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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/4] ipvs: remove silly double assignment 2012-11-16 Pablo Neira Accepted
[nftables,4/5] cli: add quit command 2013-06-02 Eric Leblond Accepted
[nftables,2/5] expression: don't free TYPE_INVALID datatype 2013-06-02 Eric Leblond Superseded
[libnftables,v3] src: xml: add versioning 2013-06-03 Arturo Borrero Accepted
[3/5] netfilter: xt_CT: missing rcu_read_lock section in timeout assignment 2012-03-23 Pablo Neira Accepted
[10/13] netfilter: Convert compare_ether_addr to ether_addr_equal 2012-05-09 Joe Perches Not Applicable
[nftables,1/5] doc: fix inversion of operator and object. 2013-06-02 Eric Leblond Accepted
netfilter/xt_CT.c: remove redundant header include 2012-05-09 Eldad Zack Accepted
[v3,1/2] iptables-nftables: function nft_chain_zero_counters added. 2013-06-17 Giuseppe Longo Superseded
ipvs: info leak in __ip_vs_get_dest_entries() 2013-06-03 Dan Carpenter Accepted
[2/2] include: kill unused PLD_* macros 2013-06-03 Florian Westphal Accepted
[libnftables,v2,2/2] This patch adds a ruleset object API to libnftables. 2013-09-24 Alvaro Neira Superseded
[libnftables,2/5] rule: fix snprintf return value 2013-06-03 Arturo Borrero Accepted
[-next,3/3] netfilter: Use seq_overflow 2013-12-11 Joe Perches Not Applicable
[libnftables] data_reg: delete unreachable code 2013-06-03 Arturo Borrero Accepted
[4/5] netfilter: xt_CT: fix assignation of the generic protocol tracker 2012-03-23 Pablo Neira Accepted
[4/5] ipvs: use list_del_init instead of list_del/INIT_LIST_HEAD 2012-09-13 Pablo Neira Accepted
xtables-addons: xt_DHCPMAC: correct mac setting and comparing 2013-06-03 Boris Figovsky Not Applicable
pkt_sched: act_xt support new Xtables interface 2012-12-19 Jamal Hadi Salim Not Applicable
[1/5] netfilter: xt_LOG: use CONFIG_IP6_NF_IPTABLES instead of CONFIG_IPV6 2012-03-23 Pablo Neira Accepted
[2/4] netfilter: nf_nat: use PTR_RET 2012-11-16 Pablo Neira Accepted
[2/5] netfilter: cttimeout: fix dependency with l4protocol conntrack module 2012-03-23 Pablo Neira Accepted
ipvs: freeing uninitialized pointer on error 2013-01-25 Dan Carpenter Not Applicable
nftables: fix length of set name 2014-03-21 Giuseppe Longo Not Applicable
[nftables,kernel,v3] netfilter: nf_tables: nft_meta module get/set ops 2013-12-16 Arturo Borrero Changes Requested
[v2] iptables: Sort table names in ip[6]tables-save 2013-07-03 Phil Oester Superseded
[libnftables,3/3] expr: fix display of dreg expression 2013-06-04 Eric Leblond Accepted
conntrackd segfault on EPSV IPv6 ftp command when using ftp ExpectationSync 2013-07-10 Bill Fink Superseded
[libnftables,1/3] examples: delete payload code in nft-chain-add 2013-06-04 Eric Leblond Superseded
pgsql: add SSL connection implementation to PGSQL plugin 2012-09-01 Mr Dash Four Not Applicable
[5/5] netfilter: nf_conntrack: permanently attach timeout policy to conntrack 2012-03-23 Pablo Neira Accepted
[3/7] netfilter: nf_ct_gre: add unsigned int array to define timeouts 2012-02-29 Pablo Neira Superseded
[net,1/2] netfilter: WARN about wrong usage of sequence number adjustments 2013-12-16 Jesper Dangaard Brouer Awaiting Upstream
bridge: fix IP DNAT handling when packet is sent back via same bport 2013-04-18 Florian Westphal Changes Requested
[01/13] doc: add package version to all manpages 2012-12-25 Jan Engelhardt Changes Requested
[iptables,v2] configure: display summary at end of configure 2013-01-27 Eric Leblond Accepted
[1/2] conntrackd: fix compiler warnings 2013-06-03 Florian Westphal Accepted
[libnftables,4/5] expr: xml: don't print target&match info 2013-06-03 Arturo Borrero Accepted
netfilter: xt_socket: fix compilation warnings with gcc 4.7 2012-08-30 Pablo Neira Accepted
[libnftables,2/3] nft-events: add newline to output 2013-06-04 Eric Leblond Accepted
[1/2] Extend accounting capabilities to support quotas 2014-04-14 Under Review
[-next,1/2] netfilter: nf_queue: cleanup copy_range usage 2013-06-05 Florian Westphal Accepted
[2/2] nfacct: adding quota capabilities 2014-04-14 Under Review
[-next,2/2] netfilter: nfnetlink_queue: only add CAP_LEN attr when needed 2013-06-05 Florian Westphal Accepted
[libnftables] examples: delete compat stuff in nft-rule-add.c 2013-12-10 Arturo Borrero Superseded
ipt_SYNPROXY: kernel panic caused by nullpointer dereference 2013-12-08 Patrick McHardy Accepted
[05/12] netfilter: {ipt,ebt}_ULOG: rise warning on deprecation 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[4/7] netfilter: nf_conntrack: pass timeout array to l4->new and l4->packet 2012-02-29 Pablo Neira Superseded
[00/12] Netfilter/IPVS updates for net-next 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[07/12] ipvs: use cond_resched_rcu() helper when walking connections 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[08/12] ipvs: change type of netns_ipvs->sysctl_sync_qlen_max 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[02/12] netfilter: xt_socket: use IP early demux 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[04/12] netfilter: don't panic on error while walking through the init path 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[v2] xt_quota2: introduce support for network namespaces 2014-03-05 Daniel Golle Not Applicable
[libnftables,2/2] examples: unset chain & rule handle 2013-06-05 Arturo Borrero Accepted
[v2] netfilter: nfnetlink_acct: Adding quota support to accounting framework 2014-04-14 Under Review
[10/12] netfilter: Implement RFC 1123 for FTP conntrack 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[libnftnl] target: Fix an invalid read. 2014-04-13 Ana Rey Changes Requested
[11/12] netfilter: nfnetlink_queue: cleanup copy_range usage 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[09/12] netfilter: nfnetlink_queue: avoid peer_portid test 2013-06-05 Pablo Neira Accepted
[libnftables,1/2] src: add _unset functions 2013-06-05 Arturo Borrero Changes Requested
[libnftables,1/4] Add functions for to export tables to JSON format 2013-06-06 Alvaro Neira Superseded
[1/2] conntrack: nfct_cmp: also compare labels 2013-06-05 Florian Westphal Accepted
datatype: concat expression only releases dynamically allocated datatype 2013-06-06 Pablo Neira Accepted
[libnftables,v2] src: add _unset functions 2013-06-06 Arturo Borrero Superseded
death_by_event() does not check IPS_DYING_BIT - race condition against ctnetlink_del_conntrack 2012-08-30 Pablo Neira Accepted
[libnftables,1/2] Add functions for exporting tables to JSON format 2013-06-07 Alvaro Neira Accepted
[libnftables,2/2] Add implementation for to proof the JSON export function 2013-06-07 Alvaro Neira Accepted
[libnftnl] tests: Fix a memory leak 2014-04-13 Ana Rey Accepted
[libnftables] src: xml: implement helper function nft_strtol 2013-06-07 Arturo Borrero Changes Requested
[libnftables] expr: fix incorrect data type for several expression object fields 2014-01-10 Pablo Neira Accepted
[2/2] qa: nfct_cmp: verify individual attr comparision 2013-06-05 Florian Westphal Accepted
[libnftables,1/2] Add function for exporting chain to JSON Format 2013-06-08 Alvaro Neira Accepted
[libnftables,2/2] Implementation for to test the function for exporting chains to JSON format 2013-06-08 Alvaro Neira Accepted
[libnftables] data_reg: xml: delete unreachable code in _veredict_xml_parse() 2013-06-08 Arturo Borrero Accepted
fix leak of iter in nft_rule_list 2013-06-08 Giuseppe Longo Accepted
[nftables,5/5] cli: reset terminal when CTRL+d is pressed 2013-06-02 Eric Leblond Accepted
[nftables,2/2] counter: fix restoration 2013-06-08 Eric Leblond Accepted
[0/5] netfilter fixes for 3.10-rc5 2013-06-10 Pablo Neira Accepted
[cttools,V3] conntrack: add connlabel format attribute 2013-07-04 Florian Westphal Accepted
netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Add safe fragmentation handling 2013-06-10 Phil Oester Accepted
[nftables,1/2] rule: display hook info 2013-06-08 Eric Leblond Accepted
xt_log.h: don't use xchg() for simple assignment 2012-03-08 Jan Beulich Accepted
[1/1] netfilter: xtables: add quota support to nfacct 2013-12-11 Changes Requested
[04/12] proto: add helper function to update protocol context 2014-01-08 Patrick McHardy Accepted
[08/12] nftables: add support for the "inet" family 2014-01-08 Patrick McHardy Accepted
Huge timeout with loose=1 pickup tcp connections 2013-06-13 Florian Westphal Superseded
[libnftnl] build: fix final report after configuration 2014-01-21 Pablo Neira Accepted
netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Add IPv6 default MSS 2013-06-10 Phil Oester Accepted
netfilter: xt_TCPOPTSTRIP: don't use tcp_hdr() 2013-06-11 Pablo Neira Accepted
[5/7] netfilter: add cttimeout infrastructure for fine timeout tuning 2012-02-29 Pablo Neira Superseded
[libnftables,2/3] tests: rule: add json parsing support 2013-08-20 Alvaro Neira Accepted
[7/7] net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_netlink.c: fix error return code 2012-08-29 Julia Lawall Accepted
[6/7] net/netfilter/nfnetlink_log.c: fix error return code 2012-08-29 Julia Lawall Accepted
[v3,2/2] xtables: function zero_entries removed 2013-06-17 Giuseppe Longo Superseded
[7/7] netfilter: xt_CT: allow to attach timeout policy + glue code 2012-02-29 Pablo Neira Superseded
[01/18] ipv4: fix path MTU discovery with connection tracking 2012-08-20 Patrick McHardy Superseded
[0/3] netfilter fixes for net 2013-06-17 Pablo Neira Accepted
[2/3] netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Fix IPv6 default MSS too 2013-06-17 Pablo Neira Accepted
[v3] iptables-nftables: function nft_chain_zero_counters added. 2013-06-17 Giuseppe Longo Accepted