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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/8] kvm: Kill CR3_CACHE feature references 2010-02-22 Marcelo Tosatti New
[3/8] iscsi: add bdrv_co_write_zeroes 2013-06-22 Peter Lieven New
[3/8] ide scsi virtio-blk: Reject empty drives unless media is removable 2010-07-06 Markus Armbruster New
[3/8] hw/net/virtio-net: use virtio wrappers to access headers. 2014-02-18 Greg Kurz New
[3/8] hw/arm_gic: Expose GIC CPU interfaces as sysbus memory regions 2011-12-12 Peter Maydell New
[3/8] hw/9pfs: Move fid pathname tracking to seperate data type. 2011-09-09 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[3/8] fw_cfg: make calls typesafe 2009-12-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/8] fw_cfg: New fw_cfg_add_string() 2013-01-16 Markus Armbruster New
[3/8] fix compilation with stderr trace backend 2011-09-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] fdc-test: Check READ ID 2012-09-06 Hervé Poussineau New
[3/8] exec: Reduce ifdeffery around -mem-path 2013-06-19 Markus Armbruster New
[3/8] ehci: Get rid of the magical PROC_ERR status 2012-11-09 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/8] ds1338: Add missing break statement 2012-03-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] docs: Fix qdev-device-use.txt typo in -chardev serial, path=COM<NUM> 2011-09-09 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] device-assignment: Use PCI capabilities support 2010-11-12 Alex Williamson New
[3/8] console: move set_mouse + cursor_define callbacks 2012-10-15 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/8] console: add information retrival wrappers 2013-11-20 Dave Airlie New
[3/8] configure: Enable threading on all ppc and mips linux-user targets 2013-07-12 Peter Maydell New
[3/8] bswap: Add host endian unaligned access functions 2013-01-05 Richard Henderson New
[3/8] blockdev: rename block_stream_cb to a generic block_job_cb 2012-09-14 Jeff Cody New
[3/8] block: implement reference count for BlockDriverState 2013-07-25 Fam Zheng New
[3/8] block: fix I/O throttling accounting blind spot 2013-04-05 Kevin Wolf New
[3/8] block: bdrv_img_create(): move parameter list printing to qemu-img 2012-10-17 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] block: allow doing I/O in a job after cancellation 2012-04-13 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/8] block: add image streaming block job 2011-10-27 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] block: Support to keep track of I/O status 2011-07-05 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] block/raw-posix: Linux compat-ioctl warning workaround 2011-07-06 Kevin Wolf New
[3/8] audio: remove HAS_AUDIO 2013-04-18 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/8] arm_sysctl: Implement save/restore 2010-12-23 Peter Maydell New
[3/8] apci: assign memory regions to piix4 acpi device 2012-12-19 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/8] aio: Fix return value of aio_poll() 2013-01-18 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] ahci: send init d2h fis on fis enable 2010-12-20 Alexander Graf New
[3/8] VNC: Rename client's 'username' key 2010-01-14 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] Split out bottom halves 2009-10-22 Kevin Wolf New
[3/8] Sort RAMBlocks by ID for migration, not by ram_addr 2011-12-21 Avi Kivity New
[3/8] Set xbzrle buffers to NULL after freeing them to avoid double free errors 2014-02-04 Juan Quintela New
[3/8] S390: Enable -cpu help and QMP query-cpu-definitions 2013-01-18 Alexander Graf New
[3/8] RunState: Add additional states 2011-09-01 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] RunState: Add additional states 2011-08-10 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] Remove unneeded type casts 2013-04-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] QError: Add QMP mode-oriented errors 2010-01-28 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] QDict: Introduce qdict_get_qbool() 2009-11-01 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] PPC: e500: msync is 440 only, e500 has real sync 2012-01-21 Alexander Graf New
[3/8] OptsVisitor: opts_type_int(): recognize intervals when LM_IN_PROGRESS 2013-07-22 Laszlo Ersek New
[3/8] No need to iterate if we already are over the limit 2012-06-22 Juan Quintela New
[3/8] Init qemu_system_cond 2010-06-25 Jan Kiszka New
[3/8] Haiku doesn't have libm 2010-09-19 Andreas Färber New
[3/8] Fix qemu_free use in nand.c 2009-11-15 Jean-Christophe DUBOIS New
[3/8] Expose thread_id in info cpus 2010-10-11 Marcelo Tosatti New
[3/8] Advertise --libdir in configure --help output 2013-03-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/8] Add qstring_append_chr() unit-test 2009-11-04 Luiz Capitulino New
[3/8] Add check for cache size smaller than page size 2014-02-04 Juan Quintela New
[3/8] Add QBuffer 2010-05-14 Jan Kiszka New
[3/8] ARM: Fix sense of to_integer bit in Neon VCVT float/int conversion 2010-11-11 Peter Maydell New
[3/8,v4] s390-sclp: SCLP Event integration 2013-10-31 Jason J. Herne New
[3/8,RFC,v3] s390-qemu: cpu hotplug - SCLP Event integration 2013-08-01 Jason J. Herne New
[3/8,RFC,v2] s390-qemu: cpu hotplug - SCLP Event integration 2013-06-07 Jason J. Herne New
[3/8,MIPS] qdev: convert jazz-led to sysbus device 2010-09-08 Hervé Poussineau New
[3/7] xhci: add xhci_cap_write 2013-04-16 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] xhci: Init a transfers xhci, slotid and epid member on epctx alloc 2013-09-19 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] vvfat: fix a file descriptor leak 2011-01-08 Blue Swirl New
[3/7] vnvram: VNVRAM bottom-half r/w scheduling support 2013-05-23 Corey Bryant New
[3/7] vl: New qemu_get_machine_opts() 2013-07-04 Markus Armbruster New
[3/7] virtio-serial: Enable ioeventfd 2011-03-21 Amit Shah New
[3/7] virtio-serial-bus: separate out discard logic in a separate function 2011-01-19 Amit Shah New
[3/7] virtio-blk: Create exit function to unregister savevm 2010-07-26 Kevin Wolf New
[3/7] vdi: merge aio_read_cb and aio_write_cb into callers 2012-03-05 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/7] use win32 timer queues 2011-02-10 Paolo Bonzini New
[3/7] usb: add pipelining option to usb endpoints 2012-03-02 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-uvc: Fix all checkpatch style issues. 2011-06-02 Brad Hards New
[3/7] usb-storage: drop tag from device state. 2011-11-21 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-serial and braille: use qdev for -usbdevice 2009-10-26 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-linux: Add support for buffering iso usb packets 2010-11-26 Hans de Goede New
[3/7] usb-hub: wakeup on detach too. 2011-11-23 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-host: remove usb_host_device_close 2013-01-24 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-host: fix halted endpoints 2011-08-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-host: fix configuration tracking. 2011-09-02 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-host-libusb: Detach kernel drivers earlier 2013-10-24 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] usb-host-libusb: Detach kernel drivers earlier 2013-09-23 Hans de Goede New
[3/7] usb hid: move head+n to common struct 2011-01-14 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] update halted state on mp_state sync 2009-11-26 Glauber Costa New
[3/7] uhci: invalidate queue on device address changes 2014-02-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] uhci: Fix double unlink 2012-11-21 Gerd Hoffmann New
[3/7] trace: make trace_thread_create() use its function arg 2012-03-12 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/7] trace: Add simple built-in tracing backend 2010-05-25 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[3/7] trace: Add "vcpu_reset" event 2011-12-09 Lluís Vilanova New
[3/7] timer: move QEMUClockType related functions together 2014-02-25 Xuebing Wang New
[3/7] time_drift_fix is x86 only, rather than !ia64 2010-06-22 Jes Sorensen New
[3/7] time_drift_fix is x86 only, rather than !ia64 2010-06-15 Jes Sorensen New
[3/7] time_drift_fix is x86 only, rather than !ia64 2010-06-15 Jes Sorensen New
[3/7] time_drift_fix is x86 only, rather than !ia64 2010-06-15 Jes Sorensen New
[3/7] tcx: port to test_and_clear instead of test/reset 2013-10-11 Juan Quintela New
[3/7] tcg: Swap commutative double-word comparisons 2012-09-27 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] tcg: Optional target implementation of ANDC. 2010-02-16 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] tcg-ia64: Provide default GUEST_BASE. 2010-11-22 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] tcg-i386: Implement movcond 2012-09-21 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] tcg-i386: Implement movcond 2012-09-25 Aurelien Jarno New
[3/7] tcg-hppa: Implement deposit operation. 2011-01-07 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] tcg-hppa: Implement deposit operation. 2011-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[3/7] target-xtensa: raise an exception for invalid and reserved opcodes 2011-10-31 Max Filippov New