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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/4] smsc75xx: add TX checksum offload 2010-03-10 Steve Glendinning davem Changes Requested
[3/4] slub: consider pfmemalloc_match() in get_partial_node() 2012-09-04 Mel Gorman davem Not Applicable
[3/4] slip: remove redundant check slip_devs for NULL 2011-07-13 Matvejchikov Ilya davem Accepted
[3/4] slab,rcu: don't assume the size of struct rcu_head 2011-03-01 Lai Jiangshan davem Not Applicable
[3/4] sky2: move VPD display into debug interface 2009-02-03 stephen hemminger davem Accepted
[3/4] skge: make support for old Genesis chips optional 2011-07-07 stephen hemminger davem Accepted
[3/4] sit: follow state of lower device 2012-04-12 stephen hemminger davem Not Applicable
[3/4] sfc: Feed GRO result into RX allocation policy and interrupt moderation 2009-10-29 Ben Hutchings davem Accepted
[3/4] sctp: several declared/set but unused fixes 2011-03-04 Hagen Paul Pfeifer davem Accepted
[3/4] sctp: fix some comments in associola.c 2013-10-25 wangweidong davem Changes Requested
[3/4] sctp: fix association hangs due to errors when reneging events from the ordering queue 2013-02-26 Roberts, Lee A. davem Changes Requested
[3/4] sctp: fix association hangs due to errors when reneging events from the ordering queue 2013-02-21 Roberts, Lee A. davem Changes Requested
[3/4] sctp: Properly timestamp outgoing data chunks for rtx purposes 2009-01-22 Vlad Yasevich davem Accepted
[3/4] s390: remove cu3088 layer for lcs and ctcm 2009-11-13 Ursula Braun davem Accepted
[3/4] s2io: Update Driver Version 2010-12-11 Jon Mason davem Accepted
[3/4] rps: Infrastructure in __skb_get_rxhash for deep inspection 2011-05-19 Tom Herbert davem Changes Requested
[3/4] r6040: warn about MAC address being unset 2009-01-07 Florian Fainelli davem Accepted
[3/4] r6040: no longer mark r6040 as being experimental 2009-01-09 Florian Fainelli davem Accepted
[3/4] qeth: remove unnecessary support ckeck in sysfs route6 2008-10-24 jgarzik Accepted
[3/4] qeth: l3 add vlan hdr in passthru frames 2010-12-08 davem Accepted
[3/4] qeth: enable interface setup if LAN is offline 2010-11-26 davem Accepted
[3/4] qeth: avoid crash in case of layer mismatch for VSWITCH 2008-12-11 davem Changes Requested
[3/4] qeth: Removed unused parameter 2014-03-19 davem Accepted
[3/4] pxa168_eth: update call to phy_mii_ioctl() 2010-08-24 Dan Carpenter davem Accepted
[3/4] ps3_gelic: lower NAPI weight 2013-08-21 Michal Schmidt davem Changes Requested
[3/4] powerpc/p1010: FlexCAN Controller for of_ type 2011-08-08 Bhaskar Upadhaya davem RFC
[3/4] phylib: preserve ifreq parameter when calling generic phy_mii_ioctl() 2010-06-28 Richard Cochran davem Changes Requested
[3/4] phylib: preserve ifreq parameter when calling generic phy_mii_ioctl() 2010-07-05 Richard Cochran davem Rejected
[3/4] pcmcia: dev_node removal bugfix 2010-06-11 Dominik Brodowski davem Accepted
[3/4] pch_gbe: add extra clean tx 2012-07-16 Andy Cress davem Changes Requested
[3/4] pch_gbe: add extra clean tx 2012-07-09 Andy Cress davem Changes Requested
[3/4] pch_gbe: Add DQL support to the driver 2013-11-28 Ondrej Puzman davem Changes Requested
[3/4] of/mdio: add context argument to adjust link callback 2012-07-06 Sandeep Paulraj davem Changes Requested
[3/4] nl80211: use generic check for netif_running 2010-10-04 Johannes Berg davem Not Applicable
[3/4] nfc: Remove unused nfc_printk and nfc_<level> macros 2011-11-29 Joe Perches davem Not Applicable
[3/4] netxen: fix license header 2010-01-14 amit salecha davem Rejected
[3/4] nets: clean up net/ipv4/devinet.c 2008-11-03 Jianjun kong Accepted
[3/4] netns xfrm: ipcomp support 2010-01-25 Alexey Dobriyan davem Accepted
[3/4] netiucv: convert to net_device_ops 2009-01-09 davem Superseded
[3/4] netfilter:ipvs: use kmemdup 2011-03-13 Simon Horman davem Not Applicable
[3/4] netfilter: xtables: fix reentrancy 2011-03-20 Patrick McHardy davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: xt_nat: fix incorrect hooks for SNAT and DNAT targets 2012-10-17 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: xt_connlimit: use hlist instead 2011-03-14 Changli Gao davem Not Applicable
[3/4] netfilter: xt_CT: remove redundant header include 2012-05-14 Pablo Neira davem Changes Requested
[3/4] netfilter: nfnetlink_{log,queue}: fix information leaks in netlink message 2013-08-10 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: nfnetlink_queue: fix sparse warning due to missing include 2012-06-23 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: log: netns NULL ptr bug when calling from conntrack 2013-05-16 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: ipv6: add getsockopt to retrieve origdst 2012-11-16 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: ipset: hash:*net*: nomatch flag not excluded on set resize 2013-04-12 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: ipset: autoload set type modules safely 2012-01-17 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: ip6table_raw: fix table priority 2010-03-25 Patrick McHardy davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: fix compilation of the nfnl_cthelper if NF_CONNTRACK is unset 2012-06-19 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: ebtables: fix alignment problem in ppc 2012-02-23 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: arpt_mangle: fix return values of checkentry 2011-02-02 Patrick McHardy davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: Validate the sequence number of dataless ACK packets as well 2012-09-13 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netfilter: SYNPROXY: let unrelated packets continue 2013-09-04 Pablo Neira davem Accepted
[3/4] netdevice.h net/core/dev.c: Convert netdev_<level> logging macros to functions 2010-06-27 Joe Perches davem Accepted
[3/4] netdev/phy/of: Add more methods for binding PHY devices to drivers. 2012-06-23 davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net_sched: gred: fix qave reporting via netlink 2012-09-13 David Ward davem Accepted
[3/4] net:ipv6:fixed spacing issues related to < operator 2012-05-21 Jeffrin Jose davem Rejected
[3/4] net: xen-netback: use API provided by xenbus module to map rings 2011-10-20 David Vrabel davem Not Applicable
[3/4] net: velocity: Convert to generic dma functions 2013-04-28 Tony Prisk davem Rejected
[3/4] net: use cgroup_attach method to migrate socket priotiy and classid 2011-12-21 Neil Horman davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: skb->dst accessors 2009-06-02 Eric Dumazet davem Accepted
[3/4] net: rfkill: gpio: add ACPI ID for GPS module on Lenove Miix2 2014-02-20 Heikki Krogerus davem Awaiting Upstream
[3/4] net: replace %p6 with %pI6 2008-10-29 Harvey Harrison davem Accepted
[3/4] net: phy: White space correction and switch/case braces 2010-12-19 Jean-Michel Hautbois davem Rejected
[3/4] net: micrel: Staticize local functions 2013-08-05 Jingoo Han davem Accepted
[3/4] net: ipv6: convert to SKB frag APIs 2011-08-23 Ian Campbell davem Accepted
[3/4] net: ipv4/ipv6: Remove extern from function prototypes 2013-10-18 Joe Perches davem Accepted
[3/4] net: introduce NETDEV_POST_INIT notifier 2009-10-02 Marcel Holtmann davem Accepted
[3/4] net: ethoc: implement ethtool get registers 2014-01-29 Max Filippov davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: ethernet: ti cpsw: Split up DMA descriptor pool 2013-01-18 Sebastian Siewior davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: ethernet: davicom: dm9000: initialize variables directly 2013-05-17 Emilio López davem Superseded
[3/4] net: ethernet: cpsw: add support for hardware interface mode config 2013-08-22 Daniel Mack davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: esp{4,6}: remove padlen from struct esp_data 2013-11-01 Steffen Klassert davem Accepted
[3/4] net: calxedaxgmac: set outstanding AXI bus transactions to 8 2012-07-10 Rob Herring davem Accepted
[3/4] net: bridge: use device address list instead of dev_addr 2009-04-13 Jiri Pirko davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: added a BPF to help drivers detect PTP packets. 2010-07-17 Richard Cochran davem Accepted
[3/4] net: add paged frag destructor support to kernel_sendpage. 2011-11-09 Ian Campbell davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net: Use bool in skbuff.h helper functions. 2012-03-09 David Miller davem Accepted
[3/4] net: Fix ETHTOOL_GFEATURES compatibility 2011-02-23 Michał Mirosław davem Accepted
[3/4] net: Convert ethtool {get_stats,self_test}_count() ops to get_sset_count() 2009-10-01 Ben Hutchings davem Accepted
[3/4] net: Add safe reverse SKB queue walkers. 2011-01-21 David Miller davem Accepted
[3/4] net: Abstract dst->neighbour accesses behind helpers. 2011-07-18 David Miller davem Accepted
[3/4] net/ucc_geth: Add SGMII support for UEC GETH driver Signed-off-by: Haiying Wang <> 2009-05-28 Haiying Wang davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/mlx4_en: Release QP range in free_resources 2012-06-21 Yevgeny Petrilin davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/mlx4_en: Fixing TX queue stop/wake flow 2012-08-02 Yevgeny Petrilin davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/irda: Use barrier to set task state 2013-03-05 Peter Hurley davem Accepted
[3/4] net/ipv6/udp: introduce encap_rcv hook into IPv6 2012-04-18 Benjamin LaHaise davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/fec: set phy_speed to the optimal frequency 2.5 MHz 2011-09-18 Shawn Guo davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/cpsw: optimize the for_each_slave_macro() 2013-04-24 Sebastian Siewior davem Accepted
[3/4] net/can: the mailinglist moved to 2011-10-14 Marc Kleine-Budde davem Changes Requested
[3/4] net/802: add __rcu annotations 2010-10-25 Eric Dumazet davem Accepted
[3/4] mv643xx_eth: move a couple of init actions from ->open() to port probe 2009-02-25 Lennert Buytenhek davem Accepted
[3/4] mrf24j40: Increase max SPI speed to 10MHz 2013-03-18 Alan Ott davem Accepted
[3/4] macvlan: implement bridge, VEPA and private mode 2009-11-24 Arnd Bergmann davem RFC
[3/4] mISDN: annotate iomem pointer and add statics 2008-09-22 Andrew Morton davem Accepted
[3/4] mISDN: Rework of LED status display for HFC-4S/8S/E1 cards. 2012-04-25 Karsten Keil davem Accepted
[3/4] mISDN: Fix division by zero 2012-04-24 Karsten Keil davem Accepted