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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[22/24] qdev-properties.c: separate core from the code used only by qemu-system-* 2012-10-24 Eduardo Habkost New
[22/24] qdev-properties.c: separate core from the code used only by qemu-system-* 2012-11-09 Eduardo Habkost New
[22/24] pseries dma: DMA window params added to PHB and DT population changed 2012-08-15 Alexander Graf New
[22/24] pci: add pci_address_space() 2011-08-08 Avi Kivity New
[22/24] milkymist-minimac2: convert to memory API 2011-08-24 Avi Kivity New
[22/24] linux-user: Replace deprecated function 2011-05-08 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[22/24] libcacard Makefile cleanups 2012-06-03 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/24] ide: place initial state of the current request to IDEBus 2013-10-28 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/24] hw/s*: pass owner to memory_region_init_io 2013-06-25 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/24] console: allow pinning displaychangelisteners to consoles 2013-04-04 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/24] console: allow pinning displaychangelisteners to consoles 2013-04-16 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/24] block: use coroutine interface for raw format 2011-10-14 Kevin Wolf New
[22/24] ahci: Add migration support 2013-01-25 Kevin Wolf New
[22/24] Allow selective runtime register synchronization 2013-04-26 Alexander Graf New
[22/23] x86: Fix MCA broadcast parameters for TCG case 2011-02-04 Marcelo Tosatti New
[22/23] virtio-scsi: fix buffer overrun on invalid state load 2013-12-03 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[22/23] usb-msd: Propagate removable bit to SCSI device 2011-01-24 Kevin Wolf New
[22/23] usb-hub: remove unused descriptor arrays 2011-07-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/23] target-sparc: Fall through from not-taken trap 2012-10-05 Richard Henderson New
[22/23] target-i386: move default init of cpuid_kvm_features bitmap into CPU initializer from cpudef 2012-10-02 Igor Mammedov New
[22/23] sysbus: add MemoryRegion based memory management API 2011-07-25 Avi Kivity New
[22/23] sparc: avoid cpu_get_physical_page_desc() 2011-12-19 Avi Kivity New
[22/23] sparc: Suppress unused default drives 2012-08-09 Markus Armbruster New
[22/23] qcow2: Use Qcow2Cache in writeback mode during loadvm/savevm 2011-07-20 Kevin Wolf New
[22/23] qcow2: Gather clusters in a looping loop 2013-03-28 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[22/23] migration: propagate error correctly 2011-09-20 Juan Quintela New
[22/23] migration: propagate error correctly 2011-09-23 Juan Quintela New
[22/23] gtk: show a window for each graphical QemuConsole 2013-03-20 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/23] container: make a decendent of Object 2012-01-30 Anthony Liguori New
[22/23] bsd-user: add more strace formating 2013-06-24 Stacey Son New
[22/23] block: Fix early failure in multiwrite 2010-07-02 Kevin Wolf New
[22/23] block: Always enable discard on the protocol level 2013-06-24 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[22/23] block migration: Add support for restore progress reporting 2009-11-30 Jan Kiszka New
[22/23] apic: Defer interrupt updates to VCPU thread 2012-08-21 Michael Roth New
[22/23] QMP: handle_qmp_command(): Small cleanup 2010-07-01 Luiz Capitulino New
[22/23] PPC: E500: Update cpu-release-addr property in cpu nodes 2011-07-21 Alexander Graf New
[22/23] Monitor: Rename the qemu-monitor.hx file 2010-10-01 Luiz Capitulino New
[22/22] usb-redir: Allow redirecting super speed devices to high speed controllers 2012-10-24 Hans de Goede New
[22/22] usb-redir: Allow redirecting super speed devices to high speed controllers 2012-10-15 Hans de Goede New
[22/22] trace: allow disabling events in events file 2012-10-30 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/22] trace: Do not use the word 'new' in event arguments 2013-03-26 Lluís Vilanova New
[22/22] tcg-i386: Tidy data16 prefixes. 2010-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[22/22] target-i386: cleanup cpu_x86_find_by_name(), only fill x86_def_t in it 2012-09-07 Igor Mammedov New
[22/22] target-i386: cleanup cpu_x86_find_by_name(), only fill x86_def_t in it 2012-09-26 Igor Mammedov New
[22/22] target-arm: A64: Add support for FCVT between half, single and double 2013-12-31 Peter Maydell New
[22/22] scsi: Guard against buflen exceeding req->cmd.xfer in scsi_disk_emulate_command 2012-01-26 Kevin Wolf New
[22/22] savevm: Convert do_loadvm() to QObject 2010-04-20 Luiz Capitulino New
[22/22] ram: save live optimization 2012-07-13 Juan Quintela New
[22/22] qom: Push error reporting to object_property_find() 2012-06-18 Andreas Färber New
[22/22] qidl: unit tests and build infrastructure 2012-09-21 Michael Roth New
[22/22] qapi: generate HTML report for test-libqmp 2011-03-07 Anthony Liguori New
[22/22] qapi: Convert migrate_set_speed 2011-12-06 Luiz Capitulino New
[22/22] pseries: Allow writes to KVM accelerated TCE table 2011-10-30 Alexander Graf New
[22/22] ppc: make hbrev table const 2012-04-22 Blue Swirl New
[22/22] pixman: drop obsolete fields from DisplaySurface 2012-11-01 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/22] pc: add compatibility machine types for 1.4 2013-02-22 Kevin Wolf New
[22/22] pc.c: only load e1000 rom. 2009-10-21 Gerd Hoffmann New
[22/22] monitor/net: Convert do_info_network() to QObject/QMP 2010-04-08 Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho New
[22/22] migration: Make state definitions local 2011-02-23 Juan Quintela New
[22/22] memory: add return value to address_space_rw/read/write 2013-05-24 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/22] memory: add return value to address_space_rw/read/write 2013-05-30 Paolo Bonzini New
[22/22] machine: introduce -machine-def option to define a machine via config 2010-06-07 Anthony Liguori New
[22/22] i8259: Move to hw library 2011-09-28 Jan Kiszka New
[22/22] hw/pl031: Actually raise interrupt on timer expiry 2012-02-17 Peter Maydell New
[22/22] doc: update HACKING wrt strncpy/pstrcpy 2012-05-09 Jim Meyering New
[22/22] container: make a decendent of Object 2012-02-01 Anthony Liguori New
[22/22] cirrus_vga: add QIDL annotations 2012-07-24 Michael Roth New
[22/22] block: Make bdrv_pwrite() a bdrv_prwv_co() wrapper 2013-12-11 Kevin Wolf New
[22/22] add cpu-add qmp command and implement CPU hot-add for target-i386 2013-04-05 Igor Mammedov New
[22/22] PPC: pseries: Remove hack for PIO window 2012-10-29 Alexander Graf New
[22/22] PPC: dbdma: Support more multi-issue DMA requests 2013-07-11 Alexander Graf New
[22/22] Fix a few coding style violations in cpus.c 2011-01-27 Jan Kiszka New
[22/21] kvm: x86: Only read/write MSR_KVM_ASYNC_PF_EN if supported 2011-01-05 Jan Kiszka New
[21/97] vmstate: Test for VMSTATE_UNUSED 2014-04-07 Juan Quintela New
[21/74] cris-boot: Pass CRISCPU to main_cpu_reset(). 2012-06-05 Andreas Färber New
[21/72] ppc: Add missing break 2012-06-23 Alexander Graf New
[21/66] target-ppc: Extract 7x5 aliases 2013-03-08 Alexander Graf New
[21/66] memory: add getter for owner 2013-07-04 Paolo Bonzini New
[21/64] PPC: KVM: Add stubs for kvm helper functions 2011-10-06 Alexander Graf New
[21/62] tcg-s390: Generalize the direct load/store emission. 2010-05-27 Richard Henderson New
[21/61] virtio-net : cleanup : remove qdev field. 2013-01-07 New
[21/60] vnc: fix "info vnc" with "-vnc ..., reverse=on" 2013-02-04 Michael Tokarev New
[21/60] AArch64: Convert SIMD load/store to common function 2013-09-27 Alexander Graf New
[21/58] vmstate: port pxa2xx_keypad 2011-02-24 Juan Quintela New
[21/58] PPC: KVM: Add stubs for kvm helper functions 2011-09-14 Alexander Graf New
[21/57] target-i386: do not call helper to compute ZF/SF 2013-01-24 Richard Henderson New
[21/57] target-i386: do not call helper to compute ZF/SF 2013-02-19 Richard Henderson New
[21/56] target-moxie: gen_intermediate_code_internal() should be inlined 2013-08-13 Michael Roth New
[21/55] block: Revert entanglement of bdrv_is_inserted() with tray status 2011-07-20 Markus Armbruster New
[21/55] atapi: cleanup/fix mode sense results 2011-10-31 Kevin Wolf New
[21/54] usb-redir: Get rid of unused async-struct dev member 2012-09-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[21/51] qdev-monitor: Avoid device_add crashing on non-device driver name 2014-02-21 Michael Roth New
[21/50] QemuOpts: Fix qemu_config_parse() to catch file read errors 2010-03-04 Markus Armbruster New
[21/49] memory: set single dirty flags when possible 2014-01-13 Juan Quintela New
[21/48] qapi: don't convert enum strings to lowercase 2012-08-13 Luiz Capitulino New
[21/48] mmu-hash*: Combine ppc_hash{32, 64}_get_physical_address and get_segment{32, 64}() 2013-03-12 David Gibson New
[21/48] NAND emulation overhaul 2010-03-26 Riku Voipio New
[21/47] target-microblaze: Move TCG initialization to MicroBlazeCPU initfn 2013-02-16 Andreas Färber New
[21/47] hw/char/Kconfig: Add Kconfig file 2013-08-25 Ákos Kovács New
[21/47] block: add bdrv_ensure_backing_file 2012-07-24 Paolo Bonzini New