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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[24/38] qcow2: Ignore reserved bits in count_contiguous_clusters() 2012-04-20 Kevin Wolf New
[24/38] pci_bridge: split pci_bridge_free from pci_bridge_exitfn 2013-09-03 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/38] memory: use find_next_bit() to find dirty bits 2013-12-17 Juan Quintela New
[24/38] exec: check offset_within_address_space for register subpage 2013-09-25 Michael Roth New
[24/38] Remove NULL checks for bdrv_new return value 2010-12-17 Kevin Wolf New
[24/37] target-ppc: Introduce DFP Test Exponent 2014-04-18 Tom Musta New
[24/37] target-m68k: Detect attempt to instantiate non-CPU type in cpu_init() 2013-01-28 Andreas Färber New
[24/37] target-i386: use define for cpuid vendor string size 2012-10-22 Igor Mammedov New
[24/37] ehci: add queuing support 2012-06-07 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/37] configure: Require at least spice-protocol-0.12.3 2013-04-02 Michael Roth New
[24/37] Refactor cpu_has_work/any_cpu_has_work in cpus.c 2011-02-14 Marcelo Tosatti New
[24/36] vmstate: port arm cpu 2012-03-19 Juan Quintela New
[24/36] uhci: Store ep in UHCIQueue 2012-10-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/36] migration: Introduce migrate_fd_completed() for consistency 2011-10-11 Juan Quintela New
[24/35] xtensa_pic: Pass XtensaCPU to xtensa_ccompare_cb() 2012-10-31 Andreas Färber New
[24/35] vmstate: all cpus converted 2012-05-04 Juan Quintela New
[24/35] tcg-s390: Use the XOR IMMEDIATE instructions. 2010-06-04 Richard Henderson New
[24/35] target-alpha: Trap for unassigned and unaligned addresses. 2011-05-09 Richard Henderson New
[24/35] scsi-generic: remove scsi_req_fixup 2011-10-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/35] ram: rename last_block to last_seen_block 2012-12-11 Juan Quintela New
[24/35] kvm: Mark VCPU state dirty on creation 2011-03-15 Marcelo Tosatti New
[24/35] hw: move input devices to hw/input/, configure with default-configs/ 2013-03-18 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/35] hw: move VFIO and ivshmem to hw/pci/ 2013-04-02 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/35] hw: move PCI bridges to hw/pci-* or hw/ARCH 2013-04-04 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/35] error, qerror: add ErrorClass argument to error functions 2012-08-07 Luiz Capitulino New
[24/35] error, qerror: add ErrorClass argument to error functions 2012-08-10 Luiz Capitulino New
[24/35] block: Show whether the virtual tray is open in info block 2011-09-12 Kevin Wolf New
[24/35] acpi:piix4: add memory hotplug handling 2014-04-04 Igor Mammedov New
[24/35] Synchronize VCPU states before reset 2011-01-06 Marcelo Tosatti New
[24/34] vmware_vga: convert to pci_bar_map 2010-07-22 Blue Swirl New
[24/34] qapi-schema: add ErrorClass enum 2012-08-02 Luiz Capitulino New
[24/34] ppc405_uc: Fix buffer overflow 2012-10-04 Alexander Graf New
[24/34] migration: Inline qemu_fopen_ops_buffered into migrate_fd_connect 2012-12-19 Juan Quintela New
[24/33] target-arm: Convert cp15 crn=9 registers 2012-06-20 Peter Maydell New
[24/33] target-alpha: Remap PIO space for 43-bit KSEG for EV6. 2011-04-28 Richard Henderson New
[24/32] vmstate: port pxa2xx_pm 2011-03-10 Juan Quintela New
[24/32] usbredir: Add usbredir_init_endpoints() helper 2013-01-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/32] target-ppc: Introduce unrealizefn for PowerPCCPU 2013-06-30 Alexander Graf New
[24/32] target-arm: Convert cp15 crn=1 registers 2012-04-15 Peter Maydell New
[24/32] scsi: establish precedence levels for unit attention 2012-07-27 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/32] qdev: New property type chs-translation 2012-07-06 Markus Armbruster New
[24/32] qdev: New property type chs-translation 2012-06-29 Markus Armbruster New
[24/32] qcow2: count_contiguous_clusters and compression 2013-12-04 Michael Roth New
[24/32] monitor: move include files to include/monitor/ 2012-12-06 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/32] monitor: move include files to include/monitor/ 2012-10-24 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/32] monitor: move include files to include/monitor/ 2012-12-17 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/32] mirror: introduce mirror job 2012-10-24 Kevin Wolf New
[24/31] usb: Add packet combining functions 2012-11-01 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/31] usb-linux: only cleanup in host_close when host_open was successful. 2011-06-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/31] openpic: move IACK to its own function 2013-01-07 Alexander Graf New
[24/31] kvm: x86: Fix !CONFIG_KVM_PARA build 2011-01-24 Marcelo Tosatti New
[24/31] VMDK: creating streamOptimized subformat 2011-09-06 Kevin Wolf New
[24/31] PPC: e500: enable manual loading of dtb blob 2012-06-19 Alexander Graf New
[24/31] PPC: e500: enable manual loading of dtb blob 2012-06-05 Alexander Graf New
[24/30] virtio-serial: Convert to QOM realize 2013-11-29 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/30] usb: add usb_desc_attach 2010-12-17 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/30] target-ppc: emulate cmpb instruction 2013-04-26 Alexander Graf New
[24/30] stream: add testcase for partial streaming 2012-05-10 Kevin Wolf New
[24/30] spapr: make IOMMU translation go through IOMMUTLBEntry 2013-05-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/30] spapr: convert to QEMU Object Model (v2) 2012-01-03 Anthony Liguori New
[24/30] scsi-disk: restruct emulation: SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE 2009-11-26 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/30] ram: rename last_block to last_seen_block 2012-10-18 Juan Quintela New
[24/30] qcow2: remove memory leak 2011-08-29 Kevin Wolf New
[24/30] iostatus: change is_read to a bool 2012-09-28 Kevin Wolf New
[24/30] exec: separate current radix tree from the one being built 2013-06-28 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/29] target-i386: Group together level, xlevel, xlevel2 fields 2013-05-02 Andreas Färber New
[24/29] qemu-config: introduce qemu_find_opts_err() 2012-06-05 Luiz Capitulino New
[24/29] qcow2: Use coroutines 2011-08-03 Kevin Wolf New
[24/29] qapi: add socket address types 2012-10-19 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/29] ide: qidl_declare ISAIDEState 2012-11-01 Michael Roth New
[24/29] hw/9pfs: Update v9fs_write to use coroutines 2011-05-25 jvrao New
[24/28] xhci: add trb type name lookup support. 2012-02-10 Gerd Hoffmann New
[24/28] vmstate: port arm cpu 2011-10-26 Juan Quintela New
[24/28] unin_pci: Drop duplicate busdev 2012-01-24 Anthony Liguori New
[24/28] target-ppc: Altivec 2.07: Vector Polynomial Multiply Sum 2014-02-12 Tom Musta New
[24/28] qtest: add test for ISA I/O space endianness 2013-07-22 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/28] qidl: add lexer library (based on QC parser) 2012-10-31 Michael Roth New
[24/28] pflash_cfi0x: QOMified 2012-10-30 Peter Maydell New
[24/28] migration: Don't use callback on file defining it 2011-02-23 Juan Quintela New
[24/28] memory: cpu_physical_memory_get_dirty() is used as returning a bool 2013-10-09 Juan Quintela New
[24/28] device tree: dont fail operations 2011-07-23 Alexander Graf New
[24/28] coroutine: use AioContext for CoQueue BH 2013-03-15 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[24/28] blockdev: Factor drive_index_to_{bus, unit}_id out of drive_init() 2011-01-31 Kevin Wolf New
[24/28] Implement PAPR CRQ hypercalls 2011-02-15 New
[24/28] Emulate qemu-kvms -no-kvm option 2012-10-31 Marcelo Tosatti New
[24/27] tests: support target-specific unit tests 2012-10-24 Eduardo Habkost New
[24/27] target-s390x: Let cpu_s390x_init() return S390CPU 2012-06-11 Andreas Färber New
[24/27] qmp: switch to the new error format on the wire 2012-07-27 Luiz Capitulino New
[24/27] qemu-iotests: Test rebase with short backing file 2012-02-29 Kevin Wolf New
[24/27] pc: ACPI BIOS: add ssdt-mem.hex.generated and update ssdt-misc.hex.generated 2013-11-21 Igor Mammedov New
[24/27] migration: take finer locking 2012-07-24 Juan Quintela New
[24/27] grackle: remove broken pci device 2011-12-20 Anthony Liguori New
[24/27] build: remove coroutine-obj-y 2012-12-21 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/27] build: remove coroutine-obj-y 2013-01-12 Paolo Bonzini New
[24/27] blockdev: Hide QEMUMachine from drive_init() 2010-06-04 Kevin Wolf New
[24/27] Implement PAPR virtual SCSI interface (ibmvscsi) 2011-03-23 David Gibson New
[24/27] Implement PAPR virtual SCSI interface (ibmvscsi) 2011-03-25 David Gibson New
[24/27] Implement PAPR virtual SCSI interface (ibmvscsi) 2011-04-01 David Gibson New
[24/26] vvfat: migrate vvfat driver QemuOptionParameter usage 2014-03-21 Leandro Dorileo New
[24/26] vmdk: Fix data corruption bug in WRITE and READ handling 2012-11-14 Kevin Wolf New