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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[09/19] linux-user: fix QEMU_STRACE=1 segfault 2012-01-31 New
[v5,5/8] memory: introduce local lock for address space 2012-10-28 New
fix memory leak in aio_write_f 2011-09-28 New
[6/6] pc_sysfw: change rom_only default to 0 2013-04-28 New
[08/11] configure: Remove unnecessary host_guest_base code 2012-10-18 New
[v2,6/7] sheep: remove duplicate recovery complete notification 2013-03-29 New
[v2,3/3] target-openrisc: remove conflicting definitions from cpu.h 2012-10-30 New
[RESEND,v3,2/4] virtio-9p-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-19 New
[07/19] linux-user/main.c: Add option to user-mode emulation so that user can specify log file name 2012-01-31 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v6:,3/7] Introduce QEMURamControlOps 2013-04-10 New
[10/11] linux-user: ppc: mark as long long aligned 2012-10-12 New
[RESEND,v3,3/4] virtio-9p: cleanup: init function. 2013-04-19 New
[01/19] linux-user: stack_base is now mandatory on all targets 2012-01-31 New
[v11,01/15] rdma: add documentation 2013-06-25 New
[17/28] Implement hcall based RTAS for pSeries machines 2011-02-15 New
[for-1.5,2/2] virtio-net-x: forward the netclient name and type. 2013-05-15 New
[17/19] linux-user: Define TARGET_QEMU_ESIGRETURN for mipsn32 2012-01-31 New
[v2,1/7] md: add support for simultaneous disk failure on the same node 2013-03-29 New
[7/7] linux-user: Do not ignore mmap failure from host 2013-07-10 New
[4/6] pflash_cfi01: memory region should be set to enable readonly mode 2013-04-28 New
[02/11] linux-user: fix multi-threaded /proc/self/maps 2012-10-18 New
[v3,For-1.6,3/7] rdma: correct newlines in error statements 2013-08-04 New
[04/11] linux-user: Implement gethostname 2012-10-12 New
[v5,1/5] isapc: Fix non-KVM qemu boot (read/write memory for isapc BIOS) 2013-05-08 New
[04/11] linux-user: Implement gethostname 2012-10-18 New
[v2,7/7] tsets: add 057 to test md hot-plug and hot-unplug 2013-03-29 New
[16/28] Virtual hash page table handling on pSeries machine 2011-02-15 New
[RESEND,v4,2/8] virtio-rng: add virtio-rng device. 2013-04-24 New
[06/19] linux-user: fake /proc/self/auxv 2012-02-03 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v6:,7/7] introduce qemu_ram_foreach_block() 2013-04-10 New
[06/28] Implement missing parts of the logic for the POWER PURR 2011-02-15 New
[for-1.5,7/8] virtio-blk: cleanup: QOM cast 2013-02-11 New
[3/6] convert pci-host to QOM 2012-03-26 New
rbd: fix compile error 2013-03-24 New
[3/5] linux-user: move write to own function 2012-10-12 New
[v4,3/8] virtio-rng-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-19 New
[02/19] linux-user: save auxv length 2012-01-31 New
[v9,01/14] rdma: add documentation 2013-06-14 New
[10/28] Use "hash" more consistently in ppc mmu code 2011-02-15 New
[v4,6/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: init and exit functions. 2013-04-19 New
[06/19] linux-user: fake /proc/self/auxv 2012-01-31 New
[RFC,v3,3/5] net: resolve race of tap backend and its peer 2013-04-08 New
[12/28] Support 1T segments on ppc 2011-02-15 New
[v4,5/8] virtio-rng-ccw: switch to the new API. 2013-04-19 New
[16/19] linux-user: Add default configs for mips64[el] 2012-01-31 New
[v2,5/7] collie: add new commands to manipulate multi-disks 2013-03-29 New
[07/11] linux-user: If loading fails, print error as string, not number 2012-10-12 New
[v3,1/8] virtio-bus: add new functions. 2013-04-14 New
[RFC,v2,07/12] mc: introduce additional QMP statistics for micro-checkpointing 2014-02-18 New
[v5,12/12] rdma: send pc.ram 2013-04-21 New
[01/28] Add TAGS and *~ to .gitignore 2011-02-15 New
[v4,3/4] virtio-9p: cleanup: init function. 2013-04-23 New
[06/11] linux-user: Fix siginfo handling 2012-10-18 New
[v10,01/14,resend] rdma: add documentation 2013-06-24 New
[03/28] Allow qemu_devtree_setprop() to take arbitrary values 2011-02-15 New
[v4,2/4] virtio-9p-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-23 New
[RFC,v2,08/12] mc: core logic 2014-02-18 New
[v2,3/7] net: enlarge connect_to_addr() scope 2013-03-29 New
[07/28] Correct ppc popcntb logic, implement popcntw and popcntd 2011-02-15 New
[v4,1/4] virtio-9p: add the virtio-9p device. 2013-04-23 New
[PULL,09/21] linux-user: Add missing 'break' in i386 get_thread_area syscall 2013-07-23 New
[v3,For-1.6,6/7] rdma: use RDMA_WRID_READY 2013-08-04 New
[24/28] Implement PAPR CRQ hypercalls 2011-02-15 New
[v7,2/8] virtio-blk: add the virtio-blk device. 2013-03-14 New
[for-1.6,4/4] rdma: proper getaddrinfo() handling 2013-08-07 New
[v3,For-1.6,7/7] rdma: memory leak RDMAContext::host 2013-08-04 New
[02/28] Clean up PowerPC SLB handling code 2011-02-15 New
[for-1.5,v2,1/5] virtio-x-bus: force bus name to virtio-bus. 2013-04-30 New
[03/11] linux-user: Perform more checks on iovec lists 2012-10-12 New
[v3,2/3] sheepdog: use BDRV_SECTOR_SIZE 2013-04-22 New
[13/28] Add POWER7 support for ppc 2011-02-15 New
[v7,5/8] virtio-blk-ccw switch to new API. 2013-03-14 New
[v4,resend] rdma: rename 'x-rdma' => 'rdma' 2013-12-18 New
[v10,11/14,resend] rdma: core logic 2013-06-24 New
[19/28] Implement the PAPR (pSeries) virtualized interrupt controller (xics) 2011-02-15 New
[V5,8/8] virtio-blk: cleanup: remove qdev field. 2013-02-18 New
[4/5] linux-user: complete do_open function isolation 2012-10-12 New
[v3,resend,1/8] rdma: update documentation to reflect new unpin support 2013-07-22 New
[08/11] configure: Remove unnecessary host_guest_base code 2012-10-12 New
[RESEND,v4,3/8] virtio-rng-pci: switch to the new API. 2013-04-24 New
[for-1.6,3/4] rdma: check if RDMAControlHeader::len match transferred byte 2013-08-07 New
[v2,1/2] sheepdog: don't update inode when create_and_write fails 2012-12-17 New
Add a disk format named iROW, supporting high-efficiency VM snapshot 2013-01-26 New
[v5,3/5] kvm: support using KVM_MEM_READONLY flag for regions 2013-05-08 New
[2/2] .gitmodules: use upstream SeaBIOS repo to fix submodule init 2013-10-03 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v1:,09/13] parse QMP string for new 'rdma' protocol 2013-04-10 New
[PULL,2/2] linux-user: Remove regs parameter of load_elf_binary and load_flt_binary 2014-01-10 New
[v3,8/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: use QOM casts. 2013-04-14 New
sheepdog: implement .bdrv_get_allocated_file_size 2013-08-07 New
[v3,resend/cleanup,2/8] rdma: bugfix: ram_control_save_page() 2013-07-12 New
[v6,2/2] sheepdog: support user-defined redundancy option 2013-11-07 New
[v4,6/7] virtio: cleanup: init and exit function. 2013-04-24 New
linux-user: Add Alpha socket constants 2013-01-03 New
[v5,05/12] rdma: introduce qemu_file_mode_is_not_valid() 2013-04-23 New
[Build,bug] Problem checking out submodules 2013-10-01 New
[RESEND,v4,6/8] virtio-rng: cleanup: init and exit functions. 2013-04-24 New
[for-1.6,1/4] rdma: use resp.len after validation in qemu_rdma_registration_stop 2013-08-07 New
[RFC,RDMA,support,v1:,04/13] update QEMUFileOps with new hooks 2013-04-10 New
[v3,5/5] Try not to exceed max downtime on stage3 2010-01-26 New
[RESEND,v4,5/8] virtio-rng-ccw: switch to the new API. 2013-04-24 New