char: remove free of chr from win_stdio_close 2014-03-05 Corey Minyard New
[PULL] pci,virtio 2013-01-13 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[6/7] qemu-char: Clean up error handling in qmp_chardev_add 2014-03-05 Corey Minyard New
[7/8] spapr vfio: add spapr-pci-vfio-host-bridge to support vfio 2013-08-07 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[13/13] configure: remove duplicate test 2013-04-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/8] vfio: Introduce VFIO address spaces 2013-08-07 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[13/13] migration: remove argument to qemu_savevm_state_cancel 2013-01-17 Juan Quintela New
powerpc iommu: enable multiple TCE requests 2013-08-07 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
bswap: improve gluing 2013-01-13 Blue Swirl New
[V9,07/10] qapi script: support enum type as discriminator in union 2014-03-05 Wenchao Xia New
[1/4] migration: set f->is_write and flush in add_to_iovec 2013-04-08 Paolo Bonzini New
QEMU -netdev vhost=on + -device virtio-net-pci bug 2013-03-05 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[3/4] migration: drop is_write complications 2013-04-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[PULL,02/10] sparc/leon3: Initialize stack pointer 2014-02-15 Michael Tokarev New
[5/8] vfio: Add guest side IOMMU support 2013-08-07 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[PULL,03/10] configure: add hint of libfdt to DTC dependency not found message 2014-02-15 Michael Tokarev New
[2/4] migration: use a single I/O operation when writev_buffer is not defined 2013-04-08 Paolo Bonzini New
[RFC,V6,09/11] quorum: Add quorum_invalidate_cache(). 2013-01-17 Benoît Canet New
[4/4] migration: simplify writev vs. non-writev logic 2013-04-08 Paolo Bonzini New
Moving alarm_timer assignment before atexit() 2013-08-07 Amos Kong New
[11/13] configure: eliminate target_libs_softmmu 2013-04-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[v3,4/4] ui/cocoa.m: Avoid deprecated NSOpenPanel beginSheetForDirectory 2013-04-22 Peter Maydell New
[RFC,ppc-next,v3,10/10] cuda: QOM'ify CUDA 2013-01-13 Andreas Färber New
[03/17] PPC: Macio: Replace tabs with spaces 2013-07-01 Alexander Graf New
[RFC,V6,08/11] quorum: Add quorum_getlength(). 2013-01-17 Benoît Canet New
[6/8] win32-aio: use iov utility functions instead of open-coding them 2013-01-18 Stefan Hajnoczi New