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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[4/6] NUMA: Add numa_info structure to contain numa nodes info 2014-02-17 Igor Mammedov New
[4/6] Move common option rom code to header file 2009-11-11 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Move common option rom code to header file 2009-11-12 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Mapping of BARs and Bridge regions 2012-03-01 Alexey Korolev New
[4/6] Remove libqemu target 2011-11-08 陳韋任 New
[4/6] Make hpet_in_legacy_mode() return 0 for !TARGET_I386 2010-05-24 Juan Quintela New
[4/6] MIPS: Initial support of VIA USB controller used by fulong mini pc 2010-05-12 chen huacai New
[4/6] MAINTAINERS: Indicate type of SCM 2012-04-25 Andreas Färber New
[4/6] KVM: Rework VCPU state writeback API 2010-03-04 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/6] KVM: Make vmport KVM-compatible 2010-02-03 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/6] Include dump of lspci -nn on real G5 2010-01-04 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Include dump of lspci -nn on real G5 2010-01-03 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Implement multi-level page tables. 2010-02-11 Richard Henderson New
[4/6] ISCSI: get device type at connection time 2012-05-29 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/6] Handle CPU interrupts by inline checking of a flag 2013-02-22 Peter Maydell New
[4/6] Fix missing prototype under cocoa for qemu_main 2011-05-27 Alexandre Raymond New
[4/6] Fix compilation with DEBUG_BLK_MIGRATION, and improve debug messages 2009-11-26 Pierre Riteau New
[4/6] Fix VMware VGA depth computation 2009-12-17 Dave Airlie New
[4/6] Expose drive_add on all architectures 2012-01-04 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Error: Introduce error_copy() 2012-02-10 Luiz Capitulino New
[4/6] Endian fixes for virtfs 2012-02-24 David Gibson New
[4/6] Do constant folding for boolean operations. 2011-05-20 Kirill Batuzov New
[4/6] Delete array based resource assignment code. 2012-03-13 Alexey Korolev New
[4/6] Cleanup posix-aio.compat.c off all the old code. 2010-11-18 Arun Bharadwaj New
[4/6] Break up user and system cpu_interrupt implementations 2011-04-16 Marcelo Tosatti New
[4/6] Always notify consumers of char devices if they're open 2010-04-01 Alexander Graf New
[4/6] Added the Versatile Express Machine Model for A57 2013-06-28 Mian M. Hamayun New
[4/6] Add support for 'o' octet (bytes) format as monitor parameter. 2010-10-07 Jes Sorensen New
[4/6] Add domain socket communication for vhost-user backend 2013-12-10 Antonios Motakis New
[4/6] ARM: linux-user: Restore VFP state from ucontext on sigreturn 2010-11-24 Peter Maydell New
[4/6,v7] add a new qevent: QEVENT_GUEST_PANICKED 2012-07-21 Wen Congyang New
[4/6,v5] add a new qevent: QEVENT_GUEST_PANICKED 2012-06-27 Wen Congyang New
[4/6,v2] virtio-serial: Call .guest_ready when new space is available in the queue. 2012-02-22 Andrzej Zaborowski New
[4/6,v2] Remove libqemu target 2011-11-11 陳韋任 New
[4/6,v11] add-cow: support snapshot_blkde 2012-07-31 Robert Wang New
[4/6,RFC] Header file for the GRLIB components. 2010-12-06 Fabien Chouteau New
[4/5] xen: remove CONFIG_XEN_MAPCACHE 2011-07-22 Alexander Graf New
[4/5] xen: Fix the memory registration to reflect of what is done by Xen. 2011-07-15 Anthony PERARD New
[4/5] xen: Change memory access behavior during migration. 2011-11-24 Anthony PERARD New
[4/5] xen, gfx passthrough: support Intel IGD passthrough with VT-D 2014-02-21 Zhang, Yang Z New
[4/5] vpc: Add migration blocker 2011-11-22 Kevin Wolf New
[4/5] vnc: don't send invalid screen updates. 2010-05-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5] vmstate: refactor and move VMSTATE_UINTTL* macro 2012-02-22 Mitsyanko Igor New
[4/5] vmstate: Use version_id when saving 2013-10-14 Eduardo Habkost New
[4/5] vmdk: change magic number to macro 2013-04-19 Fam Zheng New
[4/5] vmdk: Implement .bdrv_get_info() 2013-11-13 Fam Zheng New
[4/5] vl: unify calls to init_timer_alarm 2012-11-02 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/5] vl: Rename *boot_devices to *boot_order, for consistency 2013-02-20 Markus Armbruster New
[4/5] vl.c: factor out qemu_reguster/unregister_reset(). 2010-08-30 Isaku Yamahata New
[4/5] vl.c: -object: handle duplicate 'id' properly 2014-01-08 Igor Mammedov New
[4/5] virtio: Add virtio-rng driver 2010-02-01 Ian Molton New
[4/5] virtio-serial: Drop redundant VirtIOSerialPort member info 2011-05-25 Markus Armbruster New
[4/5] virtio-serial: Don't copy over guest buffer to host 2010-12-10 Amit Shah New
[4/5] virtio-scsi: call unregister_savevm properly 2012-03-19 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/5] virtio-scsi: Fix some endian bugs with virtio-scsi 2012-11-28 Paolo Bonzini New
[4/5] virtio-scsi: Add start/stop functionality for vhost-scsi 2012-09-07 Nicholas A. Bellinger New
[4/5] virtio-net: split the has_buffers() logic from can_receive() 2009-10-27 Mark McLoughlin New
[4/5] virtio-net: Introduce a new bottom half packet TX 2010-08-27 Alex Williamson New
[4/5] virtio-console: Factor out common init between console and generic ports 2010-04-05 Amit Shah New
[4/5] virtio-blk: release reference to RAM's memoryRegion 2013-04-01 pingfan liu New
[4/5] virtio-blk: Fix virtio-blk-s390 to require drive 2010-07-13 Kevin Wolf New
[4/5] virtio-blk: Fix geometry sector calculation 2012-05-30 Kevin Wolf New
[4/5] virtio-balloon: remove layout assumptions 2010-03-18 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[4/5] virtio-balloon: fixed endianness bug in the config space 2011-04-07 David Gibson New
[4/5] virtfs-proxy-helper: replace send_fd with qemu_send_with_fd 2014-01-23 Lei Li New
[4/5] vhost: optimize out no-change assignment 2011-04-07 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[4/5] vfio: VFIO core IOMMU mapping support 2011-12-21 Alex Williamson New
[4/5] vfio: Move container list to DMAContext 2013-04-24 David Gibson New
[4/5] user: fix accidental AREG0 use 2012-07-30 Blue Swirl New
[4/5] usb: make attach optional. 2009-10-23 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5] usb: Fix iovec memleak on combined-packet free 2013-09-17 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] usb-redir: Try to keep our buffer size near the target size 2012-01-10 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] usb-redir: Try to keep our buffer size near the target size 2011-12-22 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] usb-redir: Device disconnect + re-connect robustness fixes 2011-08-11 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] usb-redir: Device disconnect + re-connect robustness fixes 2011-11-19 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] usb-host: attach only to running guest 2012-06-12 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5] update pci_get_lfb_addr for vmware vga 2010-05-07 Gerd Hoffmann New
[4/5] ui/cocoa: Add ".qcow2" to extension list for image load dialog 2013-12-08 Peter Maydell New
[4/5] uas: Streams are numbered 1-y, rather then 0-x 2013-10-24 Hans de Goede New
[4/5] tracetool: avoid pkgutil.iter_modules() Python 2.7 function 2012-05-01 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] trace: use binary file open mode in simpletrace 2011-09-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] trace: Trace qemu_malloc() and qemu_vmalloc() 2010-05-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] trace-events: Drop unused events 2013-06-07 Markus Armbruster New
[4/5] trace-cmd: Add non-blocking option for open() and splice_read() 2012-08-22 Yoshihiro YUNOMAE New
[4/5] test: add test-qmp-commands to make check 2012-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[4/5] tci: Delete unused tb_ret_addr 2013-03-28 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg: increase TCG_MAX_OP_SIZE to 192 2009-10-22 Aurelien Jarno New
[4/5] tcg: don't build tcg/tcg.o, tcg/optimize.o, or translate-all.o when TCG disabled 2011-09-02 Anthony Liguori New
[4/5] tcg: align static_code_gen_buffer to CODE_GEN_ALIGN 2010-03-29 Aurelien Jarno New
[4/5] tcg: Optimize movcond for constant comparisons 2012-09-20 Aurelien Jarno New
[4/5] tcg: Optimize movcond for constant comparisons 2012-09-18 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg: Add tcg_invert_cond. 2009-12-19 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg: Add tcg-be-ldst.h 2013-10-03 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg/i386: use movbe instruction in qemu_ldst routines 2013-12-21 Aurelien Jarno New
[4/5] tcg/i386: Use ANDN instruction 2014-02-20 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg/i386: Use ANDN instruction 2014-01-31 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg/arm: optimize tcg_out_goto_label 2012-10-09 Aurelien Jarno New
[4/5] tcg-sparc: Implement division properly. 2010-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg-ia64: Load GUEST_BASE into a register. 2010-05-06 Richard Henderson New
[4/5] tcg-i386: Split out tlb load function. 2010-05-21 Richard Henderson New