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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/4] linux-user: ARM: clear the IT bits when invoking a signal handler 2011-01-10 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] linux-user,m68k: display default cpu 2011-09-18 Laurent Vivier New
[3/4] linux-user,m68k: display default cpu 2012-01-22 Laurent Vivier New
[3/4] linux-user,m68k: display default cpu 2011-07-28 Laurent Vivier New
[3/4] linux-user,m68k: display default cpu 2013-09-06 Laurent Vivier New
[3/4] libcacard: fix mingw64 cross-compilation 2013-02-25 Marc-André Lureau New
[3/4] kvmvapic: Disable if there is insufficient memory 2012-08-14 Marcelo Tosatti New
[3/4] kvm: support non datamatch ioeventfd 2013-04-18 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[3/4] kvm: support non datamatch ioeventfd 2013-04-03 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[3/4] kvm: i386: Add services required for PCI device assignment 2012-08-27 Jan Kiszka New
[3/4] kvm: Fix dirty tracking with large kernel page size 2012-03-08 David Gibson New
[3/4] kvm: Common device control API functions 2013-08-23 Christoffer Dall New
[3/4] kvm: Add kvm_has_pit_state2 helper 2012-02-05 Jan Kiszka New
[3/4] kvm: Add kvm_has_pit_state2 helper 2012-01-31 Jan Kiszka New
[3/4] kbd leds: usb kbd 2010-02-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/4] iommu: introduce AMD IOMMU support, initialize it 2010-08-28 Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu New
[3/4] intel-hda: Honor WAKEEN bits. 2010-11-08 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/4] ide: wire up setfeatures cache control 2011-03-15 Christoph Hellwig New
[3/4] ide: Implement rerror option 2009-11-27 Kevin Wolf New
[3/4] ide: Ignore double DMA transfer starts/stops 2010-11-26 Kevin Wolf New
[3/4] ich9: add notifer for ec to generate sci 2013-05-22 liguang New
[3/4] i8254: Fix migration from qemu-kvm < 1.1 2013-02-19 Cole Robinson New
[3/4] i440fx-test: generate temporary firmware blob 2013-11-09 Laszlo Ersek New
[3/4] hw:acpi:pcihp: assume root PCI bus if bus has no ACPI_PCIHP_PROP_BSEL property 2014-01-21 Igor Mammedov New
[3/4] hw: Add test device for unittests execution 2013-01-04 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/4] hw/ssi/xilinx_spips.c: Avoid shifting left into sign bit 2014-02-21 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/sh_serial: Use PRIxPLX rather than %x for physaddr 2012-06-25 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/sd.c: Don't complain about SDIO commands CMD52/CMD53 2011-05-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] hw/omap1: Wire up GPIO clock 2011-09-23 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/lan9118: Add save/load support 2012-01-18 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/ds1338: Remove 'now' field from state struct 2012-09-24 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/ds1338.c: ensure OSF can only be cleared 2012-12-02 Antoine Mathys New
[3/4] hw/arm_mptimer: Reset the qemu_timer at reset 2012-04-20 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] hw/arm/sunxi-soc: add sunxi timer 2013-11-20 liguang New
[3/4] hw/9pfs: make get_st_gen() return ENOTTY error on special files 2014-01-28 Kirill A. Shutemov New
[3/4] hw/9pfs: iattr_valid flags are kernel internal flags map them to 9p values. 2011-12-21 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[3/4] hw/9pfs: Update the fidp path before opendir 2011-06-06 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[3/4] hmp: human-monitor-command: stop using the Memory chardev driver 2013-04-02 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/4] hmp/qxl: info spice: add qxl info 2012-05-24 Alon Levy New
[3/4] hda-codec: make mixemu selectable at runtime 2013-09-24 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/4] gtk: Remember the last grabbed pointer position 2014-02-13 Takashi Iwai New
[3/4] fw_cfg: make cast macro available to world 2013-10-16 Igor Mammedov New
[3/4] fix vnc regression 2011-03-21 Corentin Chary New
[3/4] fix implicit declaration of syscall() in linux-user/syscall.c 2012-12-10 John Spencer New
[3/4] fix implicit declaration of syscall() in linux-user/syscall.c 2012-12-10 John Spencer New
[3/4] file_ram_alloc(): extract temporary-file creation code to separate function 2012-06-26 Eduardo Habkost New
[3/4] fbdev: add linux framebuffer display driver. 2012-09-10 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/4] exynos4210: Set reset-cbar property of Cortex-A9 CPUs 2014-02-24 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] exec: move TB handling to translate-all.c 2012-12-04 Blue Swirl New
[3/4] exec: Use fprintf_function for dump_exec_info (format checking) 2010-10-22 Stefan Weil New
[3/4] exec: Support 64-bit operations in address_space_rw 2013-07-09 Richard Henderson New
[3/4] exec: Do not use absolute address hints for code_gen_buffer with -fpie 2012-10-12 Richard Henderson New
[3/4] exec, memory: Call to xen_modified_memory. 2012-07-17 Anthony PERARD New
[3/4] elf-loader: add more return codes 2014-01-22 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[3/4] ehci: Add support for packets with both data and an error status 2012-10-18 Hans de Goede New
[3/4] e1000: no need auto-negotiation if link was down 2013-01-08 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] dump: populate guest_phys_blocks 2013-07-29 Laszlo Ersek New
[3/4] dump: extract out get note size function 2012-06-20 Rabin Vincent New
[3/4] doc: Heading for monitor command cpu got lost, restore it 2010-05-04 Markus Armbruster New
[3/4] do not interpolate % from vl.c to qemu-options.h 2010-02-04 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] disas: add libvixl source code for AArch64 A64 disassembler 2014-01-07 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] debugcon: fix compiler warning when open DEBUG_DEBUGCON 2013-05-24 liguang New
[3/4] dataplane: change vring API to use VirtQueueElement 2013-10-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] cputlb: prepare private memory API for public consumption 2012-04-22 Blue Swirl New
[3/4] cpu model corrections/updates: support kvm emulated flags 2010-11-24 john cooper New
[3/4] cpu model corrections/updates: support kvm emulated flags 2010-09-07 john cooper New
[3/4] console: pass Monitor to vga_hw_screen_dump/hw_vga_dump 2012-03-11 Alon Levy New
[3/4] console: pass DisplayAllocator as first argument to methods 2012-01-16 Anthony Liguori New
[3/4] console: call qemu_chr_reset() in text_console_init 2009-10-20 Amit Shah New
[3/4] configure: silence pkg-config's check for curses 2013-01-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] configure: silence pkg-config's check for curses 2013-01-30 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] configure: permit compilation on arm aarch64 2013-05-23 Claudio Fontana New
[3/4] configure: Enable threading on all ppc and mips linux-user targets 2013-06-25 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] cleanup cpu_set_debug_excp_handler 2012-06-25 Igor Mammedov New
[3/4] check-qjson: Test noncharacters other than U+FFFE, U+FFFF in strings 2013-04-11 Markus Armbruster New
[3/4] check-qjson: Test noncharacters other than U+FFFE, U+FFFF in strings 2013-03-14 Markus Armbruster New
[3/4] char: add gio watch fn for tcp backends 2013-02-04 Amit Shah New
[3/4] change while to if 2010-01-15 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] cfi: Mark flash memory executable 2010-05-13 Jan Kiszka New
[3/4] build: remove universal-obj-y 2013-01-19 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] blockdev: Don't limit DriveInfo serial to 20 characters 2012-07-11 Markus Armbruster New
[3/4] blockdev: Allow snapshoting of protocols. 2013-01-28 Benoît Canet New
[3/4] block: set job->speed in block_set_speed 2012-03-30 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] block: qemu-iotests - fix image cleanup when using spaced pathnames 2014-03-18 Jeff Cody New
[3/4] block: drop redundant bdrv_flush implementation 2011-10-14 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] block: bdrv_eject(): Add tray_changed parameter 2012-02-15 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/4] block: add BLOCK_O_CHECK for qemu-img check 2012-07-31 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] block: add 'speed' optional parameter to block-stream 2012-04-23 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/4] block: Use bdrv_get_backing_file_depth() 2012-08-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/4] block: Introduce bdrv_pwritev() for qcow2_save_vmstate 2013-04-05 Kevin Wolf New
[3/4] block: Add support for throttling burst threshold in QMP and the command line. 2013-07-22 Benoît Canet New
[3/4] block/raw: add .bdrv_get_info 2013-07-15 Peter Lieven New
[3/4] block/curl: Implement a flush function on the fd handlers 2011-09-21 Kevin Wolf New
[3/4] block stream: add support for partial streaming 2012-01-04 Marcelo Tosatti New
[3/4] atapi: implement READ DISC INFORMATION 2012-06-11 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/4] arm: add device tree support 2012-03-16 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] arm: add device tree support 2012-03-02 Peter Maydell New
[3/4] arch_init: calculate transferred bytes at ram_load(). 2010-06-03 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[3/4] arch_init: calculate transferred bytes at ram_load(). 2010-06-01 Yoshiaki Tamura New
[3/4] apci: assign memory regions to piix4 acpi device 2013-01-04 Gerd Hoffmann New