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YiFei Zhu July 20, 2020, 7:54 p.m. UTC
From: YiFei Zhu <zhuyifei@google.com>

The machanics and usage are not very straightforward. Given the
changes it's better to document how it works and how to use it,
rather than having to rely on the examples and implementation to
infer what is going on.

Signed-off-by: YiFei Zhu <zhuyifei@google.com>
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+Map types
+.. toctree::
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+   map_cgroup_storage
 Testing and debugging BPF
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+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
+.. Copyright (C) 2020 Google LLC.
+The ``BPF_MAP_TYPE_CGROUP_STORAGE`` map type represents a local fix-sized
+storage. It is only available with ``CONFIG_CGROUP_BPF``, and to programs that
+attach to cgroups; the programs are made available by the same config. The
+storage is identified by the cgroup the program is attached to.
+This document describes the usage and semantics of the
+``BPF_MAP_TYPE_CGROUP_STORAGE`` map type. Some of its behaviors was changed in
+Linux 5.9 and this document will describe the differences.
+The map uses key of type ``struct bpf_cgroup_storage_key``, declared in
+    struct bpf_cgroup_storage_key {
+            __u64 cgroup_inode_id;
+            __u32 attach_type;
+    };
+``cgroup_inode_id`` is the inode id of the cgroup directory.
+``attach_type`` was the the program's attach type prior to Linux 5.9, since 5.9
+it is ignored and kept for backwards compatibility.
+To access the storage in a program, use ``bpf_get_local_storage``::
+    void *bpf_get_local_storage(void *map, u64 flags)
+``flags`` is reserved for future use and must be 0.
+There is no implicit synchronization. Storages of ``BPF_MAP_TYPE_CGROUP_STORAGE``
+can be accessed by multiple programs across different CPUs, and user should
+take care of synchronization by themselves.
+Example usage::
+    #include <linux/bpf.h>
+    struct {
+            __uint(type, BPF_MAP_TYPE_CGROUP_STORAGE);
+            __type(key, struct bpf_cgroup_storage_key);
+            __type(value, __u32);
+    } cgroup_storage SEC(".maps");
+    int program(struct __sk_buff *skb)
+    {
+            __u32 *ptr = bpf_get_local_storage(&cgroup_storage, 0);
+            __sync_fetch_and_add(ptr_cg_storage-, 1);
+            return 0;
+    }
+``BPF_MAP_TYPE_PERCPU_CGROUP_STORAGE`` is a variant of this map type. This
+per-CPU variant will have different memory regions for each CPU for each
+storage. The non-per-CPU will have the same memory region for each storage.
+Prior to Linux 5.9, the lifetime of a storage is precisely per-attachment, and
+for a single ``CGROUP_STORAGE`` map, there can be at most one program loaded
+that uses the map. A program may be attached to multiple cgroups or have
+multiple attach types, and each attach creates a fresh zeroed storage. The
+storage is freed upon detach.
+Userspace may use the the attach parameters of cgroup and attach type pair
+in ``struct bpf_cgroup_storage_key`` as the key to the BPF map APIs to read or
+update the storage for a given attachment.
+Since Linux 5.9, storage can be shared by multiple programs, and attach type
+is ignored. When a program is attached to a cgroup, the kernel would create a
+new storage only if the map does not already contain an entry for the cgroup,
+or else the old storage is reused for the new attachment. Storage is freed
+only when either the map or the cgroup attached to is being freed. Detaching
+will not directly free the storage, but it may cause the reference to the map
+to reach zero and indirectly freeing all storage in the map.
+Userspace may use the the attach parameters of cgroup only in
+``struct bpf_cgroup_storage_key`` as the key to the BPF map APIs to read or
+update the storage for a given attachment. The struct also contains an
+``attach_type`` field; this field is ignored.
+In all versions, the storage is bound at attach time. Even if the program is
+attached to parent and triggers in child, the storage still belongs to the
+Userspace cannot create a new entry in the map or delete an existing entry.
+Program test runs always use a temporary storage.