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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2] powerpc: GE Fanuc's FPGA based PIC controller on the SBC610 2008-09-30 Martyn Welch Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Introduce ppc_pci_flags accessors 2008-12-11 Josh Boyer Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Make ppc32 actually respect the boot cpu id for !CONFIG_SMP 2008-10-10 Kumar Gala Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Make sure IPI handlers see data written by IPI senders 2012-09-05 Paul Mackerras benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Refactor board check for quirk 2009-04-22 Kumar Gala galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Rework lazy-interrupt handling 2012-02-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Specify GPIO number base for controller in DT 2008-10-23 Wolfgang Ocker Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Support lower minimum entitlement for virtual processors 2012-05-10 Robert Jennings Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Track backing pages allocated by vmemmap_populate() 2010-04-13 Mark Nelson Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: Unify opcode definitions and support 2009-01-13 Kumar Gala benh Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Update compilation flags with core specific options 2013-07-25 Catalin Udma Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Use RCU based pte free mechanism for all powerpc 2008-11-19 Kumar Gala paulus Accepted
[v2] powerpc: Use the deterministic mode of ar 2011-05-05 Michal Marek benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: VPHN topology change updates all siblings 2013-07-24 Robert Jennings Superseded
[v2] powerpc: Wireup the kcmp syscall to sys_ni 2013-03-05 Tony Breeds Accepted
[v2] powerpc: add defintion for MSR[GS] to list of MSR bits 2009-03-03 Timur Tabi benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: add missing deo arch category to e500mc/e5500 dts 2013-03-05 Stuart Yoder galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: add real mode support for dma operations on powernv 2013-07-08 Alexey Kardashevskiy Superseded
[v2] powerpc: align DTL buffer to AMS boundary 2011-04-13 Nishanth Aravamudan Superseded
[v2] powerpc: allow configuring max stack dump depth 2008-11-19 Johannes Berg Superseded
[v2] powerpc: book3e: WSP: Add Chroma as a new WSP/PowerEN platform. 2011-09-30 Jimi Xenidis Superseded
[v2] powerpc: clean up ssi.txt, add definition for fsl, ssi-asynchronous 2009-03-06 Timur Tabi galak Changes Requested
[v2] powerpc: document the FSL MPIC message register binding 2012-03-01 Hongtao Jia galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: enforce sane MAX_ORDER 2008-09-24 Johannes Berg Accepted
[v2] powerpc: export data from new hcall H_EM_GET_PARMS 2010-03-10 Vaidyanathan Srinivasan benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: expose the multi-bit ops that underlie single-bit ops. 2009-07-08 Geoff Thorpe benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: fix for long standing bug noticed by gcc 4.4.0 2009-04-23 Stephen Rothwell Accepted
[v2] powerpc: fix personality handling in ppc64_personality() 2012-08-02 Jiri Kosina benh Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: fix wii_memory_fixups() compile error on 3.0.y tree 2012-12-10 Shuah Khan Rejected
[v2] powerpc: gpio driver for mpc8349/8572/8610 and compatible 2008-09-21 Peter Korsgaard Changes Requested
[v2] powerpc: hugetlb: replace __get_cpu_var with get_cpu_var 2014-01-21 Tiejun Chen Accepted
[v2] powerpc: i2c-mpc: make I2C bus speed configurable 2009-04-01 Wolfgang Grandegger Changes Requested
[v2] powerpc: i2c-mpc: preserve I2C clocking 2009-03-31 Wolfgang Grandegger galak Superseded
[v2] powerpc: icswx: fix race condition where threads do not get their ACOP register updated in time. 2012-02-28 Jimi Xenidis benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: implement support for MPC8349-compatible SOC GPIOs 2008-09-17 Anton Vorontsov Superseded
[v2] powerpc: introduce basic support for the Freescale P1022DS reference board 2010-07-02 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: kernel: remove useless code which related with 'max_cpus' 2013-07-22 Chen Gang benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: kernel: remove useless code which related with 'max_cpus' 2013-07-25 Chen Gang benh Rejected
[v2] powerpc: kvm: optimize "sc 1" as fast return 2013-11-15 pingfan liu Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: kvm: powerpc: fix information leak to userland 2010-10-30 Kulikov Vasiliy Not Applicable
[v2] powerpc: make Freescale QE support a selectable Kconfig option 2008-10-03 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: memcpy optimization for 64bit LE 2013-11-07 Philippe Bergheaud New
[v2] powerpc: more printing warning fixes for the l64 to ll64 conversion 2009-01-21 Stephen Rothwell benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: mpc5200: Add a3m071 board support 2012-12-06 Stefan Roese ag Accepted
[v2] powerpc: powernv: Always go into nap mode when CPU is offline 2012-07-27 Paul Mackerras Accepted
[v2] powerpc: provide __bswapdi2 2013-05-13 Michael Neuling Superseded
[v2] powerpc: pseries/dtl.c should include asm/firmware.h 2009-04-15 Jeremy Kerr paulus Accepted
[v2] powerpc: purge all the prefetched instructions for the coherent icache flush 2013-08-22 Kevin Hao benh Accepted
[v2] powerpc: rename immap_86xx.h to fsl_guts.h, and add 85xx support 2010-07-22 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] powerpc: reserve iommu page 0 2011-09-21 Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo Accepted
[v2] powerpc: select MEMORY for FSL_IFC to not break existing .config files 2014-02-19 Paul Gortmaker scottwood Not Applicable
[v2] ppc/iommu: use find_first_bit to look up entries in the iommu table 2013-01-10 Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo benh Not Applicable
[v2] ppc440spe-adma: adds updated ppc440spe adma driver 2009-11-25 Anatolij Gustschin jwboyer Superseded
[v2] ppc440spe-adma: adds updated ppc440spe adma driver 2009-11-26 Tirumala Reddy Marri Not Applicable
[v2] ppc: add dynamic dma window support 2011-02-10 Nishanth Aravamudan Accepted
[v2] ppc: update dynamic dma support 2011-01-17 Nishanth Aravamudan Superseded
[v2] prom_init: evaluate mem kernel parameter for early allocation 2009-07-28 Benjamin Krill benh Accepted
[v2] properly reserve in bootmem the lmb reserved regions that cross NUMA nodes 2008-10-06 Jon Tollefson Changes Requested
[v2] ps3_gelic_wireless: Fix build failure due to missing WEXT_PRIV 2009-12-18 Geoff Levand Superseded
[v2] pseries: don't override CONFIG_PPC_PSERIES_DEBUG 2010-10-15 Nishanth Aravamudan benh Accepted
[v2] pstore: Adjust buffer size for compression for smaller registered buffers 2013-09-12 Aruna Balakrishnaiah Not Applicable
[v2] qe_lib: Set gpio data before changing the direction to output 2009-08-18 Michael Barkowski galak Accepted
[v2] rtc: add support for DS3232 RTC 2010-07-12 Zang Roy-R61911 Not Applicable
[v2] sata_fsl: Add asynchronous notification support 2009-06-29 Kalra Ashish-B00888 galak Superseded
[v2] sata_fsl: Fix compile warnings 2009-05-13 Kumar Gala galak Superseded
[v2] sata_fsl: add workaround for data length mismatch on freescale V2 controller 2012-09-06 shaohui xie Superseded
[v2] sbc8560: Fix warm reboot with board specific reset function 2009-08-14 Paul Gortmaker galak Accepted
[v2] sdhci: Add support for hosts that are only capable of 1-bit transfers 2009-06-17 Anton Vorontsov galak Accepted
[v2] serial: add support for the cell network processor NWP device 2008-11-24 Arnd Bergmann Superseded
[v2] sound/soc/fsl/fsl_dma.c: add missing of_node_put 2011-08-22 Timur Tabi Accepted
[v2] sound/soc/fsl/fsl_ssi.c: let check zero instead of check NO_IRQ 2013-09-23 Chen Gang Not Applicable
[v2] spi/fsl-espi: Add Power Management support for eSPI controller 2013-12-12 Hou Zhiqiang Not Applicable
[v2] spi: Add PPC4xx SPI driver 2008-10-25 Stefan Roese Superseded
[v2] spi: add "spi-lsb-first" to devicetree 2014-04-01 Zhao Qiang Not Applicable
[v2] spufs: use llseek in all file operations 2010-07-08 Arnd Bergmann benh Accepted
[v2] trace, powerpc: Implement raw syscall tracepoints on PowerPC 2010-05-14 Ian Munsie Superseded
[v2] tty/powerpc: fix build break with ehv_bytechan.c on allyesconfig 2011-08-25 Timur Tabi Accepted
[v2] ucc_geth: fix ethtool set ring param bug 2010-09-02 Liang Li galak Not Applicable
[v2] uio: Support 36-bit physical addresses on 32-bit systems 2011-10-12 Kumar Gala galak Superseded
[v2] usb/fsl_qe_udc: Report disconnect before unbinding 2008-11-13 Anton Vorontsov galak Accepted
[v2] usb/fsl_udc: fix dequeuing a request in progress 2011-11-23 Yang Li galak Not Applicable
[v2] usb/fsl_usb2_udc: Report disconnect before unbinding 2008-11-13 Anton Vorontsov galak Accepted
[v2] usb: fsl_udc: errata - postpone freeing current dTD 2012-06-04 Christoph Fritz galak Not Applicable
[v2] usb: fsl_udc: errata - postpone freeing current dTD 2012-06-10 Fabio Estevam Awaiting Upstream
[v2] usb: fsl_udc: errata - postpone freeing current dTD 2012-05-21 Christoph Fritz galak Not Applicable
[v2] vfio: add external user support 2013-06-27 Alexey Kardashevskiy Changes Requested
[v2] watchdog: booke_wdt: clean up status messages 2011-02-08 Timur Tabi galak Accepted
[v2] watchdog: mpc8xxx_wdt convert to watchdog core 2013-12-03 LEROY Christophe Superseded
[v2] xilinx_spi: Add the platform driver to the Kconfig 2009-11-11 Richard Röjfors glikely Changes Requested
[v2] xsysace: use resource_size_t instead of unsigned long 2008-11-27 Yuri Tikhonov Superseded
[v2] xsysace: use resource_size_t instead of unsigned long 2008-11-27 Yuri Tikhonov Superseded
[v3,0/5] i2c: i2c-mpc: make I2C bus speed configurable 2009-04-09 Wolfgang Grandegger glikely Accepted
[v3,00/25] irq_domain generalization and refinement 2012-01-27 Grant Likely Not Applicable
[v3,00/25] irq_domain generalization and refinement 2012-02-04 Russell King - ARM Linux Not Applicable
[v3,01/10] powerpc/85xx: Move mpc85xx_smp_init() decl to a new "smp.h" 2011-12-02 Kyle Moffett Accepted
[v3,01/11] powerpc/mpc5121: avoid using arch_initcall for clock init 2010-02-05 Anatolij Gustschin glikely Accepted
[v3,01/12] memory-hotplug: try to offline the memory twice to avoid dependence 2012-11-01 Wen Congyang Not Applicable
[v3,01/13] of: add of_parse_phandle() helper for parsing phandle properties 2009-04-25 Grant Likely Awaiting Upstream
[v3,01/14] KVM: PPC: Make wakeups work again for Book3S HV guests 2011-12-12 Paul Mackerras Not Applicable
[v3,01/17] powerpc: Add new hvcall constants to support PFO 2012-04-12 Kent Yoder Accepted