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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[4/5] PPC: Add another 64 bits to instruction feature mask 2011-04-30 Alexander Graf New
[4/5] PPC: Add another 64 bits to instruction feature mask 2011-05-02 Alexander Graf New
[4/5] PCI: do_pci_info(): PCI bridge support 2010-01-05 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/5] PCI: do_pci_info(): PCI bridge support 2010-01-08 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/5] PCI: do_pci_info(): PCI bridge support 2010-01-20 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/5] Makefile: dependency fix 2011-11-17 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/5] Makefile: Exclude tests/Makefile in unconfigured tree 2012-01-19 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] KVM: s390: Base infrastructure for enabling capabilities. 2012-10-31 Cornelia Huck New
[4/5] HACKING: add string management rules 2010-08-15 Blue Swirl New
[4/5] HACKING: add string management rules 2010-08-26 Blue Swirl New
[4/5] Fixing some spelling in docs/libcacard.txt 2011-11-17 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] Fix the wrong description in qemu manual 2013-03-08 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] Fix segfault on screendump with -nographic 2011-06-02 Alexander Graf New
[4/5] Fast Virtual Disk (FVD) Proposal Part 4 2011-01-19 Chunqiang Tang New
[4/5] Disable XBZRLE during migrate to file if it is active 2013-01-30 Orit Wasserman New
[4/5] Convert remaining calls to g_malloc(sizeof(type)) using casts to g_new() 2011-10-20 Stuart Brady New
[4/5] Convert block functions to coroutine versions 2013-08-05 Charlie Shepherd New
[4/5] CODING_STYLE: add string management rules 2010-08-12 Blue Swirl New
[4/5] Blackfin: add test suite 2013-06-17 Mike Frysinger New
[4/5] Avoid unportable %m format 2012-07-08 Blue Swirl New
[4/5] Add seabios build scripts to roms/ 2012-02-09 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5] Add qemu_mbind interface for pinning memory to host node 2013-05-23 Wanlong Gao New
[4/5] Add get_dev_path callback to IDE bus. 2010-10-26 Gleb Natapov New
[4/5] Add generic drive hotplugging 2010-08-23 Alexander Graf New
[4/5] Add flag to indicate external users to block device 2011-01-26 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/5] Add dummy implementation of generic timer cp15 registers 2012-01-25 Peter Maydell New
[4/5] Add domain socket communication for vhost-user backend 2013-11-29 Antonios Motakis New
[4/5] Add configure script and command line options for TPM interface. 2011-02-18 Andreas Niederl New
[4/5] Add a horizontal wheel to the USB mouse and tablet 2010-05-04 Brad Jorsch New
[4/5] ARM: remove pointless else clause in VQSHL of u64 2010-12-07 Peter Maydell New
[4/5] : Implement qemu_thread_join function 2011-02-24 Stefan Berger New
[4/5] - biosfn_write_teletype: fixed attribute when scrolling in text mode 2010-06-18 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5,scsi] : Add BSG support for scsi-bus and scsi-disk 2010-06-14 Nicholas A. Bellinger New
[4/4] xics: Support for in-kernel XICS interrupt controller 2013-07-17 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[4/4] xhci: handle USB_RET_BABBLE 2013-05-07 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] xhci: Add support for packets with both data and an error status 2012-10-18 Hans de Goede New
[4/4] xen: make xen_enabled even more clever 2011-07-22 Alexander Graf New
[4/4] xen: Fold CONFIG_XEN_MAPCACHE into CONFIG_XEN 2011-06-21 Jan Kiszka New
[4/4] xen: Fix PV-on-HVM 2012-05-15 Anthony PERARD New
[4/4] xen: Always set the vram dirty during migration. 2012-07-17 Anthony PERARD New
[4/4] xen-mapcache: Fix rlimit set size. 2011-09-09 Stefano Stabellini New
[4/4] x86: Extend validity of bsp_to_cpu 2010-03-01 Jan Kiszka New
[4/4] x86,MIPS: make vmware_vga optional 2011-02-02 Blue Swirl New
[4/4] win32: add readv/writev emulation 2013-04-29 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/4] wakeup: uhci support 2012-09-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] vnc: lift modifier keys on client disconnect. 2012-02-10 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] vnc: adjust compression zstream level 2010-05-06 Corentin Chary New
[4/4] vnc: Limit r/w access to size of allocated memory 2011-03-21 Corentin Chary New
[4/4] vl: prop is_suspended variable 2012-05-04 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/4] vl: drop is_suspended variable 2012-05-07 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/4] vl: add -late-object to create QOM objects after machine init 2012-06-25 Anthony Liguori New
[4/4] vl.c: avoid preprocessor directives in a printf call 2010-02-04 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/4] virtio: console: add flow control 2013-02-04 Amit Shah New
[4/4] virtio: bump migration version number 2012-12-10 Anthony Liguori New
[4/4] virtio: Plug memleak by freeing vdev 2011-07-27 Amit Shah New
[4/4] virtio: Add virtio-rng driver 2009-12-17 Ian Molton New
[4/4] virtio-vga: v1 2014-03-12 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] virtio-serial: delete timer if active during exit 2012-12-13 Amit Shah New
[4/4] virtio-serial: Cleanup on device hot-unplug 2010-09-08 Amit Shah New
[4/4] virtio-scsi: process control queue requests 2011-11-15 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/4] virtio-rng: hardware random number generator device 2012-06-25 Anthony Liguori New
[4/4] virtio-rng: hardware random number generator device 2012-06-25 Anthony Liguori New
[4/4] virtio-rng: fix typos, comments 2012-11-20 Amit Shah New
[4/4] virtio-rng: avoid default_backend refcount leak 2014-03-04 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] virtio-pci: Convert fprintf() to error_report() 2010-11-15 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] virtio-mmio: add a new property for ioeventfd 2014-02-05 Ying-Shiuan Pan New
[4/4] virtio-blk: hide VIRTIO_BLK_F_CONFIG_WCE from old machine types 2012-08-17 Kevin Wolf New
[4/4] virtio-blk: add runtime cache control 2011-03-15 Christoph Hellwig New
[4/4] virtio-blk: Implement rerror option 2009-11-27 Kevin Wolf New
[4/4] virtio-9p: Remove migration blockers. 2013-04-11 Benoît Canet New
[4/4] virtio-9p: Hide user.virtfs xattr in case of mapped security. 2010-06-01 Aneesh Kumar K.V New
[4/4] virt: Set reset-cbar on CPUs 2014-02-24 Peter Maydell New
[4/4] vhost-scsi: new device supporting the tcm_vhost Linux kernel module 2013-01-30 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/4] vfio: Only use memory listeners when appropriate 2013-04-26 David Gibson New
[4/4] vfio: Add PCI device driver 2012-05-30 Alex Williamson New
[4/4] vfio: Add PCI device driver 2012-07-25 Alex Williamson New
[4/4] versatiblepb: add NOR flash support 2012-04-20 Peter Maydell New
[4/4] v2, cpu model corrections/updates: add verbose config file handling 2010-09-15 john cooper New
[4/4] user: Consider symbolic links as possible directories 2012-10-17 Richard Henderson New
[4/4] use rom loader for pc bios. 2009-10-13 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] use rom loader for pc bios. 2009-10-16 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] usb: use DPRINTF instead of printf for some simple cases 2011-04-13 Brad Hards New
[4/4] usb: add support for "grouped" interfaces and the Interface Association Descriptor 2011-03-29 Brad Hards New
[4/4] usb: add support for "grouped" interfaces and the Interface Association Descriptor 2011-04-03 Brad Hards New
[4/4] usb-ohci: td.cbp incorrectly updated near page end 2012-01-06 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] usb-linux: allow "compatible" high speed devices to connect at fullspeed 2011-05-31 Hans de Goede New
[4/4] usb-host: raise libusbx minimum version to 1.0.13 2013-04-23 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/4] uq/master: Add acpi cpu interface documentation 2012-01-24 Vasilis Liaskovitis New
[4/4] Pull in asm-generic/kvm_para.h 2012-08-14 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/4] ui/cocoa.m: Avoid deprecated NSOpenPanel beginSheetForDirectory 2013-03-12 Peter Maydell New
[4/4] uhci: Don't retry on error 2012-10-18 Hans de Goede New
[4/4] translate-all.c: Remove cpu_unlink_tb() 2013-05-09 Michael Tokarev New
[4/4] trace: document ftrace backend 2013-05-03 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] trace: add virtio_set_status() trace event 2011-09-13 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] trace: add arguments to bdrv_co_io_em() trace event 2011-10-03 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] trace: [tracetool] Minimize the amount of per-backend code 2014-02-17 Lluís Vilanova New
[4/4] trace: [simple] always enable trace points 2011-03-27 =?utf-8?Q?Llu=C3=ADs?= New
[4/4] trace: [simple] always enable trace points 2011-03-28 =?utf-8?Q?Llu=C3=ADs?= New
[4/4] trace: Trace bdrv_aio_{readv,writev} 2010-10-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/4] trace: Remove "info trace" from documents 2012-11-16 Stefan Hajnoczi New