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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[5/6,RFC] Emulation of Leon3. 2010-12-06 Fabien Chouteau New
[5/5] xilinx_zynq: Cleanup ssi_create_slave 2013-04-05 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] xhci: Add support for packets with both data and an error status 2012-10-31 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] xen: mapcache performance improvements 2011-05-18 Stefano Stabellini New
[5/5] xen: make xen_enabled even more clever 2011-07-22 Alexander Graf New
[5/5] xen-platform: Fix IO port read/write functions 2011-11-07 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] xen, gfx passthrough: add opregion mapping 2014-02-21 Zhang, Yang Z New
[5/5] win32: add readv/writev emulation 2013-04-27 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/5] vvfat: Add migration blocker 2011-11-22 Kevin Wolf New
[5/5] vnc: rename vnc-encoding-* vnc-enc-* 2010-06-04 Corentin Chary New
[5/5] vnc: move size-changed check into the vnc_desktop_resize function. 2010-05-25 Gerd Hoffmann New
[5/5] vmxcap: Update according to SDM of January 2013 2013-04-18 Marcelo Tosatti New
[5/5] vmstate: introduce get_bufsize entry in VMStateField 2012-02-22 Mitsyanko Igor New
[5/5] vmstate: Add max_version_id field to VMStateDescription 2013-10-14 Eduardo Habkost New
[5/5] vmdk: add bdrv_co_write_zeroes 2013-04-19 Fam Zheng New
[5/5] vl: delay thread initialization after daemonization 2012-11-02 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/5] vl.c: Remove QEMUMachine usage 2014-03-25 Marcel Apfelbaum New
[5/5] vl.c: Remove QEMUMachine usage 2014-03-25 Marcel Apfelbaum New
[5/5] vl.c: Check the asked ram_size later. 2011-07-15 Anthony PERARD New
[5/5] virtio-serial: Fix endianness bug in the config space 2011-04-07 David Gibson New
[5/5] virtio-serial: Error out if guest sends unexpected vq elements 2010-12-10 Amit Shah New
[5/5] virtio-scsi: report parameter change events 2012-07-16 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/5] virtio-scsi: add backwards-compatibility properties for 1.1 and earlier machines 2012-08-20 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/5] virtio-scsi: Set max_target=0 during vhost-scsi operation 2012-09-07 Nicholas A. Bellinger New
[5/5] virtio-scsi: Fix subtle (guest) endian bug 2012-11-28 Paolo Bonzini New
[5/5] virtio-net: Switch default to new bottom half TX handler for iothread 2010-08-27 Alex Williamson New
[5/5] virtio-console: Throttle virtio-serial-bus if we can't consume any more guest data 2010-04-05 Amit Shah New
[5/5] virtio-console: Simplify init callbacks 2011-05-25 Markus Armbruster New
[5/5] virtio-blk: remove layout assumption 2010-03-18 Michael S. Tsirkin New
[5/5] virtio-blk: add topology support 2010-01-29 Christoph Hellwig New
[5/5] virtio-blk: Generate BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event 2010-02-02 Luiz Capitulino New
[5/5] virtio-blk: Generate BLOCK_IO_ERROR QMP event 2010-02-03 Luiz Capitulino New
[5/5] virtio-blk: Do not segfault fault if failed to initialize dataplane 2013-03-19 Kevin Wolf New
[5/5] virtio-9p-proxy: replace v9fs_receivefd with qemu_recv_with_fd 2014-01-23 Lei Li New
[5/5] vga-cirrus: Workaround during restore when using Xen. 2011-11-24 Anthony PERARD New
[5/5] vfio: VFIO core Kconfig and Makefile 2011-12-21 Alex Williamson New
[5/5] vfio: Only use memory listeners when appropriate 2013-04-24 David Gibson New
[5/5] usb: Also reset max_packet_size on ep_reset 2013-09-17 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-tablet: Allow connecting to ehci 2012-11-17 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-storage: use qdev for -usbdevice 2009-10-23 Gerd Hoffmann New
[5/5] usb-redir: Improve some debugging messages 2012-01-10 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-redir: Improve some debugging messages 2011-12-22 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-redir: Don't try to write to the chardev after a close event 2011-11-19 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-redir: Don't try to write to the chardev after a close event 2011-08-11 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] usb-host: live migration support 2012-06-12 Gerd Hoffmann New
[5/5] ui/cocoa: Fix code for starting QEMU via image file load dialog 2013-12-08 Peter Maydell New
[5/5] uas: Bounds check tags when using streams 2013-10-24 Hans de Goede New
[5/5] trace: Update docs to use example events that exist 2011-09-21 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] trace: Trace virtio-blk, multiwrite, and paio_submit 2010-05-22 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] trace-events: Fix up source file comments 2013-06-07 Markus Armbruster New
[5/5] trace-events: Fix broken build caused by wrong format specifier 2012-03-26 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] trace-cmd: Use polling function 2012-08-22 Yoshihiro YUNOMAE New
[5/5] threadpool: drop global thread pool 2013-03-06 Stefan Hajnoczi New
[5/5] tci: Make tcg temporaries local to tcg_qemu_tb_exec 2013-03-28 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg: initial ia64 support 2010-03-29 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] tcg: don't build cpu-exec.o, op_helper.o, or fpu/softloat.o when TCG disabled 2011-09-02 Anthony Liguori New
[5/5] tcg: Optimize two-address commutative operations 2012-09-18 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg/mips: use direct jumps 2009-10-22 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] tcg/i386: cleanup useless #ifdef 2013-12-21 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] tcg/i386: Use SHLX/SHRX/SARX instructions 2014-01-31 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg/arm: improve direct jump 2012-10-09 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] tcg-sparc: Implement ext32[su]_i64 2010-01-11 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg-ppc: Conditionally reserve TCG_GUEST_BASE_REG. 2010-05-06 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg-i386: Remove some ifdefs in qemu_ld/st. 2010-05-21 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg-i386: Implement setcond. 2009-12-19 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg-arm: Use AT_PLATFORM to detect the host ISA 2013-06-06 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tcg-arm: Better pipeline for softmmu tlb access 2013-08-28 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-xtensa: Start QOM'ifying CPU init 2012-04-14 Max Filippov New
[5/5] target-s390: Use little-endian ops for LOAD/STORE REVERSED 2013-12-11 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-ppc: remove unsupported SPRs from 970 and P5+ 2013-12-20 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[5/5] target-ppc: get rid of the HANDLE_NAN{1, 2, 3} macros 2012-09-08 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] target-ppc: Use NARROW_MODE macro for tlbie 2013-03-21 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-ppc: Synchronize VPA state with KVM 2013-01-23 David Gibson New
[5/5] target-mips: Add accessors for the two 32-bit halves of a 64-bit FPR 2012-03-30 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-i386: use visit_type_hz to parse tsc_freq property value 2012-12-03 Eduardo Habkost New
[5/5] target-i386: remove setting tsc-frequency from x86_def_t 2013-01-21 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: remove setting tsc-frequency from x86_def_t 2013-01-17 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: move cpu_reset and reset callback to cpu.c 2012-06-20 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: implement machine->hot_add_cpu hook 2013-04-30 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: implement machine->hot_add_cpu hook 2013-04-30 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: fix kvm_default_features overwriting kvm_arch_get_supported_cpuid() 2013-02-05 Igor Mammedov New
[5/5] target-i386: avoid using cpu_single_env 2012-10-28 Blue Swirl New
[5/5] target-i386: add floatx_{add, mul, sub} and use them 2011-04-10 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] target-i386: add AES-NI instructions 2013-03-30 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] target-arm: mark a few integer helpers const and pure 2012-09-16 Aurelien Jarno New
[5/5] target-arm: fix support for VRSQRTE. 2011-02-21 Christophe LYON New
[5/5] target-arm: fix support for VRSQRTE. 2011-02-21 Christophe LYON New
[5/5] target-arm: Thread ID Registers are ARMv6K + 2010-01-26 Riku Voipio New
[5/5] target-arm: Implement VFPv4 fused multiply-accumulate insns 2011-09-28 Peter Maydell New
[5/5] target-alpha: Implement cvtlq inline. 2010-03-15 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-alpha: Fix float32_to_s vs zero exponent. 2009-12-14 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] target-alpha: Emulate Alpha SX164. 2011-04-17 Richard Henderson New
[5/5] tap: drain queue in tap_send() 2009-10-27 Mark McLoughlin New
[5/5] sysbus: Remove sysbus_add_memory and sysbus_del_memory 2013-02-15 Peter Maydell New
[5/5] spice: drop obsolete iothread locking 2011-05-11 Gerd Hoffmann New
[5/5] spice: add misc config options 2010-10-07 Gerd Hoffmann New
[5/5] sparc64: flush translations on mmu context change 2010-05-22 Igor V. Kovalenko New
[5/5] spapr: define get_fw_dev_path() callback 2013-11-25 Alexey Kardashevskiy New
[5/5] smartcard: add docs 2010-12-12 Alon Levy New
[5/5] sh_serial: convert to memory API 2011-11-17 Benoit Canet New