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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[06/15] qemu-img rebase: Fix segfault if backing file can't be opened 2011-04-07 Kevin Wolf New
[06/15] qed: avoid deadlock on emulated synchronous I/O 2011-07-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/15] qdev: add qbus_reset_all 2012-12-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/15] qapi: add code generators for QMP command marshaling 2011-03-11 Anthony Liguori New
[06/15] pseries: Use #define for XICS base irq number 2012-10-18 David Gibson New
[06/15] piix: create i8254 through composition 2012-01-26 Anthony Liguori New
[06/15] openpic: rework critical interrupt support 2012-12-22 Scott Wood New
[06/15] net: split all the tap code out into net/tap.c 2009-10-22 Mark McLoughlin New
[06/15] ne2000: convert to pci_bar_map 2010-07-12 Blue Swirl New
[06/15] memory: use refcnt to manage MemoryRegion 2012-08-08 pingfan liu New
[06/15] memory: allow memory_region_find() to run on non-root memory regions 2013-05-24 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/15] linux-user: Implement prlimit64 syscall 2011-07-13 Riku Voipio New
[06/15] kvm: ppc: Drop CONFIG_KVM_PPC_PVR 2011-06-21 Marcelo Tosatti New
[06/15] kvm: Mark VCPU state dirty on creation 2011-03-04 Jan Kiszka New
[06/15] i386: kvm: extract try_get_cpuid() loop to get_supported_cpuid() function 2012-10-04 Eduardo Habkost New
[06/15] hw/nand: Pass block device state to init function 2011-07-29 Peter Maydell New
[06/15] fix spelling in linux-user sub directory 2011-12-02 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/15] eepro100: Add a dev field to eeprom new/free functions 2010-06-24 Alex Williamson New
[06/15] console: add trace events 2013-03-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/15] configure: Pick up libseccomp include path 2013-05-14 Michael Roth New
[06/15] check-qstring: convert to gtest 2012-01-10 Anthony Liguori New
[06/15] block: make discard asynchronous 2013-01-15 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/15] block: add unsafe_probe 2011-09-02 Anthony Liguori New
[06/15] block/vvfat.c: fix warnings with _FORTIFY_SOURCE 2010-01-02 Kirill A. Shutemov New
[06/15] blkdebug: Use bdrv_open options instead of filename 2013-04-12 Kevin Wolf New
[06/15] Use range_covers_byte 2010-09-10 Blue Swirl New
[06/15] Use range_covers_byte 2010-09-05 Blue Swirl New
[06/15] Sparc: split FPU and VIS op helpers 2011-09-11 Blue Swirl New
[06/15] QMP: Output support 2009-11-19 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/15] PPC: dbdma: Fix debug print 2013-06-30 Alexander Graf New
[06/15] Openrisc: add int instruction helpers 2012-05-17 Jia Liu New
[06/15] Move debug exception handling out of cpu_exec 2011-02-07 Jan Kiszka New
[06/15] Implement missing parts of the logic for the POWER PURR 2011-02-12 David Gibson New
[06/15] ARM: exynos4210: PWM support. 2011-12-09 Evgeny Voevodin New
[06/15] ARM: Make target_phys_addr_t 64 bits and physaddrs 40 bits 2012-07-12 Peter Maydell New
[06/14] virtio-net: refactor receive_hdr 2012-09-24 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[06/14] usb-linux: We only need to keep track of 15 endpoints 2011-05-04 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] usb-linux: Ensure devep != 0 2011-05-31 Hans de Goede New
[06/14] usb-host: move legacy cmd line bits 2013-02-21 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] usb-host: fix zero-length packets 2012-04-24 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] uhci: pass addr to uhci_async_alloc 2012-03-13 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] trace: Trace entry point of balloon request handler 2010-08-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/14] trace: Add trace-file command to open/close/flush trace file 2010-09-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/14] trace: Add trace-file command to open/close/flush trace file 2010-08-30 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/14] tcg-sparc: Use the RETURN instruction 2014-03-17 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] tcg-sparc: Support GUEST_BASE. 2012-03-28 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] tcg-sparc: Support GUEST_BASE. 2012-04-19 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] tcg-sparc: Fix qemu_ld/st to handle 32-bit host. 2012-09-22 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] tcg-ppc64: Don't load the static chain from TCG 2013-09-01 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] tcg-aarch64: Handle constant operands to and, or, xor 2014-03-09 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] target-mips: optimize load operations 2012-10-09 Aurelien Jarno New
[06/14] target-i386: Use fprintf_function and fix dump of DR registers 2010-03-29 Stefan Weil New
[06/14] target-arm: Move SCTLR reset value setup to per cpu init fns 2012-03-30 Peter Maydell New
[06/14] target-arm: Move CTR setup to per cpu init fns 2012-04-21 Peter Maydell New
[06/14] tap: insert tap_can_send() into tap_send() 2010-03-10 Juan Quintela New
[06/14] syborg_rtc: convert to memory API 2011-10-24 Benoit Canet New
[06/14] stellaris: Removed SSI mux 2012-10-05 Peter A. G. Crosthwaite New
[06/14] spice: adding seamless-migration option to the command line 2012-09-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] spapr_pci: populate DRC dt entries for PHBs 2013-12-05 Michael Roth New
[06/14] softfloat: Replace uint16 type with uint_fast16_t 2012-01-16 Andreas Färber New
[06/14] slavio_misc: convert system control to memory API 2011-11-15 Benoit Canet New
[06/14] scsi: change "removable" field to host many features 2012-05-04 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/14] rtc: Convert to isa_register_ioport. 2011-08-16 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] qerror: don't delay error message construction 2012-07-25 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/14] qdev: move properties from businfo to base class instance init 2012-05-01 Anthony Liguori New
[06/14] qdev: add ability to do QOM-style derived naming 2011-09-16 Anthony Liguori New
[06/14] qcow2: Fix in-flight list after qcow2_cache_put failure 2011-06-15 Kevin Wolf New
[06/14] pci_ids.h: add vendor id of Texus Intesruments. 2010-09-06 Isaku Yamahata New
[06/14] nbd: Keep hostname and port separate 2013-03-22 Kevin Wolf New
[06/14] monitor: expose readline state 2011-08-24 Anthony Liguori New
[06/14] monitor: expose readline state 2012-01-18 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/14] migration: stop all cpus correctly 2012-09-21 Juan Quintela New
[06/14] migration: fix off-by-one in buffered_rate_limit 2013-01-15 Juan Quintela New
[06/14] mc146818rtc: convert PIO to new memory api read/write 2012-10-08 Alexander Graf New
[06/14] lm32: add Milkymist SoftUSB support 2011-03-07 Michael Walle New
[06/14] linux-user: Clean up byte-swapping in elfload.c. 2010-04-04 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] linux-user: Clean up byte-swapping in elfload.c. 2010-04-04 Richard Henderson New
[06/14] ioh3420: Remove unreachable code 2012-09-23 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[06/14] introduce confdir and confsuffix 2010-05-26 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/14] ide: Split ide_init1() off ide_init2() 2010-06-01 Markus Armbruster New
[06/14] ide: Split ide_init1() off ide_init2() 2010-05-28 Markus Armbruster New
[06/14] i8254: Convert to MemoryRegion 2011-09-25 Avi Kivity New
[06/14] i386: factor gen_op_set_cc_op/tcg_gen_discard_tl around computing flags 2012-10-06 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/14] hw/onenand.c: fix migration of dynamically allocated buffer "otp" 2013-04-05 Peter Maydell New
[06/14] hw/arm_gic.c: lower IRQ only on changing of enable bit. 2011-12-07 Evgeny Voevodin New
[06/14] hw/arm/kzm: Don't use arm_pic_init_cpu() 2013-08-08 Peter Maydell New
[06/14] flatload: end_code was only used in a debug message 2011-06-02 Juan Quintela New
[06/14] ehci: Fixup q->qtdaddr after cancelling an already completed packet 2012-11-16 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] ehci: Don't set seen to 0 when removing unseen queue-heads 2012-09-13 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] eepro100: use the DMA memory access interface 2011-06-02 David Gibson New
[06/14] drive: allow rerror, werror and readonly for if=none 2010-05-28 Kevin Wolf New
[06/14] do not pass bogus $(SRC_PATH) include paths to cc during configure 2010-11-14 Paolo Bonzini New
[06/14] cutils: introduce qemu_fwrite_err() 2012-05-30 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/14] cutils: introduce qemu_fwrite_err() 2012-05-25 Luiz Capitulino New
[06/14] cpu: call cpu_synchronize_post_init() from CPUClass.realize() if hotplugged 2013-03-27 Igor Mammedov New
[06/14] cow: Use bdrv_(p)write_sync for metadata writes 2010-06-22 Kevin Wolf New
[06/14] console: make qemu_alloc_display static 2012-10-17 Gerd Hoffmann New
[06/14] config-host.mak: rename confdir to qemu_confdir 2012-03-30 Eduardo Habkost New
[06/14] config-host.mak: rename confdir to qemu_confdir 2012-04-18 Eduardo Habkost New
[06/14] config-host.mak: rename confdir to qemu_confdir 2012-04-04 Eduardo Habkost New