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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,2/2] sheepdog: pass oid directly to send_pending_req() 2012-12-17 New
[05/28] Implement PowerPC slbmfee and slbmfev instructions 2011-02-15 New
[v8,09/10] virtio-blk: cleanup: QOM cast 2013-03-15 New
[10/19] linux-user/strace.c: Correct errno printing for mmap etc 2012-02-03 New
[v3,For-1.6,3/7] rdma: correct newlines in error statements 2013-08-04 New
[22/28] Implement TCE translation for sPAPR VIO 2011-02-15 New
[v4,6/7] virtio: cleanup: init and exit function. 2013-04-24 New
[04/19] linux-user: fake /proc/self/maps 2012-02-03 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v1:,10/13] introduce new command migrate_check_for_zero 2013-04-10 New
[10/28] Use "hash" more consistently in ppc mmu code 2011-02-15 New
[v2] isapc: Fix non-KVM qemu boot (read/write memory for isapc BIOS) 2013-05-13 New
[07/19] linux-user/main.c: Add option to user-mode emulation so that user can specify log file name 2012-02-03 New
[v4,03/16] hotplug: introduce qdev_unplug_complete() to remove device from views 2012-10-22 New
fix memory leak in aio_write_f 2011-09-28 New
virtio-scsi: forward scsibus for virtio-scsi-pci. 2013-06-10 New
[RFC,v2,06/12] mc: introduce state machine changes for MC 2014-02-18 New
[v2,3/8] rdma: core logic 2013-06-28 New
[2/7] linux-user: Implement new ARM 64 bit cmpxchg kernel helper 2011-09-09 New
[6/6] pc_sysfw: change rom_only default to 0 2013-04-28 New
[PULL,04/21] configure: Enable threading for unicore32-linux-user 2013-07-23 New
[v3,1/2] sheepdog: fix snapshot tag initialization 2013-06-07 New
[01/28] Add TAGS and *~ to .gitignore 2011-02-15 New
[v6,6/8] virtio-blk: cleanup: init and exit functions. 2013-03-12 New
[RFC,v2,07/12] mc: introduce additional QMP statistics for micro-checkpointing 2014-02-18 New
[v10,14/14,resend] rdma: add setup time accounting to QMP statistics 2013-06-24 New
[09/28] Parse SDR1 on mtspr instead of at translate time 2011-02-15 New
[v6,5/8] virtio-blk-ccw switch to new API. 2013-03-12 New
[03/11] linux-user: Perform more checks on iovec lists 2012-10-12 New
[2/2] sheepdog: clean up sd_aio_setup() 2013-01-14 New
[04/28] Add a hook to allow hypercalls to be emulated on PowerPC 2011-02-15 New
[v3,3/8] virtio-rng-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-14 New
[v3,For-1.6,4/7] rdma: don't use negative index to array 2013-08-04 New
[v2,1/8] rdma: update documentation to reflect new unpin support 2013-06-28 New
[25/28] Implement PAPR virtual SCSI interface (ibmvscsi) 2011-02-15 New
[v7,1/8] virtio-blk: don't use pointer for configuration. 2013-03-14 New
[2/3] linux-user: fix undefined shift in copy_to_user_fdset 2013-04-19 New
[v10,13/14,resend] rdma: fix mlock() freezes and accounting 2013-06-24 New
[27/28] Add SLOF-based partition firmware for pSeries machine, allowing more boot options 2011-02-15 New
[04/16] linux-user: remove unnecessary local from __get_user(), __put_user() 2010-12-03, New
[for-1.6,3/4] rdma: check if RDMAControlHeader::len match transferred byte 2013-08-07 New
[v2,2/2] sheepdog: implement .bdrv_co_is_allocated() 2013-04-22 New
Add minimal Vexpress Cortex A15 support 2011-12-01 New
Fix a few memory leaks from early returns 2010-07-20 New
linux-user: Add Alpha socket constants 2013-01-02 New
[v2,4/7] md: add hot-plug and hot-unplug support 2013-03-29 New
[11/11] linux-user: register align p{read, write}64 2012-10-12 New
[2/3] fix variable type in qemu-io.c 2010-07-21 New
[for-1.6,2/4] rdma: validate RDMAControlHeader::len 2013-08-07 New
[09/17] linux-user: take RESERVED_VA into account for g2h_valid() 2012-04-06 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,5/6] connection-setup code between client/server 2013-02-11 New
[10/16] ARM: linux-user: Expose VFP registers to signal handlers 2010-12-03, New
linux-user: Add Alpha socket constants 2013-01-03 New
[06/17] linux-user: add BLKSSZGET ioctl wrapper 2012-04-06 New
[PULL,11/21] linux-user: Add i386 TLS setter 2013-07-23 New
[01/16] target-arm: remove unused functions cpu_lock(), cpu_unlock() 2010-12-03, New
[v11,12/15] rdma: send pc.ram 2013-06-25 New
[14/17] linux-user/arm/syscall_nr.h: Add syscall number for ppoll 2012-04-06 New
[v6,2/2] sheepdog: support user-defined redundancy option 2013-11-07 New
[09/16] ARM: Expose vfp_get_fpscr() and vfp_set_fpscr() to C code 2010-12-03, New
[PULL,02/21] configure: Don't say target_nptl="no" if there is no linux-user target 2013-07-23 New
[10/17] linux-user: resolve reserved_va vma downwards 2012-04-06 New
[PULL,15/21] linux-user: Fix target_stat and target_stat64 for OpenRISC 2013-07-23 New
[16/16] linux-user: fix mips and ppc to use UID16 2010-12-03, New
sheepdog: implement .bdrv_get_allocated_file_size 2013-08-07 New
[17/17] Userspace ARM BE8 support 2012-04-06 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,3/6] install new monitor commands and setup RDMA capabilities 2013-02-11 New
[06/16] ARM: enable XScale/iWMMXT in linux-user mode 2010-12-03, New
linux-user: Rewrite deprecated fnctl options 2013-01-04 New
[04/11] linux-user: fix futex strace of FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME 2013-03-11 New
[1/8] linux-user/signal.c: Fix AArch64 big-endian FP register restore 2014-03-10 New
[08/16] ARM: linux-user: Correct size of padding in target_ucontext_v2 2010-12-03, New
[v2,7/8] rdma: introduce MIG_STATE_NONE and change MIG_STATE_SETUP state transition 2013-06-28 New
[15/17] arm-linux-user: fix elfload.c's AT_HWCAP to reflect cpu features. 2012-04-06 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,2/6] create migration-rdma.c for core RDMA migration code 2013-02-11 New
[12/16] ARM: linux-user: Expose iWMMXT registers to signal handlers 2010-12-03, New
linux-user: Add more sparc syscall numbers 2013-01-04 New
[03/17] linux-user: implement device mapper ioctls 2012-04-06 New
[PULL,for-2.0,2/7] linux-user: Don't return uninitialized value for atomic_barrier syscall 2014-03-19 New
[07/16] target-sparc: remove unused functions cpu_lock(), cpu_unlock() 2010-12-03, New
[v11,04/15] rdma: export throughput w/ MigrationStats QMP 2013-06-25 New
[06/11] linux-user: Add more sparc syscall numbers 2013-03-11 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,1/6] add openfabrics RDMA libraries, configure options to build 2013-02-11 New
Unknown command 0xffffff in SVGA command FIFO 2010-07-23 New
[03/11] linux-user: Perform more checks on iovec lists 2012-10-18 New
[05/17] linux-user: fix BLK ioctl arguments 2012-04-06 New
[PULL,for-2.0,1/7] linux-user/signal.c: Correct error path for AArch64 do_rt_sigreturn 2014-03-19 New
[1/3] remove dead code from hw/loader.c 2010-07-21 New
[v3,resend,6/8] rdma: allow state transitions between other states besides ACTIVE 2013-07-22 New
[07/17] linux-user: Add ioctl for BLKBSZGET 2012-04-06 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,6/6] send memory over RDMA as blocks are iterated 2013-02-11 New
[3/3] remove pointless if from vl.c 2010-07-21 New
ARM: Add an L2 cache controller to KZM 2013-08-07 New
[13/17] linux-user: Add support for prctl PR_GET_NAME and PR_SET_NAME 2012-04-06 New
target-arm: A64: fix unallocated test of scalar SQXTUN 2014-04-16 New
[02/16] linux-user: mmap_reserve() not controlled by RESERVED_VA 2010-12-03, New
[PULL,v3,6/7] rdma: print throughput while debugging 2013-04-17 New
unicore32-softmmu: Add is_default setting for puv3 machine 2012-07-20 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v2:,1/6] add openfabrics RDMA libraries, configure options to build 2013-02-11 New
[11/16] ARM: linux-user: Restore VFP state from ucontext on sigreturn 2010-12-03, New
linux-user: Add support for oldumount 2013-01-04 New