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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[2/2] tests: Add tests for explicit delegate and state requests 2012-04-29 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[1/2] Use an explicit initial default patch state 2012-04-29 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
parser: allow words starting with "diff" at beginning of line 2012-01-14 Stefan Hajnoczi Accepted
patchwork: new pwclient git-am action 2011-11-22 david decotigny Accepted
Patchwork now requires Django 1.2, so state that in docs/INSTALL 2011-04-14 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
[v2] Ensure consecutive patch header lines 2011-04-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[V2,1/2] Refactor the generic_list() view to make it less complicated. 2011-04-12 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Make MultipleBooleanField.to_python work when the field value is missing 2011-04-13 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Streamline admin model registration 2011-04-01 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[2/2] New Project method to check whether the given user has edit rights on it. 2011-04-12 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
patchwork-update-commits: add missing `update` to command line 2011-03-23 Paul Menzel Accepted
Refactor the generic_list() view to make it less complicated. 2011-02-25 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Replace tab characters with spaces on .py files. 2011-03-09 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Remove unused imports. 2011-03-09 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Fix archiving/unarchiving of patches on patch lists. 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Make sure the diffs of pull requests are stored in the Patch object. 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Get rid of hard-coded absolute paths. 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Remove a bunch of unused variables. 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Remove unused templates and some code for processing them. 2011-02-23 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Get rid of some code duplication in 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Support execution of single tests 2011-02-16 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
Change patchwork.wsgi to include the apps/ dir in sys.path 2011-02-15 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
[2/2] patchwork-update-commits: autodetect patchwork install directory 2011-02-11 Sascha Silbe Accepted
Pull requests with patches 2011-02-08 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Account for mail client line wrapping in pull requests 2011-01-17 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[2/4] Spelling fix 2011-01-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[4/4] Fix pwclient no-match messages 2011-01-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[1/4] docs: Fix link creation example 2011-01-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
Decode the subject header 2011-01-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[3/4] Replace tab in indentation with space 2011-01-13 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
pwclient: fix handling of UTF-8 char in submitter name 2010-12-07 Andreas Bießmann Accepted
Add link to password change form on user profile page 2010-11-29 Sascha Silbe Accepted
Use the 'in' operator instead of dict.has_key(), which has been deprecated. 2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Recognize X-list list header 2010-09-22 Ralf Baechle Accepted
Add a simple sample Git post-receive hook 2010-02-05 Martin Krafft Accepted
De-hyphenate Git commands in 2010-02-05 Martin Krafft Accepted
Decode patch from UTF-8 while parsing from stdin 2010-02-05 Martin Krafft Accepted
[1/1] templates: Add CSRF (cross-site request forgery) values to form posts 2010-06-24 John 'Warthog9' Hawley Accepted
Embellish admin model change lists 2011-01-18 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
[v2] Don't require optional model fields in forms 2011-01-17 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
Implement __unicode__ in models instead of __str__ 2011-01-15 Dirk Wallenstein Accepted
Use email addresses of recipients as fallback to lookup the patch's project 2011-04-14 Guilherme Salgado Accepted
Try to parse both RFC822-style and RFC2822-style In-Reply-To fields 2012-10-11 Tollef Fog Heen Under Review
pwclient: add option to print statistics, similar to 'list' or 'search'. 2014-02-19 Arnout Vandecappelle New
pwclient: add option to print statistics, similar to 'list' or 'search'. 2014-02-18 Arnout Vandecappelle New
[RFC] Don't search for patches in replies 2014-02-06 Markus Mayer New
post-receive: Fix error message when pushing to an unmapped branch 2013-12-13 Carl Worth New
[1/3] Fix post-receive hook to not update the previously pushed commit 2013-12-11 Carl Worth New
[2/3] Make the post-receive hook more efficient (using pwclient info, not view) 2013-12-11 Carl Worth New
[3/3] docs: Add a pointer to the git post-receive hook 2013-12-11 Carl Worth New
pwclient: fix handling UTF-8 in patch info 2013-12-09 Andreas Bießmann New
templates/patch-list: patches table has 6 columns 2013-11-21 Andreas Bießmann New
[3/4] tests/mboxviews: test for unchanged postscript 2013-11-19 Andreas Bießmann New
[4/4] views: fix patch_to_mbox() for postscript 2013-11-19 Andreas Bießmann New
[2/4] use python to find ROOT_DIR 2013-11-19 Andreas Bießmann New
[1/4] INSTALL: adopt PYTHONPATH 2013-11-19 Andreas Bießmann New
[v2,3/5] templates: Add "Sent From" to the patch template 2013-11-18 Doug Anderson New
[v2,1/5] Move email address parsing functions to a separate module 2013-11-18 Doug Anderson New
[v2,5/5] parsemail: Update a Person's name upon new email unless they are registered 2013-11-18 Doug Anderson New
[v2,2/5] models: Add sent_from() and need_sent_from() methods to Patch model 2013-11-18 Doug Anderson New
[v2,4/5] models: Don't munge the 'From' field of patches 2013-11-18 Doug Anderson New
pwclient: catch non-existing hash gracefully 2013-11-06 aldot New
Define and use STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT on Django 1.4+ 2013-11-06 Khem Raj New
[1/3] models: Add to_series() method to models 2012-12-30 Doug Anderson New
[2/3] xmlrpc: Export the "to_series" method in patch objects 2012-12-30 Doug Anderson New
[3/3] pwclient: Add command to find a whole series of patches 2012-12-30 Doug Anderson New
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